Before time there was Oblivion, Oblivion was not real, and yet Oblivion was there. And Oblivion thought, and as Oblivion thought things flashed through Oblivion. The children of oblivion flashed in and out of existence although they were still not real, just as Oblivion itself did not exist. Oblivion continued to think and thus the children of Oblivion began to sing in their brief moments of existence, millions of notes from billions of children wove together through Oblivion and formed a Great Music, the first Great Music which begot time.

But the children continued to sing and oblivion focused in on them and rumbled, and thus the Great Music grew majestic and Oblivion began to dance. Oblivion danced for eons, and the dance fuelled the children so they did not fade as quickly. Thus the children began composing on their own, and Oblivion looked within itself and saw the children playing and thus slowed the dance to watch. Denied their dance the weaker and less creative children faded. But Oblivion was enthralled by the works of three children who had sung themselves into permanent existence.

One was the oldest and greatest of the surviving children, and Oblivion granted unto him the name Herulax which translates to "The Lord of the Song" in the words of Oblivion, for Herulax was the first to create with his song. Herulax had a body which formed the shape of all sentient life to come, for others drew inspiration from his creation. A body which was like a template for your own, a man who towered over any denizen from our plane, his black hair flowed to his waist and his eyes glowed red with a fire like those drawn from a thousand coals. Long ears arched up tapering to points which were set below white horns which drew up and back from where they sprouted. Within his mouth his canines sharpened to points but he retained all beauty he possessed, his fingernails grew pointed and turned a colour like deep shadow, not as the people of our plane garishly deface theirs, but such that the very nature of them changed and they became stronger than anything before or since.

The other two were younger and less knowledgeable about the workings of the song. Created at the same time the two had always worked in tandem, with the workings of one weaving through and complementing the workings of the other, thus Oblivion granted them the title of Drokkenai, which translates to "One in Heart" in the words of Oblivion, one was granted the name Sylvain, meaning harmony and the other Dreauth, meaning melody. The two, after observing Herulax, were inspired and sang each other bodies which were drawn directly from Herulax's image, for Herulax formed the shape of all. The Drokkenai were identical but opposites, where one was white the other black, where one was black, the other white. Sylvain, white skin, black hair, black nails, gold eyes. Dreauth, black skin, white hair, white nails, silver eyes.

By this time Oblivion had stilled and no new children were born, for when Oblivion stilled, so did his mind, and he thought no more, he merely observed. Thus was the last child born, the last child contained all the bitter motes of creation. He observed Herulax and the Drokkenai and mimicked, copied, plagiarised. He wove this together in a way that made no one of the three visible in him, but the three could feel their selves in him and were repulsed. The last child had crafted a body which claimed his warped sense of beauty: white hair, white skin, white nails, gold eyes. Oblivion was already stilled and thus the last child was not blessed by Oblivion and received no name

The three were greeted by the last and the last demanded they obey him as Oblivion was gone, and he mastered all their arts. The three were shocked as the last could sing nothing on his own and had no name to call his own.

The three refused and the last grew mad with rage.

And thus began the first war of the children. A war in words. A war of beings who could create anything. A war of song, that resulted in a storm that blazed across Oblivion. A war which lasted until the time since the first Great Music more than doubled.

The first Sonic Firestorm.