Wait, What Now?

Chapter 8- Of Women and Inches

"What do you mean you're 'out of stock'?" Moony asked, glowering. Her thin arms were crossed over her almost non-existent chest. She stared down at the short, goateed man sitting nonchalantly on a stool behind the counter. "You're freakin' Pierre En-Stock. It's in your freakin' name!"

Pierre stroked his black goatee and shrugged. He spat a few sunflower seeds in an empty Mountain Dew bottle. "Hey, hey, just 'cause it's in my name don't mean it's in stock."

Moony's light blue eyes flared dangerously. She slammed her palms flat onto the counter and eyeballed the shopkeeper like he was some annoying insect. "You better not be giving the shaft here, bruh. Go. Check. Again." Her nostrils flared in a snort. "I need Mr. Incher's Baby Brother ASAP."

"Alright, alright dig your thong outta your crack and gimme a few minutes to go check," Pierre sighed. It was Saturday. Saturdays were supposed to be his easy days of work. Now, he a hot Asian female chomping down his neck. He stood up and ducked into the back storage room, muttering, ''I mean, I thought you wanted the shaft…"

As she waited, Moony couldn't help but notice a digging sensation somewhere down South. She tried to adjust herself without drawing too much attention to herself.

Pierre coughed quietly behind her. Moony jumped and squeaked, spinning around on her heels and blushing profusely.

"You know, a hand works just as well for wedgies, Moony," Pierre commented, eyes briefly glancing at her butt. He placed several rectangular boxes down on the counter. "Here are the ones I could find. Mr. Incher, his Big Brother, his Dad, his Mom… and… his Creepy Uncle."

Moony rummaged through the boxes and sighed. "No Baby Brother, then?"

"'Fraid not, Moony. Maybe you could go talk to Ben Wa across the way," Pierre suggested. "I'm sure he could hook you up with something,"

A/N: Mkay, if you haven't guessed who/what the Incher family is yet, the… :p I had this chapter idea spark up after hanging out with some of the real life Moony's lezzy friends for the day.

Also, Fatboy Slim. Listen to him. And Moby.