When I saw you wedged into the corner of the classroom,
New to me, but known to our peers who reviled you
For grievances that seemed false and unfair,
I wanted to show you what was true:
Your strength could outlast
Them, and so would I.

So, I flirted with you,
Beamed at your brooding glower,
Read within reach of your longing eyes
Until you finally approached me, remarking,
"I think I've read that book before. Let me have
A look, okay? I read fast. I'll bring it back tomorrow."

We exchanged names,
Series, ideas, affections.
I loved you for years.
And, to be honest, Katie,
One of your greatest fears,
That I would forget you,
Is nothing but nonsense.

How could you possibly think I've forgotten you?
We have always been soulmates in our own way.