Lighter than Air

Chapter 2

Karen did a double tuck as she moved effortlessly on the balance beam. Her leotard sparkled in the light as she moved. She then moved and backflipped with a double twist and landed the dismount.

Her feet stuck the landing. But what caught her off guard was the sound of hands clapping. She looked to see her friend Elise, judging from her bag she had just gotten out of ballet practice.

"Nice job Karen. Next stop the Olympics!"

"Thanks", Karen replied. "Though I don't feel like I am doing it well enough."

"Oh come on the way you do it, you are really light on your feet", said Elise patting her back.

"Yet I still feel earthbound. You on the other hand seem to know what it feels to break free. I guess ballet does that to you", said Karen sighing.

"Actually I . . had some help" she chuckled.

"What kind", asked Karen a tad curious.

"Well", said Elise then giggling. "He's a friend of my boyfriends and he can give you the said experience, as he did for me."

"It's nothing. . . ", started Karen.

"No not like that, I promise", said Elise. "If you want I can see if he can let you try."

"Well okay", said Karen.

"Great", said Elise hugging her. "You won't regret it!"

Karen arrived at Nick's place at round 10 the next day just as Elise had arranged it. She was impressed at the kind of place Nick lived in.

"Karen", shouted Elise, "This way."

Karen followed her into the garage area.

"Elise what is going on here", asked Karen.

"You will see soon enough. Nick had to go somewhere but he allowed me access to the equipment", said Elise.

"Really", asked Karen.

"Yep you will see what it is in a bit. But firest you got take off your shoes and change into this", said Elise holding up a white long-sleeved leotard.

"You want me to practice my gymnastics here", she asked surprised.

Elise chuckled and pushed it to her. "Not really. Now get changed and meet me out back."

Karen took it and looked at it, the material felt strange yet smooth. Before she could think it over she took off her shoes and began to change.

Elise waited in the backyard for some time til her friend emerged wearing nothing but the leotard.

"There you are", said Elise. "Wow look at you, it looks great on you!"

"You think", asked Karen blushing.

"You got it", said Elise then taking her hand brought her up to a huge metallic pad that was hooked up to some controls on the deck.

"This is what I want to show you" said Elise.

"What's it do." Asked Karen.

"Well go and stand in the center", said Elise chuckling.

"Okay", said Karen as she moved to the center Elise went to the control panel.

"Now what", asked Karen.

"Close your eyes and get ready for some fun. Don't open til I say so", said Elise.

Karen sighed and did so. Elise turned on the console and the pad powered up. She turned a knob then slid up a slider.

"Oh", gasped Karen, "What's that?"

"It's all part of the experience nothing to be worried", said Elise.

"It feels a tad strange, like something is pushing on me. Oooh" she gasped as the 'push' got stronger. "What's happening to me?"

"Just go with it.", said Elise pushing the slider up more steadily. "You okay?"

"Yeah", said Karen. "It just feels like this leo is trying to come off."

Soon Karens heels start to lift off the ground.

"Wow", gasped Karen, "I almost feel like gravity is losing it's grip on me."

"You have no idea", chuckled Elise to herself and kept increasing, Karen was soon on her tiptoes and then. . .

"Oh my, I feel completely weightless", she gasped as she rose into the air. Elise chuckled as her friend rose completely off the ground and went up a few feet.

"I can't believe this, I feel like I really am lighter than air", said Karen.

"Well you want to see why", asked Elise.

"Yes", said Karen.

'Okay open your eyes", chuckled Elise. Karen did so and looked round and when she saw the ground beneath her and how high she was she let out a huge gasp.

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh", she gasped as she moved her legs and arms. "This is too unreal. . ."

Elise smirked and lowered the slider on the panel and Karen came right down onto the ground.

"Woah.. . did that really happen", said Karen.

"Uh huh", said Elise with a grin.

"I find it . . hard to believe" gasped Karen.

"Let me reinforce it then", said Elise.

"Huh" was Karen's last word before she rose up off the ground again this time almost instantly.

"Wooooaaaaahhh. Oh my goodness" she gasped as she rose. This time a bit higher where she was before. She then stoped about five feet off the ground.

"I can't believe this. . I am actually floating" she gasped.

"I know", said Elise looking up at her. "Isn't it amazing?"

"How do I get down", asked Karen as she hyperventilated.

Elise worked the panel and Karen slowly came back down. "Ooooh", she gasped gave a smile. "Cool!"

Elise came up to her and held her hands as they chuckled in excitement.

"That was amazing!" said Karen.

"I know", said Elise. "Whats happening is this pad is really a magnet and that leo is some threads of the opposite magnatism. So basically it's repelling the leo and whoever is wearing it."

"In this case me", said Karen.

"Exactly", said Elise who then hugged her. Karen hugged her back.

"So you like it?" asked Elise.

"I love this", said Karen who then gasped as she felt the push again.

"Then you won't mind this", said Elise letting her go and no sooner she did Karen rose up off the ground again.

"He-he he hey", she laughed, "no fair without a warning!"

She saw herself rise up almost to the roof of the house.

"Wow, look how high I am" she said. Giggling she used her gymnastic moves to do a full out body flip. "I can't believe how light I am" she giggled. She then rose a tad higher

"Woah here we go" she chuckled. She waived down to Elise. "Hi down there!"

Elise waved back. Karen took a good look around her.

"This is too amazing. I could stay up here forever", said Karen. She then felt the force lessoning and see herself coming down. "Oh. . oh man. . "

She lands lightly but she pouts and crosses her arms.

"Thanks for ruining my party 'friend", she said in mock anger.

"Oh but you are going to like this part. If you would put your legs together and your arms to your sides I can show you", Elise said with a smirk.

Karen smiled and did as her friend instructed.

"Ready. . .and. . LIFTOFF" shouted Elise as she flicked a switch and Karen just shot up into the air screaming.

Karen was screaming as she shot up like a missile. As she got higher she started to slow and she breathed and giggled. She finally slowed and came to a stop. She finally took a moment to stop and look down at how high she was. She was pratically up near the clouds, in fact one went through her. She giggled at the misty feeling.

"Oh this is too cool", she said as she looked down seeing how small everthing looked. She then did a double summersault in mid air.

"Oh I could stay up here forever. ." she said. Just then she started to see she was coming down. "Ah man!"

She could see the town and Nick's house coming up as she slowly descended like a snowflake. She chuckled. "This is cool coming down too."

She soon landed and to her surprise saw Elise coming up in a white leo like hers.

"Like that", she said.

Karen nodded.

"Then let's take another trip. Together. It's been a while for me", said Elise.

"But who will control it", asked Karen concerned.

"It's on a timer made to stop at certain points", said Elise with a giggle.

"Well I guess it should be fun then with someone else", said Karen as Elise stood next to her. "So when do we. . ." started Karen just then they both rose into the air taking them both by surprise.

"OH" gasped Karen.

"Wow" exclaimed Elise.

The two looked at each other and chuckled and giggled at this as they rose.
Soon they stop just several feet above the ground. Almost on eye level with the windows on the second floor of the house.

"Check us out", said Elise.

"Woah it's still almost hard to believe", giggled Karen as they look down. "This is intense."

They suddenly feel the push and rose again.

"Woah here we go", said Karen.

The two girls giggled as they went up and up and up.

"Behold world, the worlds lightest teenage girls" laughed Elise.

Karen laughed at her friends enthusiasum. They soon stopped and hung in the air above the rooftops.

"Man we can almost see everything", said Karen putting her hand over her eyes and scouting the view.

"Defnitly.", said Elise, "Imagine if someone were to see us right now."

"They would be mind blown" laughed Karen.

Their thoughts were inturupted when they heard tiny gasps and woahs. They looked to see it was coming from a group of kids passing by on the sidewalk. They were agape and looking and pointing at them.

"Hey there kids", laughed at Elise who waved at them.

"Hi", said Karen laughing.

"You are flying", said a girl.

"I know isn't it amazing", laughed Elise doing a mid air spin. Karen gave a pose.

"How are yo doing that", asked a boy.

"Our little secret", said Karen who winked.

They soon felt the push and Elise said, "Time for us to go. Bye."

The kids give woahs as they rose up into the sky til they could not see them.

"Man we blew their minds", laughed Karen as they rose and giggled.

They kept on rising enjoying the air as they watched as the ground get further and further away from their feet. They were both giddy and excited the entire time as they seamlessly become to be weighing less and less.

"Man we might as well be in space" chuckled Karen. Elise grinned and chuckled.

"Woah look at us go", said Elise as they almost reached as high as the clouds.

"We are becoming one of the angels", said Karen as t hey moved through a cloud almost like they are standing on it. That was where they stopped.

"Man look how high we are. This is like a dream", said Karen.

"Good thing it isn't", said Elise as her friend did a slight spin.

They all let out a shout that sent a echo. They even saw a flock of birds go by.

Karen then said with concern. "Uh. . question. How are we going to get down?"

"Oh that. . well it's not automatic", said Elise.

Karen gasped and grasped her friends hands. "You mean we are stuck up here!?"

"No don't worry. Nick will get us down when he returns. I already told him what I would be doing", said Elise. "But it won't be for a bit so until then. . "

Karen relaxed a bit, "Oh so until he gets back we are the living helium girls."

"Exactly", said Elise with a grin.

"ALL RIGHT" said Karen who then gave her friend a five. They all then flipped onto their backs and rode on the kenetic force keeping them up like a cushion.

"Well let's relax then", said Elise.

"Darn right", said Karen. "This is too great!"

The girls spent about an hour, give or take a minute, up in the air. They enjoyed the freedome of movement with no ground almost like they are flying.

"This is so great", said Karen. "Thanks for doing this."

"It was my plea. . woah" gasped Karen as they felt something let up and noticed them going down. "Well Nick must have gotten home. So. ."

"Well going down", laughed Karen as they watched the ground catch up to them in a fast yet gradual pace.

"Hey world we are coming back", said Elise

As they came to the backyard they saw Nick at the controls who waived at them. The landed nice and gently.

"Welcome back to Earth girls", said Nick. "Nice to see you making the most of my invention."

"Thanks for letting me use it. Oh Nick", said Elise gesturing to Karen. "This is my friend Karen."

"Hi" she said blushing.

Nick blushing a bit said, "Uh nice to meet you. So you enjoyed my little creation."

Karen excitedly said, "IT WAS INCREDIBLE! I wouldn't mind doing this again!"

Nick smirked, "Well I am glad to hear that, you and Elise would be great test subjects for something just as fun as this."

"What is it", gasped the girls.

"Wait and see" said Nick winking.