The Engel-Peterson Detective Agency

By: Thirdly and Toma

Chapter 1: Distant Calls

Kane's tiny, five-year old hands held his very first report card and trembled with excitement as the bus slowly came to a stop in front of their community. As he all but rushed out of the bus with his peers, he noted that neither of his parents were waiting for him. The raven-haired boy shrugged and shook his head. His parents led busy lives and sometimes they forgot the time and had to rush out to pick him up. Sometimes, he even met them halfway to the house. Though the thought of not being picked up on time every time annoyed him, he knew enough to understand that busy minds tended to be forgetful at times.

He was a prodigy. In spite of having the intellectual mind of a twelve year old, his parents wanted him to be around peers his own age growing up. The only exception was his Godbrother, an older blonde who was quite the intellectual himself. In spite of his school work being so easy that it was downright boring to him, Kane was still rather proud of himself for getting straight A+'s in his very first report card. The notes of all of his teachers made him giddy inside, as well. They all urged his parents to get him into a gifted private school and that his brilliant mind shouldn't go to waste.

Eager to show off his report card, Kane dug out his house key from his pocket and ran the rest of the way home. As he placed the key in and turned the knob, he was surprised that it had already been open. He figured that one of his parents was getting ready to rush to pick him up and forgot something. He knew that they were home, because he saw both of their cars parked in the garage. As he walked inside he listened carefully to pinpoint where his parents were, but frowned when he didn't hear a sound. "Momma? Daddy? I'm home!"

He roamed the house, trying to find them, until he eventually wandered into the kitchen. Once there, he completely froze. "N-no..." He gasped. He was in a state of complete shock as he took in the scene before him. The scent of the blood hit him first. He felt faint as he gazed a the puddles. He took shaky steps forward, his eyes raking over the bodies as his mind immediately began to piece together what must have happened. His father was the first to fall, as his mother's body was draped over his.

From what he could see, his father had been shot at least five times in the chest and his mother twice. His eye was drawn briefly to the sight of his father's gun, which was a couple of feet away on the floor. Even as he gazed at it, he heard the echo of his father's voice warning him never to touch the weapon.

As fast as his mind worked out the situation, it was his heart that finally compelled him into action. His eyes filled with tears that rolled down his cheeks as he choked on a sob and made a grab for the phone. The handheld clattered to the floor and his tiny hands still shook even as he picked it back up to call the police. "H-Hello? I need help!" He squeaked into the receiver. "M-My parents...they...they've been murdered! Please! You've got to get over here!" He then fell onto his knees and sobbed. The operator tried to get him to calm down enough to tell her his home address, but his throat was locked so tightly that he could no longer speak.

"No!" Gasped a seventeen-year-old Kane as he shot upright in the bed he shared with his Godbrother. He heaved for breath, his sleeveless tank drenched in sweat, as he pressed a hand to his forehead and frowned. He pulled his knees up to his chest and scowled, hissing a low 'damn it!' as he remembered just where and when he was.

The last case he solved involved a young girl whose father had been beaten to death by her crazed step-mother. The pictures he had been studying of the crime scene had apparently stirred some of his own memories. "Damn it!" He hissed again, furious with himself. That particular memory hadn't invaded his nightmares for months.

The warm, large arm that wrapped around his shoulders was always a welcome comfort. He let out a shuddering sigh as he leaned against his beloved Godbrother. "Sorry I woke you." Kane whispered softly as a gentle kiss was pressed against his temple.

Gyro didn't utter a word.

Kane felt relieved.

The curly-haired teenager looked over at their alarm clock and let out a low groan. Four in the morning. "Guess it's no use trying to go back to sleep now." He grumbled as he sent an apologetic glance to Gyro and clambered out of bed. He began to stretch as the tall man stood up from his side of the bed. His eyes raked over his Godbrother's back. The man was absolutely gorgeous. To be honest, he always thought him to be gorgeous. When he was a child, a part of him was jealous of the waist-length blond hair that fell straight even after air-drying...and of the tall, strong physique that he naturally inherited. And, in spite of Kane having inherited them as well, he was once even jealous of his own godparents being alive and well.

But, as he aged and matured well beyond his years, Kane came to terms with most of it. Hell, he was even grateful for it.

He was startled out of his reverie by the knowing look in Gyro's teal-hued eyes as he was caught staring at him. He cleared his throat as he felt his cheeks burn. "You can go ahead and shower first. I'm going downstairs to browse the news articles on my laptop."

The one thing he didn't come to terms with was the injustice of his parents' death. All his life, he was consumed with the fire of vengeance. He had to believe that every murderous culprit he helped put behind bars took him a step closer to the men who murdered his parents nearly thirteen years prior.

The scent of tea caused the young detective to look towards the kitchen just as Gyro walked over to place a large mug on the coaster in front of his laptop. In spite of himself, Kane felt his heart melt just a little bit at the gesture. "Thanks." He told him.

"We've been hired to assist in a new case," Gyro began as he took a careful sip from his own mug.

His voice was deep and soothing to Kane, despite the words that were coming out of his mouth.

"A fifteen-year-old boy by the name of Momo, and no I am not making his name up, has been recently stabbed in the shoulder by his own father."

"For you not to have told me about this case sooner means that the boy's alive and well?" Kane asked sharply. The blonde tended to be protective of him and was always looking out for his health whether he wanted him to or not.

"He is recovering well. He was recently released from the hospital and has been residing at his best friend's house." The blonde replied, undaunted.

"Time to pay them a visit, then."

The orange-eyed teenager who opened the door for them downright gaped down at Kane as he and Gyro showed him their badges. He blinked as he read the words printed underneath...The E.P.D.A.?

"Detectives Kane Engel and Gyro Peterson from the Engel-Peterson Detective Agency," Kane stated in his professional tone of voice. "We are here to speak with Momoiro Takiwa." He had already gone over the case on the way there. Momo was a blonde and blue eyed kid, the spitting image of his father, Genbu Takiwa. His Japanese grandfather had married a woman of German descent, which explained how he came about such a name.

Kane had also looked into the taller teenager who stood before them. Leonardo Kenari the second. Son of Paulina Kenari and Leonardo Kenari the first, who was a naval officer that passed away five years prior.

Leo continued to gape at the detectives as they walked in. "You're a detective? But, you look even younger than me!"

"Despite my appearance, I assure you that I am an experienced professional." Kane drawled.

"How old is he?" Leo asked the blonde man, point blank.

"Seventeen and three-quarters," Gyro responded, amusement bleeding into his voice.

"No freaking way." Leo scoffed. "Only two years older than me and Momo?"

Kane let out an impatient sigh as he held out his hand to Leo's mother. "Paulina Kenari? Kane Engel and Gyro Peterson. Taking the young Takiwa under your wing under such a great risk...I can't express how admirable such a sacrifice is."

After Paulina shook Gyro's hand as well, she looked Kane in the eye, worry etched into her voice. "The poor boy has no one." She whispered. "I just couldn't leave him out on his own." She motioned towards the stairs. "If you need to talk to him, he's in the guestroom."

"Thank you," Kane stated as he made his way up the stairs. He knocked on the door and then slowly approached the younger teenager, stopping a good few feet before the bed. "Momoiro Takiwa? I am detective Kane Engel, and this is my partner, Gyro Peterson. We've come to ask you a few questions." He let out a sigh when Leo refused to leave the boy's side.

"Please, sir, can he stay here?" Momo pleaded.

The detectives shared a glance and Kane relented. "Just try not to interfere during our questioning," He directed at Leo. "Understood?"

"Fine." Leo responded.

"Your father...was physically abusive towards you, correct?" Kane began. "Can you tell me when this began?"

The boy frowned as he thought of how to answer. "I think it started shortly after my birth mother died and he remarried..." He replied. "He...he said that I was all that remained of my mother and i-it hurt him to be reminded of her." His hand took hold of Leo's hand and he began to clutch it tightly. "T-told me that if I told anyone about the beatings, he'd kill me."

"Was he amorous at all with his new wife?" Kane asked as he took mental notes. His partner, on the other hand, was jotting everything down furiously onto his clipboard beside him.

"N-no," The answer was barely a whisper. "He said that, though she looked like her, her personality wasn't even close."

"Whenever he approached you, did he carry the scent of liquor on his person?" Kane questioned.

Momo nodded. "Almost always."

"Alright...One final question for today," Kane said as he looked Momoiro right in the eye. "Tell me, did he ever sexually abuse you?"

The room was dead silent until Momo spoke up. "Y-yes..." He muttered in a trembling voice.

Kane looked to Gyro before nodding at Momo. "I assure you that Gyro and I will do everything within our power to put him behind bars." The two detectives then stood up and began to head out.

Just before they stepped out the door, Leo halted them. "Listen, I'm not sure how your questions could possibly lead to catching Takiwa. But, you better hope that you've gathered enough information from Momo, because I will no longer allow you to question him any further about such painful events in his life." He hissed.

"I realize that I may have gone far in my questioning, but this is for everyone's safety..." Kane countered in a hushed voice, feeling rather indignant. "Either we can catch that man or he gets to run around doing as he pleases." He didn't want anyone to relive that kind of pain, but shit happened, and people had to learn to move on. Life wasn't all happiness and rainbows for everyone. He prided himself in keeping such violent criminals off the streets.

Instinctively, Gyro tugged Kane behind him. Though he wasn't surprised that Leo had believed that Kane went too far, he didn't expect to hear such an angry tone of voice being directed at the younger detective. "It is understandable that you are protective of your friend," He said in an icy tone as he leaned down towards the teenager. "But, I insist that you think long and hard before ever raising your voice at my partner again." The look in his teal eyes left no room for argument and the wheat-haired man was satisfied to see the teenager take a wary step back.

As Gyro and Kane left the residence, Gyro gently put a hand on Kane's shoulder and gave it a squeeze of support. "We will catch him."

"We will," Kane agreed. "This case might not bring me any closer to my goal, but it will still be one less person to cause others pain."

One less person to cause others pain? The words reminded Gyro of just what kind of pain Kane had suffered at such an early age...

The twelve-year-old Gyro was at a complete loss of what to do. The angst in the household could be cut with a knife. When he first heard of his godparents being murdered, Gyro stormed through most of the stages of grief immediately. Shock, denial, guilt, and anger...though he had never disrespected Alex or Leah, he felt as if he had failed them when it came to his petty jealousy over Kane.

The day of the funeral was a devastating day. Anyone that was still in denial by then had the rude awakening from the moment that the coffins were laid into the ground. When the ceremony was over, all three of the Petersons attended to the distant Engel family members in the different segments of the funeral home. That was when Gyro realized that Kane was nowhere to be found. He asked his mother and the panicked expression on her face was all he needed to bolt out the doors of the funeral home with an umbrella in hand. As he made his way through the paths in the middle of the storm, he couldn't help but feel utterly annoyed and disappointed with his parents and with all of the Engels. Just how could they leave Kane behind?

That was when he saw the five-year-old standing before his parents' grave, practically drenched from the cold rain that drizzled around him.

Kane just stood there, looking at the engraving in the tombstones. He didn't know whether it was his own tears rolling down his cheeks or the very rain. Though his sleeve was already wet, he rubbed his cheeks with it to try to wipe his dark blue eyes. "Momma, daddy...Please, don't go..." He whimpered in a broken voice. "Don't leave me all alone. I-I'm scared..." His parents were his entire world and they were gone. He felt as if he was left in a bottomless darkness.

An overwhelmingly painful feeling came over Gyro as he saw the boy that he had always known to be happy and full of life look so broken and torn. He could practically feel the hurt and fear that seeped out of him. A part of Gyro knew that Kane would never be the innocent, joyous boy full of laughter ever again. He approached the whimpering, weeping child as cautiously as if he were approaching the part of his heart that he had failed to protect...the part of his heart that he had never fully understood to be so important until that very moment.

The blonde shielded Kane from the pelting raindrops overhead with the umbrella and knelt down into the wet grass to pull him into a warm, tender hug. A hug with which emanated feelings that were strong enough to melt away any resistance. "Don't be afraid," He said in a strong, clear voice. A voice that promised security, loyalty, and affection from that day forward. He lifted the still-trembling boy into his arms. "You're not alone." And Gyro would make sure that he would never be alone again.

"Let's stake out one of the two taverns closest to the first wife's grave site." Kane suggested out loud. "It's a bit of a long shot, but if his first wife was supposedly so important to him..."

"I'll get to work on getting you a fake ID." Gyro added in a slightly teasing tone of voice. "I doubt they'd let a seventeen-year-old in, even an esteemed detective such as yourself."

A few days later found the two detectives seated at the bar of one of the taverns, wearing casual clothes. The first tavern they staked out yielded no results. But, that night, they caught sight of Genbu Takiwa only a few hours in.

Kane was rather relieved that it was a slow night for the tavern. The less civilians there were, the less casualties they suffered. He walked right up to the man. "Mr. Takiwa, is it?"

Genbu scrunched up his eyes as he peered at Kane. "Buzz off, runt. I'm busy."

"I'm sorry, but I can't do that." Kane responded as he held out his his gun and badge. "You are under arrest for the attempted murder of Momoiro Takiwa."

Before he was able to read him his rights, the older man spurred into action. He whisked his tumbler of beer at the detective's face and ran, shoving anyone aside who was in his way.

"Everyone, get down!" Kane ordered as he rubbed at his eyes and began to chase him down.

Gyro blocked the front entrance, but before he was able to pull out his own gun, Takiwa tackled him to the ground. The two of them punched and kicked at one another. Takiwa tried to escape his hold, but Gyro kept grappling him back down. Eventually, Takiwa managed to stab him in the thigh with his knife. "Argh!" The blonde detective cried out, but not before he shifted his weight and bashed Takiwa on the head with the butt of his pistol, finally able to knock him out.

When Kane caught up to them, he immediately pulled Takiwa's arms behind his back and cuffed him while Gyro crawled out from underneath him. "You have the right to remain silent when questioned," He gritted out through clenched teeth. "Anything you say or do can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to consult an attorney before speaking to the police and to have an attorney present during questioning now or in the future..."

While the raven-haired teenager finished reciting the Miranda rights, Gyro applied pressure onto his thigh with one hand while calling in the police with the other. "Yes...Genbu Takiwa. The tavern on the corner of 7th Avenue and 18th Street..."

When the two finished with their tasks, Kane shot Gyro a job-well-done grin that the blonde returned. But, then he noticed that his partner was becoming increasingly pale. "Gyro?" When the man slumped further down onto the ground, he choked on air. Time felt slowed down as his adrenaline spiked and he made his way over to him. "Gyro!"

Frantic, deep blue eyes were the last thing that Gyro saw before his head hit the ground.