If you have been through what I have been through and still be sane, then you're absolutely cuckoo. I mean it. Well, if you must have to know- no- if you really have to know- then fine. I'll tell you.

It was on a school day. The same as any other. The name of the school? Do we really have to delve into these little details? Ok, I attended the Business Academy Bexley. You can't miss us. The school was on a dual carriageway and our uniform was purple. Yes. Purple. I can't think of any other school that had purple blazers.

We have fights with neighbouring schools almost every Friday. I remember one Friday, it was lunchtime, some students from Trinity (that's, like, a bus ride away) came down to OUR playground and roughed some of our students up.

We're also 'famous' for our escapades abroad. This one time, some boys from the year above me went on a trip to France. Seems innocent enough. But it took only the first day for them to get in trouble. When I say trouble, I mean trouble. I only knew this because someone else told me. What they told me was that the boys went to a McDonalds and started a fight with some of the locals that were eating there. The police had to get involved too (or so they told me). When they returned back home, they got expelled.

Back to the subject. After the summer holidays are over, I'll be starting year eleven.

But, on that school day, I was in year nine. It was 'Options Evening', as well. Every year nine will have to be dragged along to it, whether they knew what they were taking or not. Teachers had set up stalls- like a market- and they'd try to beg you to take their subject. It was pretty funny, actually.

Certain subjects you had to take, whether you really wanted to do it or whether you hated it, like Maths and English. In BBA (yeah, we called the school BBA. It's easier than saying the Business Academy all the time) we had to take P.E, and there were subjects you could take but you had to drop others in order to take them. Like if you wanted to do Media Studies you had to drop Triple Science and vice versa. Of course, being the 'Business' Academy Bexley, you had to do Business as well. I didn't think there was much point to this 'Options Evening' at all, seeing as you couldn't actually choose the subjects. That, and I didn't know what I wanted to do, or what I wanted to be, unlike Bonnie.

Bonnie was my older sister. She was quite a bit older than me as she was in university studying for a degree in Metallurgy. I don't know what that is.

I'm the second of three children. You guessed it. I also have a younger sister, Rosie. She's due to start secondary school when I enter year ten. She won't be going to crappy ol' BBA of course, she passed her 11-plus so she'll be going to Townley Grammar. That's where Bonnie went as well. I guess you could say that I'm the runt of the litter.

Rosie keeps telling me how she wanted to do a job that includes helping people, like something in the emergency services- a firewoman maybe. That's if she isn't a star footballer for Charlton Ladies. Charlton Athletic. Rosie's obsessed with them. I didn't get it. They weren't even a good team. Oh well, I'm glad to know that she has a future mapped out. As for me, I don't have a future. I don't have anything. I don't have the looks. Oh, no. Bonnie and Rosie have those. Bonnie, for example, she could've been a supermodel if she wasn't so serious. She had the height, the brunette hair and the startling blue eyes. And as for Rosie, she could go down the exact same route if she didn't think about football all the time. And what about me? A five foot tall stupid ginger lump of lard, that's what I am. With no future. Why? Because I still didn't know what I wanted to be. I wanted to be a singer at one time but I can't sing, not to mention I'm ugly. I also wanted to be an actress, but I can't act, plus I'm ugly. I can't be anything else as I'm too stupid to be anything else. I can't, I can't, I can't.