minority's burn.

the survivor among the dead holds the sun in his palms
and he's drowning in its fire for being the only one left
surrounded by cadavers of the same soft skin, he remains distinct
and the thought urges him to peel off layers and be the same
but there are too many differences that he can't quite replicate
and perhaps loneliness is getting to him but he's never wanted to be different
and so he's stuck in this nightmare where he's the only one really present
and he finds himself envious of all those who've already left
for he's got the sun in his palms and no one else does
he's got the sun in his palms but he's wishing for the dark
and he keeps feeling his skin burning and being extinguished
and by the time he joins the common-folk in their similarity
he will never realize that he was the one burning daylight

28/04/2014. Written by Waad.