The path laid out before me
Slowly ascends beneath my feet
Trees blanket the ground in shadows
As they lean protectively over me
I'm surrounded by moist green vegetation
Pressing, consuming life everywhere
Can hardly damper my despair
As it eats away my desire
And my very soul
Why were they so oblivious
As I strived to please?
They think they know what's best
Their sight is clouded
Blinded by their simple naiveté
I long for attention
But I've reached my last resort
I'm a fool in love
I've found my unreachable Juliet
A nation placed between us
I can't live with out her
I can't live
I never will reach the end of this glistening road
A beautiful escape route from an ugly world
My last sensation is a cold barrel against my warm flesh
Mom? Dad?
Fuck you
Tell **** I love her
I squeeze the trigger
Goodbye, dirty world