Once upon a time, there lived a spoiled prince named Adam. His father, Prince Godwin, didn't care much for him, so he gave him everything he wanted so he would leave him alone. The young prince was also raised in his own castle by servants who tended to his every need, and gave him his own way in everything. Even when the servants tried to discipline him, they couldn't without the prince throwing a huge temper tantrum.

Adam's mother, a kind and loving woman, died when he was young, and he didn't take it well. Adam's father, Prince Godwin, instead of comforting his son, practically abandoned him.

One cold winter's night, the castle was being decorated for Christmas. Everyone was in such good cheer, until news arrived that Godwin wouldn't be able to spend the holiday with his son.

"I can't believe it!" Adam yelled. "Father never has time for me!" He threw whatever he could, and broke what he pleased. The servants tried to calm him, but nothing worked.

"Your Highness, we can still have a splendid holiday without him." His nanny told him.

"No we can't!" Adam yelled, "Why celebrate when I feel so miserable!" He left the ballroom practically in ruins, as with the rest of the decorations that were out.

Finally, there was a knock on the door. The butler went to answer it, but Adam told him, "Don't bother you useless piece of trash! Help the others clean up!"

"Yes sir!" The butler answered. Adam's mother would never act like that, and would've been very disappointed to see her son act in such a way, like his father.

Adam answered the door, and saw an old woman wearing an old and ragged cloak.

"Hello, kind sir." The woman greeted, "Would you be so kind as to let me stay the night?"

Adam looked at her and sneered, "No you hag. Go to the inn!"

"But it's so cold out, and I have no where else to go."

"Not my problem." Adam told her and was about to shut the door, but the woman caught it with her hand.

"A prince must look after their people." The woman told him.

"My dad doesn't, so why should I?"

"Your mother would let me in."

"My mother is dead! And she wouldn't want me talking to a stranger."

"Then why are you answering the door by yourself?"

"No one's available, now leave!"

The woman reached into her cloak and pulled out a rose, "If you'll let me stay, I'll give you this rare rose."

"I have a garden full of roses! I don't need another one, especially one that's been touched by an old hag like you!"

"Appearances can be deceiving young prince. Do not send me away again." The woman warned.

"Which is why I'm not letting you in!" Adam yelled at her, "You could be a thief or murderer! Leave now, or I'll call the guards."

The woman narrowed her eyes and stuck her finger at him, "I warned you!" Then she removed her cloak, and revealed a beautiful enchantress.

The prince begged for forgiveness, but it was no use. The Enchantress could see that all of the love in his heart had vanished.

"You have strayed far from the good person you once were. Your mother is very disappointed in you, so you need to learn a lesson. You and your entire household shall be placed under an enchantment." She waved her hands, and a bright light filled the castle, "You shall be turned into an ugly beast, with only your eyes and brain left of your human self." The prince felt a blast of heat, and a terrible pain sear through his body. "The servants who encouraged this, and were too week to change you, shall be turned into objects and animals." The servants soon felt heat and pain fill their bodies. "The world will forget you all, and move on, yet you shall remember them, and stay in place." The light briefly spread over the world, and the creatures did forget, "The only way to break this curse, is to learn to love someone, and earn their love in return, before the last petal falls from this rose. If you fail to do this, the curse shall be unbreakable, and your servants will permanently be objects and animals, and you will all lose your humanity!" There was another bright flash of light, and then the Enchantress was gone.

The Enchantress's words did indeed come true, for Godwin forgot entirely about his son, and so put the pressure on his second wife to give him one. Adam was transformed into a hideous beast, far from the handsome young man he used to be. He had the teeth of a lion, the horns and ears of a buffalo, the torso and arms of a bear, the legs of a wolf, the snout and tusks of a wild boar, and a bushy tail. The servants were transformed either into anthropomorphized objects, or animals.

At first, there was hope that the curse would end. But as the years past, there came no sign of the curse ending. Everyday, the prince and the servants lost more and more of their humanity, some more so than others. Adam, finally beginning to see the errors of his ways, fell into a deep despair. He was the reason why everyone was suffering the way they were. He was the reason why the Enchantress cursed him and his household, and made his father forget him. And only he could break the spell.

But who could ever learn to love a beast?

The Enchantress was a beautiful woman, on both the inside and out. She had fallen in love with a merchant who had moved to France from Scotland, James Scott. Together, they had three beautiful daughters: Bonnie, Rose, and Clara. The family lived happily and in comfort, for James was very wealthy, and he and his wife had more than enough love to give.

But one day, the Enchantress died, and the family mourned, but they remained together. The father became ever more there to comfort his children, for he, unlike Godwin, loved his family dearly. And wasn't a monster on the inside.

The family was still well off, but one day, things went wrong.

It was a normal day, the children were playing in the garden, while James painted away. Then an old woman wearing an old and ragged cloak approached them.

"Hello, kind family." The woman greeted, "Would you be so kind as to let me stay the night?"

"Of course." James said, "We are hospitable people."

"Yes." Bonnie added, "It would be rude to turn you away for no reason."

"Such kind people." The woman said. "Thank you very much."

"You're welcome." James and Bonnie replied.

One night turned into three, and each day, the woman accused her hosts of starving her. She claimed they wouldn't offer her food, or tell her when meal time was, or how to get to the dinning room. The Scotts claimed that they did tell her, and she had just forgotten, or wasn't listening.

Finally, Bonnie said, "We let you in our home, treat you with respect, and this is how you repay us?"

"Respect?!" The woman yelled, "This isn't respect!" Then the woman transformed into a beautiful enchantress, a different one than Mrs. Scott. "I don't know why my sister wasted her time with you!"

The family tried to beg for forgiveness, but it was too late. The Enchantress's sister cursed them with misfortune, and the spell could only be lifted if they showed respect and kindness to a beast. And poor Bonnie, she was cursed to fall into a coma if she should ever prick her finger before the sun sets on her 18th birthday, only to awaken by true love's kiss.

The curse came true. When James made a bad deal, the family lost everything. They were forced to leave their pampered and cushy life, and move to a small cottage. There, the family lived in poverty, with only their small garden, animals, and the artwork and inventions James made. Bonnie also invented, but she preferred to spend her time reading and making sure the chores got done. The family might've been better off if they didn't have to pay such high taxes.

There the family lived for quite some time, with Clara and Rose socializing and wooing anyone who was well off. Bonnie had to wear special gloves to prevent her from accidentally pricking herself, for when she did, she would drop to the ground and fall into a coma until her father kissed her.

One day, James received word that one of his ships that had been thought lost had been found. Happy, he took off very soon after, and asked his daughters what they would like him to bring them.

"I want a new dress." Rose answered, "One like the ones I used to wear, as all I have now are rags."

"I want as many sugary treats and pastries as you can carry." Clara answered, "My sweet tooth needs more than fruit and carrots."

Bonnie, knowing that her father might not have the money to buy such things simply answered, "I only want a rose father. We don't have many flowers here, and I can get all the books I need from the library."

"Very well." James said, "See you when I get back! Love you all!" and he was on his way. But alas, his sister-in-law's curse had struck again! The ship had been out at sea for so long, that everything in it had spoiled and rotted. The only ones who would buy it were those in need of compost.

Poorer than ever, James rode home on his faithful horse, when he got lost. He no idea where to go, and it was getting dark. To make matters worse, just as he was starting to set up camp, it started to rain. Soon it turned into a downpour. Just when James was about to lose hope, he heard his late wife's voice calling to him.

"James. James. Where are you?"

"Hazel?" James asked, "Is that you?"

"James." The Enchantress called again, and appeared before him as a ghostly image, "Come here James."

"Hazel!" James got off his horse and ran towards her, but she kept on getting farther and farther away. Eventually she disappeared. "Hazel?" But she was no where to be found. He looked around for his horse, but he couldn't find him. Now more lost than ever, he went under a tree for shelter from the freezing rain. Then he heard the squeaking of a rusty iron gate opening. He looked around and saw the gate to an enormous castle. James entered the gate, which closed behind him. He went to the door, and saw some roses growing by the door. Thinking of Bonnie, he picked a rose, and put it in his pocket. He then knocked on the door, which opened for him.

Thinking that he was allowed in, and seeing no one inside, James stepped inside. "Hello? Anyone here?" James called out.

There was some mumbling and whispers, but no one answered.

"Hello?" James called out as he ventured farther into the castle, "I can hear voices. I'm sorry to intrude, but it's pouring rain outside, and I have nowhere to go. And when I knocked on the door, it just opened."

He looked around, and wandered. Finally a voice said, "Do not worry Monsuir, you are welcome here."

"Who said that?" James asked.

"Hello." Said a man with donkey ears & tail, among other donkey-like body-parts.

When James saw him, he screamed.

Then another man, who was an anthropomorphic grandfather clock, came out of the shadows and said, "And good-bye." He began to push Morris away.

"Wait!" James yelled, making the clock-man stop pushing, "You're a clock, and you're talking!"

"Yes, yes I know, quite fascinating & quite unexplainable." The clock- man answered, "Now, goodbye!" He began to push James away again, but the Donkey-man stopped him.

"Charles, where are your manners?"

"We've got to get him out of here before the Master finds out!" Charles said.

"But we can't just send him out into the pouring rain like this." The Donkey-man replied.

"Well no…" Charles replied.

"Very well!" The Donkey-man replied. "This way, Monsuir." Then he lead James into the foyer.

"Wait, Dan! What are you doing?!" Charles called after the Donkey-man.

"Helping this poor gentleman." Dan answered, then he seated James into a chair by the fireplace.

"Not the Master's chair! What about the other chair?" Charles asked. He was ignored.

"Now you rest Monsuir, while we get you some dry clothes and a hot meal." Dan told James. Then he summoned one of the maids, who brought a tray of hot tea and a bowl of soup.

The maid was an anthropomorphic tea pot. "Here you go sir. A nice warm meal to heat you right up."

"Thank you." James answered.

"You're welcome." The maid answered.

"Mrs. Lang," Charles said, "I hope that wasn't the best china."

"He's a guest." Mrs. Lang replied, "We need to treat our guests with respect."

"She's right Charles." Dan answered. Then he summoned two more servants while James ate and drank.

One was his younger brother Luke, who was an anthropomorphic candelabra; and Phoebe, a woman with the nose & tail of a pig, plus some other pig-like features.

Phoebe brought a set of dry clothes, while Luke warmed the place up more.

"Those better not be the Master's." Charles warned Phoebe.

"Don't be ridicules," Phoebe replied, "they're yours."

"Mine?!" Charles exclaimed.

"You don't need it, you overgrown pocket-watch!" Phoebe retorted.

"At the moment!" Charles replied, "Now, we need to get this man out of here!"

"Right." Dan replied, "To a guest room!"

"No!" Charles yelled, "Out of the castle! I don't want the Master to have another outburst."

"He won't know!" Dan reassured his friend.

"Yes he will!" Charles replied, then he turned to Phoebe, "Phoebe, please talk some sense into your boyfriend!"

Taking offence, Phoebe replied, "Boyfriend? Last time I saw him, he & his brother were courting Maria."

"Luke was courting Maria," Dan told her, "I was merely… giving him encouragement."

"That's not how it looked like to me!" Phoebe replied.

"Well, what about you & John?" Dan asked, bring up one of her affairs.

"You & Nell?" Phoebe asked.


Dan & Phoebe continued naming the other's lovers, until Charles shouted, "Enough!" The couple quickly stopped their arguing and turned to the talking clock. "We need to get him out of here before the Master finds out."

"Well, with you yelling he's bound to." Dan told him.

Just then, a loud roar was heard.

"Told you so." Dan said to Charles.

"The Master!" Luke exclaimed, full of fear.

"Stay calm!" Mrs. Lang said, "Everything will be alright."

"Exactly, as long as we get the gentleman out of here!" Charles said as he began to usher James away, but before James could be moved, the Master arrived.

"Who let this stranger in here?" Prince Adam asked his servants.

Dan stepped forward, "Allow me to explain Master, you see the poor man was lost…"

The Prince roared, shutting Dan up.

"Master," Charles squeaked, "I was against it from the beginning. I tried to stop them but…"

The Beast roared again. Then he turned to a terrified James. "Who are you?"

"James. I-I was lost in the woods trying to…"

"You're not welcome here!" Adam yelled at him. Then he noticed the rose in James's pocket. "Where'd you get that rose?"

"Found it." James answered.

"It smells like one of my roses!" The Beast roared. "You trespass onto my property, steal one of my roses, eat my food, drink my tea, and rest in my chair, and you think I'll allow you to walk away unscathed?"

"I'm sorry!" James replied, "I was just looking for a place to stay!"

"I'll give you a place to stay!" The Beast said, then he grabbed James by the collar and dragged him to the dungeons.

"Please!" James yelled as he was being dragged, "I have a family! I only took the rose for my eldest, Bonnie!"

The Beast stopped in his tracks. "Bonnie?"

"Yes, Bonnie. She asked me to bring her a rose while I was on my trip, and my family is so poor, I couldn't afford to buy her one."

"How old is she?"


Adam thought about it. He was 20, but 17 was only three years younger, and the rose was beginning to wilt.

James was pulled up to the Beast's face, and made to stare into it.

"I'll let you go free on one condition." The Beast said to a frightened James.

"Yes." James replied.

"Send Bonnie to stay here in your place." Adam coldly stated, "She must stay here forever. If she doesn't come here in one month, you must return and stay until you die!"

James didn't want to subject his daughters to such a fate, but he also wanted to say goodbye to them. So he agreed. Adam sent him to a guest room, where he was to spend the night. James was also given a suitcase that he was to fill with as much as the bag could carry.

After getting a good night's rest, James filled his magic bag with all of the jewels, fine clothes, gold and silver he could find. He also dressed himself in a fine suit that he found lying on his bed. When he was ready to leave, his horse was fitted with a magic bridle that would make James keep his promise.

When James arrived home, he shared his gifts with his daughters, who were delighted that they had wealth again and that their father was safe and sound. However, when their father told them how he got their new riches, they were deeply saddened, especially Bonnie.

"Papa what will we do without you?" Clara asked.

"You will manage." James told them, "You have each other."

"But Papa," Rose stated, "that won't be enough. We need you, we're too young to be orphaned."

"You have wealth." James told her, "This should keep you just fine until one of you marries, or find another way to produce a large income."

"All this happened because of me." Bonnie, who was filled with guilt, stated. "If I had never asked for a rose, or told off that witch, we wouldn't be here."

"That's not true." James said, "That witch was going to curse us anyway. And the Beast was going to lock me in the dungeon forever, with no way of contacting you. You brought that witch's true colors to the surface, and you gave me this final month to be with you."

"But I should still take your place." Bonnie said.

"Absolutely not!" James ordered. Then he took her hands, "Bonnie, I'm old. I've lived my life. You're young, you have your whole life ahead of you."

"But I need you safe." Bonnie told him, "I wouldn't feel right knowing that you're locked away in a cold, damp dungeon, knowing I could've saved you!"

"Bonnie, it's alright." James told her, "If my time comes, so be it. I just want you safe." He smiled, and tried to lighten the mood by saying, "And now you can afford all the books you want."

"Ok." Bonnie said, but she still felt guilty. She felt so guilty that she couldn't sleep. Knowing that her aging father would fare better in the care of her sisters than in a dungeon, Bonnie snuck out of the house while everyone was sleeping, and mounted the horse with a small bag containing mementos of home. She soon found herself in the Beast's castle.

"Hello?" Bonnie asked when she entered. "Is anyone here?" She wandered around the castle, until she came to the gardens. She saw a large man sitting on a bench, facing away from her. "Who are you?"

"I am the master of this castle." The man answered, "Who are you?"

"I'm Bonnie." Bonnie answered, "So you're the one responsible for imprisoning my father?"

"Have you come to take his place?"


"Then he was never actually imprisoned. I treated him more kindly than he should've been."

"A lifetime imprisonment for stealing a rose?!" Bonnie shouted.

"And trespassing." The man coldly added.

"He needed a place to stay while he was on his way home!"

"What about the inn?"

"We're poor!" Bonnie retorted, "He probably couldn't afford it!"

"What about the stables?"

"Your stables?"

"No, the inn's."

Bonnie crossed her arms. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. "He said he got lost. I doubt he could've stayed there, even if the innkeeper let him stay there for free. Which I again doubt. How can you stay somewhere you can't even find?"

The man was stumped. Finally he said, "One of my servants shall show you to your room."

"My room?"

"You want to stay in the dungeon?"


"Then ok." He was about to summon a servant when Bonnie stopped him.

"Wait, let me see your face."

"Why?" The man defensively asked.

"Well if I'm going to be a prisoner here, I might as well know the face of my captor."

The man thought it over. Finally he turned around and revealed to Bonnie his hideous face. Bonnie gasped in shock. However, she found the Beast to be oddly cute.

"Well?" The Beast asked, waiting for a verdict.

"Not what I expected." Bonnie answered.

"What did you expect?" Beast asked her.

"I don't know."

Beast sighed. Then he summoned a servant. Dan shortly came. Bonnie was shocked to see a donkey-man, even though her father had told her about him.

"Show Bonnie to her room." Adam ordered.

"Yes sire." Dan replied. Then he turned to Bonnie, "This way, mademoiselle." Dan was about to lead her to her room in the East wing, when the Beast stopped them.

"Wait. First, let me go over the rules." Adam said, "You can't leave the castle walls, but you may go anywhere within them, except the west wing."

"Why?" Bonnie asked.

"Because I said so!" Adam yelled.

"Well that doesn't make me curious." Bonnie sarcastically retorted.

"Do what I say!" Beast yelled at her.

"Depends." Bonnie replied.

Beast balled his fists and hit the air. Dan suddenly recalled flashbacks of Adam's temper tantrums. Adam grabbed a rock and threw it against the wall.

"Second thing," Adam said after he calmed down a little, "If you need anything, my servants will attend you. Think of them as your own if you want, and this castle as your home."

"What kind of home can't I leave if I want?"

"You can go outside." Beast told her.

"The walls?" Bonnie asked with a smirk.

Beast balled his fists and scrunched his face. "Why are you being so difficult?!"

"Why do you take away people's freedom unfairly?"

"Trust me, I've suffered far worse for less." Then he turned to Dan and ordered, "Show her to her room!"

"Yes sire." Dan replied. Then he lead Bonnie to her room. As they were walking away, Dan said to Bonnie, "You're very bold, but please, try not to anger him."

"Why not?" Bonnie asked.

"You won't like him when he's angry."

"I've seen enough. Besides, why shouldn't I stick up for myself?"

Dan couldn't think of a good answer. Bonnie smirked.

When they arrived at her room, Bonnie gasped at the luxury. The walls were painted light blue, and covered in gold decals. The room had a large picture window, and a large bay window that had a window seat with a blue velvet cushion on it. Both looked out into the gardens below. There was a giant four-poster bed that had five mattresses, each one designed to give the sleeper a comfortable and stress-free night's sleep. The pillows had silk covers, and were designed to perfectly support someone's head and neck. The covers, all beautifully embroidered and dyed, and most comfortable.

The room had a fireplace that looked like it was made out of chiseled marble. Bonnie looked at the intricate designs that had been painstakingly carved into it, and couldn't help but remember her childhood home.

The room also had a walk-in closet, and an intricately carved wooden wardrobe that almost looked alive.

"I wonder if the wardrobe really is alive." Bonnie thought, "With this castle, it's a definite possibility."

"I'll leave you alone now." Dan said to her. "If you need anything, ring this bell." He grabbed a golden rope that was attached to the ceiling.

"Thank you." Bonnie said, then Dan left the room. Bonnie couldn't help but smile at the room, it felt like her childhood home. Except, she knew deep in her heart, it wasn't. She couldn't help but think of her father and sisters.

She was interrupted from her thoughts by a knock on the door. "Who is it?" Bonnie asked.

"It's Phoebe, Miss." Came a voice from the other side of the door, "I thought you'd like some tea."

"Come in." Bonnie said. When Phoebe entered the room, Bonnie gasped. "God bless you."

Phoebe meekly smiled and handed Bonnie a tea cup. "I just wanted to say that you're really brave. Sacrificing your freedom for your father, not knowing what would become of you."

"We all think so." The wardrobe said, suddenly coming to life.

"Who are you?" Bonnie asked the wardrobe.

"Madame Curbush." The wardrobe answered, "I used to be a star, but, now I fear, I've been forgotten."

Not sure of what to say, Bonnie replied, "Well, when you come back to the stage, at least you'll have a fresh start."

"I suppose that's true." The wardrobe sighed. Then she straightened up and said, "Now, what shall we dress you in for dinner? What you have on now is… nice, but more suitable for a day in the market. How about you try on one of my dresses?" She opened herself up and took out a dress, "This is the dress I wore for my Covent Garden Debut." She sighed happily, and held it out to Bonnie.

Bonnie held her hands up, "Thank you, but I'm not going to dinner."

"What?" Phoebe and Madame Curbush asked in disbelief.

"I'm not hungry." Bonnie replied.

"But the Master expects you to be there." Phoebe told her.

"He may be your Master, but he's not mine." Bonnie hotly replied, making Phoebe gasp. No one ever refused the master before.

"I'm sorry," Bonnie said after seeing the look on Phoebe's face, "but, the way he treated Papa… This is all happening so fast."

Phoebe smiled, "Don't worry. I know things seem bad, but they will get better. I'm sure of it."

Bonnie smiled, "Thank you."

"You're welcome." Phoebe said.

Then the three had a long conversation.

Adam paced the floor. He had sent Bonnie word that dinner would be starting soon, and how to get to the dining room, and she was nowhere near. He complained to his servants, who all gave him advise on how to behave. He, for once, listened to them. When Bonnie finally showed up, Adam asked her with a snarl, "What took you so long?"

Bonnie, not at all fazed by him glared at him and coldly replied, "I had a hard time deciding on whether or not to come."

"I am the Master of this castle—Don't give me that look!" Beast told her.

"What look?" Bonnie snarkly replied.

"The look you're giving me now!"

"Is it rude?"

"Yes! And you don't get to chose not to go somewhere if I say you have to!"

"What if I'm sick?"

"Only if I say you are!"

"Don't be ridiculous." Bonnie laughed, "No one can be ordered to be sick or healthy. That's not the way the world works."

"I am-" Beast started.

"Besides, it's rude."

"Rude?" Adam asked.

"Yes. Weren't you ever taught manners?"

"Were you ever taught how to live in a castle?"

Bonnie smirked, "As a matter-of-fact, I lived in a modest estate for the first ten years of my life, as an heiress."

Everyone in the room was stunned.

"Is that true?" Adam asked after he collected himself.

"Yes, and it still would be if it weren't for that wicked woman."

Beast was quiet for a moment. Then he gently said, "Well, then," then he continued in his normal tone, "you should know that when the Master says something, it should be done. And if-"

"And I told you," Bonnie interrupted, "that's not always possible!"

"Now who's being rude!" Adam yelled. "What, you interrupted me."

"I needed to get my point across." Bonnie replied.

"Uh, Master?" Charles dared to ask.

"What?" Adam asked.

"Maybe we should have dinner now?"

"Yes." Adam answered, "Let's go."

"I'm not sure I want to dine with you." Bonnie told him.

"Then why did you come here?" Beast asked her.

"I wanted to give you a chance." Bonnie answered, "After all, you sorta gave my father one. But with how your acting…" She turned to go.

"You're not going anywhere!" Beast yelled at her.

Bonnie ignored him, examined the fireplace, and climbed up it. When she reached the top, she was just out of his reach.

"Get down from there!" Beast ordered.

"Make me." Bonnie answered.

Beast tried to get her down, but failed. He became so angry that he yelled again. Eventually, his servants convinced him to go cool down.

After that, Bonnie explored the castle, making sure to avoid spindles. She acquainted herself with the servants, and told them about her aversion to spindles. Although she knew she wasn't allowed to enter the Family Wing, she couldn't help herself. As she explored the wing, she came across the shattered remains of the Beast's former life as Prince Adam, although she didn't quite know that at the time. Eventually, she entered the room where the Enchanted Rose was kept. She didn't know why, but she was drawn to it, after all, it was a floating wilting rose in a glass jar.

Just as Bonnie put her hand to the glass, a voice roared, "What are you doing?!"

Bonnie turned and saw the Beast, angrier than Bonnie had ever seen. Bonnie tried to defend herself, but the Beast wouldn't have it. He roared and went into such a rage, that Bonnie felt scared for her life.

Bonnie ran out of the castle, and into the night. Soon she was attacked by a hungry pack of wolves! She tried to outrun them, but it was no use. She tried to defend herself, but again, no use. Just when all hope seemed lost, Adam came roaring in and battled the wolves. It was a fierce battle, and Adam was greatly wounded. Bonnie tried to turn away, but she couldn't. She felt frozen.

When the wolves finally left, Beast collapsed onto the ground. Bonnie was about to go back home, but she found herself unable to leave for dead the creature who saved her life. So, with help from her mother, Bonnie carried/dragged the Beast back to the castle.

Thanks to Bonnie's healing skills, she was able to help him. Although he was unwilling at first, and a great argument ensured.

"That hurts!" Beast yelled when Bonnie tried to clean his wounds.

"If you hold still it wouldn't hurt as much!" Bonnie yelled back.

"This wouldn't have happened if you hadn't run away!"

"If you hadn't frightened me, I wouldn't have run away!"

"Well you shouldn't have been in the Family Wing!"

"Well you should learn to control your temper!" Bonnie yelled back, making Adam fall silent. He tried to think of a comeback, but he couldn't. Eventually, he silently allowed Bonnie to resume cleaning his wounds. After a moment of silence, Bonnie softly and gently said, "By the way, thank you, for saving my life."

"You're welcome." Beast said, "And I'm sorry about earlier. I've never really grown up."

"I can see. Well, I can help you. If you want."

"Help with what?"

"Becoming mature." Bonnie answered.

Adam smiled, "I'd like that."

And so their friendship began. The two learned about the other's pasts, and Beast had spinning wheels banned in the castle. The servants who were transformed into spinning wheels were properly dealt with.

Bonnie helped Adam deal with his temper and social skills, and Adam helped Bonnie by giving her a library. Adam really did change, and the kind, compassionate and patient man he once was.

Over time, Bonnie became good friends with all the servants, and she and Adam began to fall for each other. And no it wasn't Stockholm Syndrome, it was real love. I know that's hard to accept for some, "If someone's held prisoner, how can they fall in love with their captor? Their feelings must be an unconscious coping mechanism to prevent any harmful feelings from forming." Well, Stockholm Syndrome is a complex and serious mental disorder that has more to it than a captive falling in love with their captor. Studies have shown that in order for Stockholm Syndrome to occur, more criteria need to be in place:

One, the crisis must last for at least several days;

Two, the Captive must spend all of their time with no one else but their Captor, as in, the only other social interaction is with the Captor, and they're not placed in a separate room. Bonnie and Adam spent time apart, and as stated before, Bonnie could go almost anywhere she wanted inside the castle, had her own room, and was given servants to wait on her;

Three, the Captive must feel in harms way, feel helpless in other situations, and are willing to do whatever it takes to survive. After witnessing Adam save her from the wolves, and seeing that he was actively changing for the better, Bonnie knew that she would never be in harms way. Even though life had dealt Bonnie a hard blow, and the only people who listened to her in her village was her family and the librarian (the rest of the town thought her odd for she refused to conform to the status quo), she never felt helpless. She knew things would get better one day. She would climb trees, was almost constantly reading books, mostly ones that the village thought were for boys and men, and did other things that were seen as un-girly. Bonnie would just ignore the people who called her strange and unwomanly, and would call them out if the need arose. And while she was in the castle, this did not go away. She refused to bend to Adam's will, and called him out when he acted backwards;

Four, the tiniest amount of compassion is blown out of proportion. Being "nice", showing a lack of abuse, or anything of the sort, especially when the Captor is the only other creature the Captive sees, then it can be seen as a generous gift. Bonnie wasn't dumb or naive. She also spent time with other sentient creatures.

Now that that's out of the way, Bonnie and Adam's favorite thing to do together was to read and discuss books. One of them, usually Bonnie, would pick a book from the library, and one of them would read aloud. Before, during or after the reading, the pair would make comments about the text. It could've been praise, questioning, predictions, criticism, or whatever. And if the other disagreed, they would debate. Both found this to be quite fun, and they treated each other as equals.

No one in the castle could remember a happier time, and the spell seemed that it would be lifted soon. However, Bonnie only ever saw the Beast as a friend, no matter how many times the pair would stare lovingly into each other's eyes, or cuddled. Friends cuddle.

After a while, though, Bonnie began to feel homesick. When she told Adam this, he showed her a magic mirror that would show her whatever she wanted. When she saw her family, tears came to her eyes. The cottage had been redone, and looked magnificent. Her father and sisters looked better fed, and better clothed, however, something was wrong.

Bonnie's father seemed to be on his deathbed. His face was deathly pale, and his younger daughters were deeply saddened. There was also some men around, who looked a bit shady.

"Oh no!" Bonnie exclaimed. "My father's dying! My poor sisters."

Adam saw the deep concern in her face. "Then go to them." Adam told her.

"What?" Bonnie asked, full of confusion.

"They need you. And you should say your goodbyes."

"But what about-"

"You're no longer my prisoner. I release you."

Although Bonnie knew the Beast's true character, his release of her still came as a shock. "You mean...I'm free?"

"Yes." Adam answered.

Once she recovered from the shock, Bonnie told him, "Thank you." She handed him back the mirror, but he stopped her.

"Keep it. So that you can always have a way to look back and remember your time here."

Bonnie smiled and gave him a hug. "Thank you for understanding how much they need me."

"You're welcome." Adam sadly said.

Bonnie could sense his sadness. She held him tighter, then she said, "I'll visit as soon as I can."

Fighting back tears, Beast said, "And you shall be free to come and go as you wish. If you and your sisters need a place to stay, you're more than welcome here."

"Thank you, again." Bonnie kissed his cheek, then hurried off.

When she was gone, the Beast went into a deep despair, even deeper than before. He felt too sad to do anything. The servants (who were also saddened) noticed this, and tried to cheer him up. It was no use.

"At least the Master has finally learned to love." Phoebe said to her fellow servants after they were shown out.

"Shouldn't that be enough?" Luke asked.

"It should dear brother." Dan answered, "But sadly, it isn't."

They began to despair again, just when they had felt hope, it was stripped away from them.

Bonnie rushed into her childhood home, and knelt by her father's bedside. "Father, are you alright? I'm sorry I left when you told me not to, but I thought you'd be better off here at home."

"Bonnie? Is that you?" Bonnie's father meekly asked.

"Yes Papa, it's me." Bonnie answered.

"How'd you escape?" James asked.

"And where did you get those fancy clothes?" Rose asked.

"I didn't escape, he let me go." Bonnie answered.

"That horrible Beast?" James asked in disbelief.

"He's not horrible." Bonnie answered, "He's sweet, kind, and generous. He's changed. He gave me these clothes, my own room, free range of the castle, and kept me safe."

"That doesn't sound like the monster I met." James replied.

"That was just one day." Bonnie replied, "And that was before he changed for the better."

"You sure he changed?" James asked.

"Yes father." She took his hands, "I swear it on my life. He let me go so I could be with you during your last days. And to bring my sisters comfort."

The family took this in, then thought of how wrong they were to think so harshly of the Beast. Then Bonnie told them all about her time in the castle, the friends she had made, and how wonderful and kind the Beast really was, and how much he had grown.

The next day, all was well in the Scott household. James seemed to be getting better, and the girls were all getting along. Then, at noon, Bonnie began to miss the Beast. After she received a bouget of flowers from a neighbor, she grabbed the mirror he gave her and said to it, "Show me the Beast." What she saw made her gasp. Her beloved Beast, was slumped over in his room, looking very much dead.

Horrified, Bonnie immediately mounted her horse and rode back to the castle as fast as she could. When she entered, she ran to the Beast.

"Adam! Adam!" Bonnie yelled at him. "What's wrong?" There was no response. "Adam, it's me, Bonnie!" She neared him, but she tripped and fell, dropping the bouget she had forgotten to leave at home. As she was getting up, she pricked her finger on a spindle that had been hidden in the bouget. Bonnie barely registered the pain, or the fact that she had been pricked. Feeling woozy and dizzy, she made her way to the Beast's side.

"Adam." Bonnie softly said, "Please don't leave me." She heard a groan as she fought to stay awake as the 2nd to last petal on the Enchanted Rose was beginning to fall. "Please. I lo… love… I you."

"You what?" Adam meekly asked.

"Love..." Then she collapsed on his chest.

"Bonnie?" Adam asked, but he got no answer. "Bonnie?" He examined her body, and found the prick wound on her finger. "Oh no." He took her in his arms, "No, no, no." He cradled her in his arms. "How could this have happened?" He looked around the room and saw the spindle. "How did that get there?" He wanted to scream, to punch who ever gave his beloved Bonnie the spindle. But he thought better. He caressed Bonnie's check and told her, "Don't worry Bonnie. I'll make sure you're protected and kept comfortable. And I will do everything in my power to help you wake up." Then he kissed her forehead.

Instantly she woke up. "Adam?"

"Bonnie!" Adam joyously shouted. Then he kissed her again.

"Adam!" Bonnie replied. Then she kissed him back. "I love you." Then a bright light filled the palace, Bonnie had to shield her eyes as she was gently put down. When she opened them, she saw her beloved Beast transform into a handsome prince, and the castle and staff return to their former glory.

No one could believe their eyes, especially Bonnie.

When Adam was fully human again, he neared Bonnie, who didn't recognize him. "Bonnie, it's me."

Bonnie was in denial, but when she looked into his eyes, she knew it was him. Then they embraced.

The room was soon filled with joyus servants, happy to be human again. Then, suddenly, Bonnie's father and sisters were in the room. No one could believe their eyes, but they were all joyful.

Suddenly, the Enchantress appeared with a satisfied smile on her face. When Adam and the servants saw her, they shrank back with fear.

"Mother?" Bonnie and her sisters asked when they saw her.

"Hazel?" Bonnie's father asked when he saw his wife.

"Hello everyone." The Enchantress said, "I see things have worked out."

"Are you a ghost?" James asked.

"James my love," The Enchantress said to him, "don't you remember me teaching you not to believe everything you see?"

"Y-yes." James replied. The Enchantress smiled and kissed him. Instantly, all his pain and ills vanished.

The Enchantress turned to the others. "Sorry for making you all suffer so, but you all needed to learn a lesson." She made her way to the Prince, "Years ago, when your mother was pregnant with you, she took a ride to where I was happily taking a stroll. When she saw me, she stopped and told me, 'Madame, I know you are an Enchantress, please, I crave a boon.' I asked her, 'What boon do you seek?' She replied, 'As you can see, I am with child, and I wish for them to be a kind and self-less ruler.' I said to her I would do so, but she would have to marry that child to my oldest, and she agreed." She took a pause in her tale to let it sink in, "I kept my end of the bargain, telling her all that she needed to do, and making sure she followed them. However, when she died, your father refused to keep up the other end, and made plans to marry you off to some prissy royal. I did my best, but he was stubborn in his ways, and tried to make you the same as him. Being one who keeps her word, I visited you that fateful night to ensure you ended up the kind and caring person your mother wanted you to be."

The room took her words in. Finally, Bonnie broke the silence. "Mother, you arranged my marriage before I was born"

"Yes." Hazel answered, she put a gentle hand to her daughter's face, "I wanted the best for you. I always plan for the future." The Enchantress tucked a stray lock of Bonnie's hair away, "Besides, don't you love him?"

"Yes." Bonnie answered.

Hazel smiled, "One should always marry for love." Then she turned to her husband James, "James, I'm so sorry for leaving you. I didn't want to, but I knew I had to put everything in motion."

"Where have you been all this time?" James asked.

"My parents's house." Hazel answered, "I didn't want my sister to put that curse on you, but she did it anyway." She sighed, "But that's all in the past now. Now is a time to celebrate!" And so they did, after everyone was over the shock.

The celebrating lasted for weeks, families were reunited, Bonnie and Adam were married, and Bonnie's family got to move into the palace. Godwin, along with the rest of the country, finally remembered their Prince Adam. Godwin was furious that his son married a commoner, but the Enchantress quickly dealt with him.

And everyone lived Happily Ever After. Except for Godwin because he's a jerk.