"Come on Undrael! You're going to miss it!" A thin teenage boy dressed in brown hides yelled back to the younger girl following. His short turquoise hair stuck up wildly and blew in the strong wind, he squinted his bright emerald eyes in a bid to stop them watering. "This is the last chance before the big snows come!" He leant on the rough spear he held in his right hand. It was a straight 173cm length of ash with a leaf shaped blade of obsidian at the tip. He continued his scramble up the canyon.

He finally scrambled over the edge onto the bank of a huge frozen lake. The girl behind him had not been able to keep up and had been falling back, her hair which flowed the colour of moss to the small of her back waved in the sharp wind and she narrowed her deep sapphire eyes against the air. From about fifty metres back down the canyon the girl yelled at the boy "Wait for me Sylphan! You know i can't walk as fast as you." The boy grinned "Yeah, i know, you still have to ride on the bears when we move camp! You should have grown out of that years ago."

The girl pouted as the boy made fun of her before scrambling down beside him.

As they watched the ghost fire which appeared in the sky blazing green and blue and red against the midnight sky whirled and flickered around the blood red setting sun and they watched as that sphere sank below the surface of the ice lake.

As the last light of the setting sun dwindled below the horizon, that deep red light filtered through the myriad of minute crystals of ice strewn about the lake surface. By these motes of light was Undrael entranced and onto the frozen lake did she tread. Sylphan ran at her to prevent her from treading on the thin ice. He reached her about five metres onto the lake and threw her back towards the shore. In doing so he fell and heard the ice crack beneath him.

He had just enough time to realise Undrael had not reached the shore but had instead landed on some ice not far from it before they both fell through. The water below was freezing and very deep and they both began to sink towards the bottom, as they sunk Sylphan felt regret as he began to lose consciousness, regret that Undrael had not reached the shore and anger at his own inadequacy.

Deep within the water Sylphan and Undrael drifted. Their spirits rising unto the ghost fire to join the kindling that sustains it, as is the fate for all lost souls. This to Sylphan was known. Yet behind the ghost fire did the moon reside, which gazed down upon all with peaceful intent. Yet upon their journey was the moon changed, in anger it flashed upon the world the spark that falls from the clouds and fought back against the ghost fire which consumes the life it creates. It gazed upon Sylphan without a face and spoke to him without a mouth in a voice deep and powerful as the ocean, that raged like a storm and threatened to tear the heavens asunder. The words it spoke were never remembered as they were not a message to be considered but an order to be wound, seared and branded unto the very soul of the beholder. Thus was the last thing that Sylphan and Undrael ever saw.

Seventy six years later the ice atop a frozen lake began to melt for the first time in over two centuries. Up to the surface of that lake floated a teenager. Their hair was turquoise down to below their shoulders but contained streaks of green which fell past the rest down to their waist. This was especially evident at their back. Their face was such that the person's gender was indistinguishable. Their body did nothing to point either way. No matter which way this person was interpreted they were extremely comely. In the right hand this person gripped a spear far taller than they were. Their apparel was merely simple skins sewn together to form some excuse for a garment. The rudimentary clothing was supplemented by a hairband meticulously crafted from hide and wood which had slid back so it no longer prevented their hair from falling over their eyes.

The fingers on their left hand jerked and suddenly the eyelids shot open. Their irises faded from deep blue to light green. The blue was so deep it almost merged with the black of his pupils, creating a strange, yet oddly enthralling, image. The person's mind knew nothing of who they were except their name, this person was Sylphan Undrael.