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Chapter Seventeen

"So when is your house going to be infested with spiders?" Hunter asked.

"In approximately eighteen hours and 42.379 seconds,"



"You're too sarcastic,"

"That's only because beating people is illegal,"

"You're mean,"

"Kind hearts in cruel worlds are endangered. They cease to exist, for you will not be making it anywhere in life if you don't fight to the top. In a world of sacrafice, you sometimes have to give up a part of yourself. I was kindhearted, and at my center I still am. But you cannot stay charitable your whole life. If you do, it is an act of courage, not weakness."

"You give too many speeches."



"Stop talking to me and get my dogs."

I got up and grabbed my computer and my phone. I don't know why, as I had no cell service. It was like they had cut of all communication lines. I can't get on Facebook, Instagram, or even email.


"I told you to stop talking to me."

"Are we going to find Mason?"

"Yeah, I already told you that!"

"But, like, today?"


"Do you think I should dye my hair black? I don't like it blonde."

"Did you get my dogs yet?"

"No. . ."

"And where are you going to buy hair dye? Our friends are all killing one another and we are expected to as well, and you are worried about dying your hair black?!"

"Uhhhh, yeah, you should be helping."

"I should be helping you decide whether or not to dye your hair? You are so retarded."

"You should be, tell me which color looks the sexiest." He came out of the kitchen and smirked at me.

"You're sick." He finally got my dogs.

"So are you gonna use Sargent, to like, track Mason?"

"So are you, like gonna, shut up?" I mocked him.

"Can we go out and fight? I kinda always wanted to kill Fred…"


"What? Why can't you be a fighter? You just want to sit in the house!"

"If you want a fighter, bring a war."

"Against Fred?"

"I'm going to kill you."

"OOOO! First blood!"

"Stay here."

"Where are you going?"

"To find someone who isn't a total dipshit,"


"No. Barack O-fucking-Bama."

"Can I help you find Mason?"


I grabbed Sargent's leash, stormed outside, and slammed the door behind me.