c'est la vie.

the sun beats down on the children of labour, the haggard, and the struggling,
with everlong fingers that bleed fire and scorch like sin.
it beats like life and kills without a thought,
and it keeps you from the clutches of the everdrawing dark.

it beats death on those who persevere,
but they live to see another dawn.
(so persevere, persevere, persevere,
and live against the odds).

the moon takes all the light in its midst from the helpless from the dark and the fearful,
only powdering the sky and taunting them with the soft faded light they yearn for.
it keeps the light away from you and never helps,
and it hides you from the insufferable swelter.

it keeps those in the dark from light,
but those waiting in darkness see the dawn.
(so wait, wait, wait,
and never fear the dark).

the stars are unlike any other, similar to the sun, but together with the moon,
winking and dancing in the skies with everlasting fervor.
they shine like a fire and whisper you directions,
and they give you beauty as the sky's decorations.

they shine on those withered with age,
but they lead those aged youngins to the dawn.
(so live, live, live on,
and breathe life in its purest form).

the sun beats on those who long to survive,
the moon keeps them with the devils of the night,
and the stars are the most giving, the most human, the most fragile,
for they die unlike the rest, but they die with beauty, however tragic.

15/07/2013. Written by Waad.