Preparations were almost complete we had been working on this for years and finally we were ready. I entered the final sequence into the computer to complete the upload then went to the door where my squad was waiting and joined them. The corridor before us was dark nothing was left intact except for the computer which held the final coordinate data for the ships journey, everything else had been salvaged and stowed on the ship and we were the last to get on board. As we journeyed down the corridor with our rifles drawn we made sure to check all around us the only safe place left was the ship and it was 20 yards away. We traveled as fast as possible I could hear the automated defense turrets fall silent one by one as we ran faster and faster trying to reach the ship in time.

The distance was traveled in no time but it felt like hours in that dark empty corridor. We approached the door to the hanger keeping an eye out for any intruders the defenses having fallen completely silent only moment prior to our arrival. I gestured to one of my men to open the door, he entered his access code and the door slid open as it did so bullets streaked past my head and I hit the deck one of them grazing my helmet as I did so damaging my H.U.D. controls. I returned fire but without the night vision from my H.U.D. it was quite literally a shot in the dark my shots disappearing into the darkness as I signaled my men to fall back into the hanger. I emptied the clip and then the next one as we retreated into the hanger I ended up emptying about five clips. Once we were through the door a member of my team hit a switch and the door slammed shut as the sealing system welded the door. We turned around and boarded the ship, taking my seat on the command deck I ordered the pilot to begin the final sequence. The pilot activated the sequence on the controls as the ship lined up with the mass driver rails. "Attention passengers this is the captain, we are about to launch the ship brace for extreme acceleration." I disengaged the safety on the launch switch as the mass driver reached one-hundred percent charge.

The alignment completed as the upload finished and I flipped the switch. The ship launched out of the hanger at incredible speed sucking everyone into their seats as we began the final phase I flipped another switch which engaged the liquid engines and accelerated us to in excess of 100 times the speed of sound as our ship left the end of the track and as planned, after we had gotten to a safe distance, the entire facility detonated in an atomic blast. As we escaped into space we set a course to rondevu with our mother ship we were the last piece of the ship, our ship would dock onto the front of it and become the command section. The ships lined up as we backed into the docking port and attached to our assigned section, hull plates moved forward covering the gaps and the ship was finally finished.

I ordered final check on all of the systems as we prepared to leave for our new home. Once the all greens came back we calculated a course to the first planet on our list. We did not know if there was a place we could start over there still or not, N.A.S.A. had discovered it shortly before the war ruined the world and the coordinates were degraded somewhat and our FTL drive was our attempt to reproduce the drive that had been successfully created 50 years ago. The unfortunate part about the world ending is you don't have the time or resources to test the drive fully and while it worked in the initial test we had never jumped this far before and had no idea where we might end up, but it was better than trying to survive back on our world.

I had the pilot input the coordinates into the FTL console and the slot for the key opened on my armrest, I put the key in and the countdown began. 20 seconds counted down on my screen as it reached zero I turned the key as I watched the space outside stretch and warp we hoped we were going to a new home, but for all I knew we would never return to normal space, and with that our ship entered its FTL conduit and left the scorched earth behind.

My first story here please let me know what you think. Sorry it is so short