Little Red Riding Hood

Once Upon A Time, in FairyTale Land, there lived a girl named Redla, whom everyone called, Red. Red was known to love ridding her bike and wearing a red hood.

One day, Red's beloved Grandma, who lived on the other side of the woods, had become ill. So Red's mom told Red, "Grandma's ill, so take this basket filled with her favorite things. Strawberries, red grapes, raspberry tea, apple bread, tomato juice and my homemade hot Chile pepper pie."

"Chile pepper pie?" asked Red.

"Yes, hot Chile pepper pie. You know how Grandma loves spicy things." Answer Red's mom.

"If you say so." And off Red went. "Bye Mom!" she called.

"Bye Redla!" Red's mom called after her.

When she was deep in the forest, Red became tired of peddling, and stopped to rest. When she did, the Big Bad Wolf, and his sister, the Little Sassy Wolf, came. They stood in front of her, and thought how delicious she looked, and how delicious the smells were that were coming from her basket.

"Hello, little Red. What's in the basket?" the Big Bad Wolf creepily said.

"Goodies I'm taking to my Grandma." Said Red.

"What kind, Redkin?" asked the Sassy Wolf.

"I'm not supposed to talk to strangers." Replied Red. Then she rode away.

"We must get that food!" exclaimed Big Bad when Red was out of earshot.

"The goodies or Red ridder?" asked Sassy.

"Both." Her brother replied.

When Redla had biked further, she had come close to the playground. Confident she the Wolves were gone, she put her bike against a tree and decided to play for awhile.

But what she didn't know was, the Wolves had followed her. While she was playing the Wolves attempted to steal her basket! But, Luckily, Red saw them in time and quickly hopped on her bike and rode away, leaving the Wolves in the dirt.

But what Red didn't know was, the Wolves knew a shortcut to every house in and around the woods, including Red's Grandma!

So, the wolves quickly made their way over. When they arrived, Sassy knocked on the door. Red's Grandma, who was resting in bed, said, "Redla, is that you?"

"Yes, Grandma and I have some goodies for you!" Sassy said, impersonating Red.

Grandma, believed her, and said, "Come in, sweetie!"

Then, the wolves barged in and poor Grandma was so scared, she jumped out of bed and ran out the back door.

Once she was gone, the Bad Wolf quickly disguised himself as her while his sister, disguised herself as Red's non sassy cosine, Lily.

When Red arrived at her Grandma's house, she had no idea of what had happened. So, she knocked on the door and said, "Grandma, it's me, Redla, and I have goodies for you!"

"Come in, sweetie." Bad Wolf said, imnatating Grandma.

When Redla came in, she noticed something wrong with her "family." "Hello, Grandma and Lily. You don't look so good."

"Whatever do you mean, dear." Replied Big Bad.

"Well, for one thing, you're both hairy." Said Red.

"Every mammal has some hair." Sassy replied.

"Why are you being so sassy, Lily?" asked Red.

"No reason." Answered Sassy.

"Another thing, Grandma, Lily, your ears, my, how big they are!"

"The better to hear you with my, dear." Answered Bad Wolf.

Then, Red dared to inch closer to the bed. "My, what big eyes you two have!"

"The better to see you with our dear." Answered Sassy.

Then, Red dared to inch even closer to the bed. "Grandma, Lily, w-what big, t-teeth you two have!"

The wolves looked at each other, then at once they said, "The better to eat you with our dear!"

Of course, Red was scared. But she was smart and quick thinking. So, she said, "Oh my! But, wouldn't you rather have a nice piece of pie?"

"Pie?" asked Sassy.

"Why yes we would." Replied Bad Wolf.

Red gave them each a slice of the Chile pepper pie. As soon as they took a bite of that super spicy pie, they dropped the pie and began fanning their poor tongues.

Red stood laughing. "Are you going to eat me now?" She asked, rather smartly.

"We can't eat anything now!" complained Sassy, "we need some milk!"

"Or some bread!" complained Big Bad. And with that, the two wolves ran out the door, never to be seen again!

Red couldn't help but laugh at her victory. But she couldn't stop worrying about her beloved Grandma. "What if the wolves ate her?" she thought. So, she began to search the house to see if there were any remains. Then her grandma came into the house.

"Red, you're alive!" Grandma exclaimed, "What happened?"

Redla proudly told her Grandma all that had happened. When she finished, a huge smile crossed her Grandma's face. "You truly are a clever girl." Grandma said proudly, "Would you like a strawberry?"

"Yes, Grandma."

And they all lived, happily ever after.