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Devotion at Its Finest

Lucifer was approximately .073 seconds from losing his shit. The worst part, was that Remiel, his conceited, back-stabbing cunt of a brother had yet to receive that particular memo. Astaroth, devil and second-in-command to the deity about to go nuclear, was very aware of the situation, however. He surreptitiously placed a bit more distance between himself and the blond about to be on the receiving end of the unholy wrath, whilst scrambling desperately in his mind for anything to diffuse the situation. He first considered some sort of outburst that would redirect his lord's attention, but decided he was not about to take the hit for the bastard responsible for sealing Lucifer away for three and a half centuries, 'Not to mention, keeping him away from me...'

In a rare flash of cosmic luck, the other deity's own lieutenant appeared out of nowhere, whispering something animatedly into Remiel's ear that had him nodding and giving a sigh. The devil's counterpart gave a quick bow to Lucifer, and then cast Astaroth a meaningful look before disappearing as quickly as he had come. Remiel sighed again, and turned his attention back to the infuriated dark god, "Brother, I'm afraid I must cut this short. Another matter has come up that requires my immediate attention." The blond apparently took Lucifer's replying snarl as an appropriate dismissal, and was gone in the blink of Astaroth's worried eyes.

Once the bane of his existence had fled the premises, Lucifer sagged back against his ornate throne, rubbing his fingers in tense little circles over his own temples. Taking a risk, the crimson-haired devil made his way up to the throne before clearing his throat and trying to gain the god's attention, "My lord..." Lucifer cut him off with a growl that had Astaroth immediately [and wisely] dropping to his knees, "I haven't the patience for Remiel's nonsense – or yours for that matter – right now. I'm going to Earth to vent off my frustrations." Astaroth bit his lower lip hard enough to draw a pinprick of blood, before voicing a suggestion he hoped wouldn't land him in the grave, "My lord, it seems to me that if you were to go to Earth right now, presumably to visit your...human pet...that you risk breaking her with the state you're currently in. That would only cause you further distress. Perhaps I could be of assistance. To help you...unwind."

Astaroth meekly glanced up at Lucifer through the blood-red fall of his bangs, praying he hadn't overstepped, but knowing he'd find out soon enough. Lucifer considered his words for a moment before sighing in exasperation, and slumping further into his throne, "I really hate when you actually make a valid point, Astaroth," he hissed, "But exactly how can you help alleviate my irritation? Generally, you only make it worse." Taking this as a sign he wasn't about to suffer a rather nasty smiting, Astaroth replied, "However you would like me to, my lord. I'll be of service in any way I can." The dark god cocked his head, and graced his lieutenant with a sly grin, "That statement is rather open to interpretation, you know. I could take that quite inappropriately if I chose." Taking the obvious bait, the devil responded, "It's hardly inappropriate if I was intentionally implying something of the sort, my lord."

Lucifer gave his lieutenant an appraising look, mulling it over in his head. On one hand, Astaroth had an uncanny ability to ruin even his best moods, but if the redhead really was offering what it sounded like he was offering, that might actually improve his rather foul state of mind. Deciding to test his minion's resolve, Lucifer beckoned Astaroth closer with a taloned finger. The redhead made his intentions blatantly clear when he took the steps leading to his master's throne on hands and knees, prowling better than any jungle feline. Upon closing the distance, Astaroth laid his cheek against his master's knee, nuzzling for a moment, before murmuring, "Anything to please you, my lord. Anything." The deity narrowed his eyes in challenge, "Then, prove it."

Astaroth sat back on his heels, giving a heated look as he resolutely began working at the annoyingly intricate fastenings of Lucifer's leather trousers. When he finally succeeded, Lucifer was already partially erect. By the time he had parted the god's legs and shifted closer on his knees, his master's enjoyment of the situation was beyond clear. The devil gave a final glance upward to make sure this was indeed what Lucifer wanted, and upon seeing the challenge still clear in the iridescent sea-colored eyes, Astaroth lowered his head, and drew a wet line with his tongue from base to tip along the underside of his lord's impressive length. The barely noticeable hitch in Lucifer's breath motivated him onward, and Astaroth swore to himself that he'd earn at least one crack in his master's icy demeanor by the time this was over.

The dark god braced an elbow against the armrest of the throne, and rested his cheek in his palm, watching his minion with hooded eyes. When Astaroth enthusiastically swirled his tongue around the head, before sliding his wonderfully warm, wet mouth partially down the length, Lucifer hummed his approval, and let his eyes fall shut. Backlit Caribbean eyes flew back open a second later in surprise when his lieutenant's throat opened, and suddenly his entire erection was encased in that slick, velvety heat. Lucifer waited anxiously for Astaroth to choke and back off a bit, as damned near everyone who tried deep-throating him did. Miraculously, Astaroth never choked, instead staying put, and sucking wholeheartedly as his tongue drew elaborate designs on hardened flesh. Lucifer filed this pleasing bit of trivia away in his mind even as the fingers of his free hand subconsciously tangled themselves loosely in crimson locks.

The emerald-eyed devil drew back slowly, maintaining perfect suction without a single scrape of teeth. He let his master's length escape his lips entirely as he curled his fingers around the base, and matched the movements of his hand to the rhythm of his tongue lapping fervently at the tip. He was rewarded with a breathy moan he didn't think Lucifer even realized giving. Astaroth allowed himself a triumphant smirk before redoubling his efforts, alternating flickering his tongue at the slit, and swirling it around the head as he maintained a rapid, but steady rhythm with his hand. Lucifer's fingers were gradually tightening in his hair, talons barely avoiding slicing his scalp.

Astaroth decided that getting cut up a bit would be totally worth it when an upward glance showed the state Lucifer was in. His master had let his head fall back against the seat, eyes closed, lips parted, and the hand that wasn't in the devil's mane was digging talons into the armrest with such ferocity that they were leaving gouges in the beautifully carved stone. When a particularly well-aimed flick of his tongue tore a gasp from Lucifer's throat, Astaroth knew he was nearly there. Removing his hand from the base of the god's erection, the devil instead slid his hands over Lucifer's thighs, digging his nails in through the leather of his trousers, as he swallowed his lord whole once more.

The actions had the grip in his hair tightening painfully, talons surely drawing blood as Lucifer's spine arched, and he came down his lieutenant's eagerly awaiting throat with a harsh cry of the devil's name. The sight and taste of his master's release, coupled with hearing his name in such a tone from those adored lips had Astaroth moaning himself as he finished sucking Lucifer dry. The vibration caused a little electric spasm to work its way through Lucifer's body, wrenching one final ragged cry from him before Astaroth finally pulled back, licking his own lips with the proudest expression the deity had ever witnessed on him.

The jade-eyed devil gently tucked his master's now spent length away, before carefully re-doing the fastenings of his trousers. Astaroth knew Lucifer far too well to even suggest being given anything in return, but he hoped to at least not be dismissed callously after doing such a thing. When his lord's eyes finally opened again slowly, the last vestiges of molten silver were fading back into the glowing sea-colored depths. Lucifer motioned him to stand with upward nod, and Astaroth prepared as he rose to hear something along the lines of, "Nice job. Now, fuck off." His wariness must have been obvious, because Lucifer gave a little shake of his ebony locks, and beckoned Astaroth closer. The devil cocked his head in confusion, not sure how Lucifer meant for him to obey that command when he was already as close as he could get, shy of joining his lord on the throne.

With an uncharacteristically patient smile, Lucifer sat up fully and reached forward, grabbing hold of Astaroth's belt, and tugging him unceremoniously into his lap. His second-in-command gave a shocked squeak at the unexpected action that the god knew Astaroth would deny until the end of time. Chuckling, Lucifer leaned back, and made himself comfortable again, holding his perplexed minion securely in his arms. Astaroth finally resigned himself to the incredibly weird twist of fate, and nestled into his lord's embrace with a contented sigh.

Nuzzling his nose into the blood-hued locks he himself had disheveled, Lucifer purred softly against his lieutenant's ear, "Perhaps you're not so bad at helping me unwind after all." Astaroth wiggled closer, replying just as quietly with his low, raspy tone, "I said I would do anything to please you. I meant it. You've always had my completely devotion and loyalty, my lord. Anything else you want from me, you need but mention it. It's yours. Just as I am." Lucifer hummed thoughtfully, "I'll certainly keep that in mind. I've been seriously considering cleaning house around here lately..."

The devil tensed in his arms, but the dark god soothed it away with a soft kiss to the redhead's cheek and reassuring words, "Your place is secure, Astaroth. You're probably the only minion I'd never considered scrapping. You can irritate me nearly to death at times, but you've never slacked on your duties, and your loyalty has never wavered. I do notice these things. Even if all the others get put to the chopping block, you'll retain your position as my second. You've earned it." Astaroth let his head rest against his master's shoulder, and released a breath he hadn't realized he was holding, "Thank you, my lord. I've always tried to serve you as best I can. It's wonderful to know my efforts did not go unnoticed. I can swear to you, that regardless of the actions of my fellow devils, or even the lower demons, I will never change."

Lucifer delicately caressed his fingers over the devil's cheek, and turned, brushing his lips softly over Astaroth's, "Good. See to it that you don't. I might actually have something of a soft spot for you as you are now." Astaroth went boneless in his embrace, and responded breathlessly, "As you wish. Whatever you desire, my lord." Lucifer gave a dark, enigmatic smile, and pulled his lieutenant tighter, 'You may come to regret that stance, my pet. One of these days...I just might break you.'