count our moments

count with me darling
count with me the days we spent together
and the nights that could've gone longer
and the words we said as both sun and moon loomed over
count with me

the words we wished to say but couldn't
the promises left hung between us
the broken bones we've both caused and the hurt
can you count them all
count some more

the wishes that collected dust
the dreams that broke apart
the ends that never met
count with me the times we spent
finding pieces that never matched

can you count the sorrys in between
the miss yous we etched on each others skin
the breaths we wasted on each other
the neverending screams, yells, tears
and the 'i'm tired of crying over you's

the times we broke each other down
and left each other battered and soulless
can you count the ups and downs of us
much like an electrocardiograph
right down to its final silence

now count with me this goodbye

30/07/2014. Written by Waad.