After Gyro had finished his breakfast and spent some time with his family, he excused himself to hunt down his Godbrother. As he walked up the stairs, he was pleased to note that the stiffness in his recovering leg was diminishing more and more. He needed to be in decent shape in order to keep up with Kane on his cases, so it was a great relief that he was well on his way to getting there. Being a hindrance to his partner felt like quite the punishment to him.

When the twenty-five year old entered their shared room, he found his Godbrother sitting at the desk and glaring at the screen of his laptop. Gyro also noted that the teenager's beloved jacket was no longer on his person or draped on the chair. His teal eyes peered towards the closet and he was shocked to find the dark violet jacket hung up on a hanger. The blonde man couldn't remember the last time he had ever seen that jacket properly hung up in a closet. "Kane?" He began to ask.

"Something's just not sitting right with me." Kane stated for the umpteenth time as he felt Gyro's approach. "After some research, a few calls, and texts," he explained. "I found out that the price of the sword would have been only three-thousand at the most, and that's including the jewels."

"Three thousand, in the right circumstances, is still worth stealing," Gyro pointed out, effectively steered away from the subject of the jacket. "But, no one in the family would be that desperate, is what you mean."

"Not even the butler Maurice." Kane mused out loud as his gaze fell on the baseball bat and glove that he had placed on the bed for Gyro to peruse. "He brought down all the boxes from the attic for the family to sort through. Grandma Glen even kept those tucked away."

As Gyro held the bat and glove, he was reminded of a childhood that felt a great, great distance away. A smile tugged at his lips. "Though he didn't quite deserve it at the time, I would say that hitting Nick in the gonads was preemptive justice." He admitted as he placed the items on the ground next to the night stand, propping the bat up against it.

A wicked smirk formed on Kane's face as he stood up and walked right up to the blonde, shoving him backwards so that the taller man sat on the bed. He then knelt on the bed, straddling a leg on either side of Gyro's as he held the back of the other man's head and peered down at him.

"He was in love with you, but he went about it all the wrong ways." The teenager said as he trailed a finger down the side of Gyro's face.

"And you don't consider this a wrong way?" Gyro questioned, drawing forth a frown from Kane. He took the opportunity to ask the younger man of his concerns. "Kane, about your jacket…"

"Gyro! Kane!" Travis called out as he burst through the door with Michelle in his arms. "We were having a stroll around to the backyard and she just ended up fainting!" He explained as he laid her down carefully on the bed. His cousins had quickly scampered to their feet upon his arrival, but for once, the fact that he had caught them in yet another intimate position didn't matter. His worries were all focused on the brunette.

Gyro immediately assessed her pulse and let out a sigh of relief when she began to stir awake.

"Where am I?" Michelle asked groggily.

"You're in one of the guest rooms with Gyro, Travis, and myself." Kane explained softly. "I suggest that you don't try to sit up all at once."

Michelle's blue eyes sought out Travis's light brown ones before giving him a shaky smile. "Forgive me, I was staring at the door of the back yard and I think the sun just became too much for me." She told him.

However, Kane noted how the pupils of her eyes dilated slightly before she even began speaking. "Can I have a moment alone with Miss Sain?" He asked Gyro and Travis. "I promise I will be brief."

Gyro gave him a sage nod and herded Travis away, despite his complaints. The platinum blonde kept looking behind him at Michelle even after Gyro closed the door after them.

Kane let out a slight sigh. "Now then, would you please tell me what really happened?" He gently prompted. At her surprised expression, he merely added. "Something…tragic happened to my parents when I was five years old. That my parents died was public knowledge, but what very few know is that I saw the aftermath of it with my very eyes."

The young woman's face paled. "Kane, I'm so sorry." She began as she tried to lift herself onto her elbows, but then she felt a slight wave of dizziness and flopped back down.

"Please, keep reclined for a little while." Kane insisted. "It's been nearly thirteen years, so I can talk about it without heavy repercussions." He gave her a small, strained smile. "The point is that I can recognize the signs of repressed memories in others because I still sometimes struggle with my own repressed memories."

Michelle bit her lower lip in anxiousness as she wrung at her hands. "I…" She began, her voice lowering down to a near whisper. "I didn't want to say so in front of the Lyons and Petersons, especially not Travis and Gyro, who were so attached to her. B-But…" She took a shuddering breath and found her strength. "I think…I think I was here when everything happened."

Mrs. Lyon had insisted that she stay until the storm passed that day. Michelle didn't mind staying for a bit longer. So, while Glen began to knit in her favorite rocking chair by the fireplace, the young woman decided to warm some cookies for them and make tea. She already knew her way around the kitchen, so it only took her about ten to fifteen minutes to return to the living room with a tray of the cookies, a teapot, and cups.

What Michelle saw caused her to drop the tray and let out a shriek. A bulky man held the elderly woman's mouth closed with a glove as he held a sword in his other hand. Glen's own screaming was muffled as she struggled, but Michelle's presence startled the thief and he ran off. The brunette had rushed forward as Mrs. Lyon collapsed onto the ground with a heart attack. Maurice, who had been dusting upstairs and changing the bedsheets, reached the bottom of the stairs just as they heard the door of the backyard slamming closed.

"And you're certain he was male?" Kane asked as Michelle finished recounting what she remembered.

"Very wide shoulders, so I could only assume it was…" She confessed.

"Please describe him with as much detail as you can."

"He…wore a very thick green jacket up to his elbows. He had hairy arms and black gloves…his hair was dark red and was pulled back in a short ponytail. I couldn't tell what color his eyes were. His face from the nose down was covered in a mask." Michelle recounted in a trembling voice.

"Can you remember anything else, even the smallest detail?" Kane urged.

"A tattoo," She responded with a frown. "When he held Mrs. Lyon's mouth, there was a tattoo on his forearm…it looked like a bird of some sort."

"What kind of bird?"

"I don't know," She admitted. "It wasn't a seagull…"

Kane held his head as a sharp throb pulsed within. He saw strange flashes of memories until his mind settled on a specific one.

"You are under arrest for the attempted murder of Momoiro Takiwa."

"Not a seagull, but a tern!" He concluded. Genbu Takiwa had a tern tattooed on his forearm, as well. He hadn't noticed it at first, since he was splashed in the face with beer. But, he had definitely seen it when he had him cuffed.

"Yes, a tern, how did you…?" Michelle mused outloud.

But, Kane had already grabbed a toolkit and headed out the door. "Travis, take care of Miss Sain while Gyro and I investigate."

As Kane tugged Gyro towards the door of the backyard, he informed him of Shelly's repressed memories. "Genbu Takiwa had a tern tattoo on his forearm, as well." He concluded as he knelt on the ground and opened up his toolkit, handing Gyro a blacklight and tugging on a pair of gloves himself.

"We can't be certain that the thief had a tern tattoo, specifically. Bird tattoos are common." Gyro pointed out as he began to scan the door from the top.

"Yes, but on the forearm, as opposed to any other part of the body?" Kane added as he worked from the ground up. He held a high quality camera in his hand with enough of a zoom to be able to detect the smallest balls of lint.

"It's still quite common." Gyro persisted. But, his attention shifted down to Kane when the younger man made a noise of discovery.

Kane used a pair of tweezers as he retrieved his prize, a single strand of dark red hair. "Good thing our thief is not a natural redhead." He mused as he placed the strand into a bag and stood up. The strand clearly showed that the root of the hair was light brown, and a strand with the root was ideal for DNA testing. "I think it's time we pay Thomas a visit."

Sometime later, Gyro and Kane walked into the police station where Thomas worked. Thomas informed them that the DNA testing would take a few days and that he would inform them of their findings.

"About Takiwa, like I said, it will take a while." Thomas affirmed as he briefly took off his police cap and raked his fingers through his red hair. Unlike the thief, their friend was a natural redhead with freckles.

"Like I said, we can wait." Kane responded.

"Thanks again, Thomas." Gyro added.

When the two detectives stepped outside, they came across someone that they would have preferred not to have crossed paths with. He was once Gyro's closest friend after Kane.

"Gyro?" Nick gasped at the sight. He had been walking with his head down and his hands in his pockets on his way to grab some lunch with Thomas. His expression immediately soured upon seeing his old rival. "Kane."

The man was more handsome in his mid-twenties than he was in his youth. His brown hair was in a coif and his dark brown eyes were accented with a set of well-shaped brows. He would have appeared approachable if it weren't for the ill intent he directed towards Kane.

Kane immediately hooked his arm around Gyro's arm and leaned closer to the blonde. "Nick." He spat back, undaunted.

"Heh," Nick scoffed, his malicious gaze shifting towards Gyro. "You know, it may not have felt so pedophilic back then, but it certainly feels like it now. He still looks like he's barely older than ten."

Gyro reacted before he could even think. "How dare you?" He hissed as he clutched at Nick's shirt collar. "Did our friendship really mean nothing for you to try to mar it this way?"

"Hey, he's not worth it," Kane retorted as he sharply tugged Gyro's arm. "As for you," He directed towards Nick. "You might want to secure your phone before it gets hacked into. Just saying."

During the entire drive back, Kane was silently fuming. Few could get under his skin like Nick could. As he glared out the window, he recalled when things began to take a turn for the worst with the brown-haired punk.

The seven-year-old had proved that he could keep up with the fourteen-year-old's assignments, so the Petersons had made an arrangement with the principal to allow him to take Gyro's classes in high school. The ease of which some of the classmates handled the situation helped the other students get used to it as well.

Their last class of the day held an interesting surprise for Gyro, as well. "Nick? Thomas? Sam?" Gyro greeted as he and Kane entered the room to get some seats.

As soon as Thomas and Sam saw Gyro and Kane, their faces lit up and they greeted them back. The pleased smirk on Nick's face when he saw Gyro, however, faltered when his eyes fell on Kane. "I see someone's still tagging along with you, eh Gy?"

Kane glared at Nick. "I'm not tagging along, I'm enrolled here," he muttered as Sam and Thomas's eyes widened.

"Whoa, really?" Sam asked in amazement, looking to Gyro who nodded.

"Kinda strange having a little kid in the class." Thomas mused. He then noticed Nick's frown. "Hey Nick, don't tell us you're still sour about what Kane did. C'mon, man. He was four. Besides, you deserved it." He laughed, patting Nick on the shoulder.

Kane just looked at them in a disinterested manner before burying his head against Gyro. Sam noticed this and frowned, glancing towards Gyro as if asking with her eyes what was wrong with Kane.

But before Gyro could say anything, the teacher came in which meant it was time to sit down. Kane made sure to get a seat next to Gyro, watching as the older boy went to inform the teacher about Kane.

When the class was over, Gyro walked up to his friends and explained things as simply as he could. "Kane's parents passed away two years ago. He is part of my family now and lives with me." He pinned Nick with a warning glance. "Upset him in any way and I will reciprocate."

Nick's mouth fell open at the clear threat. Was the brat's family's death enough to turn Gyro against his own friends? He could barely believe how much he had changed and couldn't help but feel hurt. A part of him couldn't guarantee that he wouldn't somehow upset Kane.

Sam frowned. "That's horrible..." she muttered.

"I can tell it had a big impact on him." Thomas nodded in understanding. "Though I have a feeling you're leaving parts out..."

Gyro sent the redhead a glance that urged him not to pry during school hours. The blonde teenager underestimated how much his friends cared about him, because after a quick stop at the public library with Kane, the two of them were surprised to see the trio waiting for them at the Peterson household.

"Uh...hey." Gyro reluctantly greeted.

"Oh, come off it. You have no excuse not to hang out today. None of the teachers assigned any real homework!" Nick pointed out. His gaze fell on Kane, as if daring him to say otherwise.

Kane looked at Nick before glancing up at Gyro and tugging on his shirt. "I'm going to go in my room and read. You can stay here and talk if you want, I'll be fine." Kane said with a small, weak smile. He hated lying to Gyro, he knew he'd be lonely. But, he also didn't want to hog Gyro all the time. Besides, he really didn't want to be around Nick.

Thomas frowned at that. "Oh, c'mon Kane, you can hang out with us too. We won't mind!"

"Yeah, we can find a game we can all play." Sam added but Kane shook his head.

"No, I have no interest in playing games. I'm heading to my room." Kane replied before going up the stairs and into the room that was now his then closed his door.

Gyro frowned as he saw Kane go up the stairs. He decided to have an extended talk with his friends and then he would politely ask them to keep such visits to a minimum. "Everyone, come with me." He said as he led the group to the backyard. He let out a sigh and rubbed his temples with a hand. "Listen, things are more complicated than they seem right now."

"Kane's parents didn't just pass away," Gyro explained. "They were murdered. Kane was the one who found their dead bodies when he arrived home from school one day." He rubbed his arms as he continued. Though he wasn't there, he could almost feel Kane's pain as his own. "My parents are his legal guardians...we are the only family he has left now."

Nick developed a sour expression on his face. "Are you listening to yourself?" He asked. "All it is with you is 'Kane this' and 'Kane that'. He's already a burden to you! That little shit will keep slowing you down until he learns how to get a life."

"Nick, that's going too far-" Sam started but jumped back when Gyro lunged at Nick and made him hit the ground.

The blonde's hand was clutching the collar of Nick's shirt as he loomed over him and his eyes had taken on a cold, vicious look. "You never were one to listen properly," He hissed. "Kane isn't the burden, you are. Have I fucking made myself clear enough for you?"

Nick had been jealous of Kane before, but he had never understood to what extent or why until the moment that Gyro glared down at him with such ill intent in his eyes. The blonde was simply breathtaking, even in pure anger. If getting Gyro to hate him was the only way for Nick to become his focus of attention, then so be it.

Thomas moved to break the two up. "Hey, hey break it up! This is not the place for this, guys!"

The other two pulled Gyro and Nick onto their feet reminding them where they were. But, Nick wanted to hold onto Gyro's attention for a little longer. A twisted smirk formed on his face. "Heh. I'm the burden?" He sneered. "I'll remind you of that when you're old and realize that your entire life's been wasted on a damn brat."

Thomas and Sam had to use all their strength to hold Gyro back. "Gyro, no!" Sam pleaded.

"He's not worth your getting riled up," Thomas reasoned.

"Get out," Gyro hissed at Nick. "And don't you ever step foot in my house again. You're no longer welcome here." He then shook his arms free from Thomas and Sam's grasps. "I'll see you two in class. You both know your way out."

When Gyro reached his room, he noticed the subjects of the books that were laid out on the bed and the teenager felt his jaw tighten slightly. The two of them seemed to be researching similar things. "Hey," He said softly as he approached Kane's curled up form and ran his hand through the black hair. "The group's gone. I don't think they'll be hovering around here after school hours from now on."

Kane clambered onto Gyro's lap. He nuzzled his head against the teenager's chest and glanced up at him, confused by that statement. "What..? How come? They're your friends." Kane countered. "I don't mind if they're over. Besides, I have other things I can do when they're over." He added, looking over at the books.

Gyro buried his nose in Kane's curls and kissed the top of his head. "We see them enough during and between classes. They're an unnecessary distraction when they come here." He gently rubbed Kane's back in small circles and smiled wryly. "Besides, Nick's become a nasty piece of work."

"Then why did you always hang out with them before?" Kane asked. "Though, I can't argue about Nick. I wonder what happened to him."

"I hung out with them before because I wanted to know what it felt like to be carefree and normal like them," Gyro explained. Kane might be a prodigy, but the blonde himself had always been gifted. "We ended up going to different schools after that."

After a moment of silence, Kane spoke up once more. "Gyro? Do you have any idea at all why my parents were murdered? They were great people. I don't remember them ever doing wrong." Kane muttered as tears welled up in his eyes. He used his sleeve to keep them at bay.

"Mm, they were amazing people," Gyro agreed. "The only thing I could think of is that something went wrong with Godfather Alex's work. Whoever went after your parents wanted to conceal something big."

"That must be it, because if they wanted my family dead, they'd have gone after me too, right?" Kane asked as he looked up at the young teen. He looked at the detective book they had borrowed from the library and held it up to Gyro. "Do you think we can read this together sometime? It's the only book I didn't get to yet."

"You mean, you finished all the others while I was…of course you did, why should I be surprised?" Gyro responded with a short laugh. "Of course we'll read it together. Let's start right now," He replied with a smile as he took the book. They read until it was time to eat dinner and, after their meal, they got into bed.

The following year had Gyro and Kane with their hands full. They both had a slew of advanced classes, at least half of them were college course credits. True to his word, Gyro allowed his hair to grow out. The strands barely reached his shoulders, but he would always keep it pulled back into a ponytail. The blonde kept attracting more and more of the attention of the girls. He was mature, responsible, and focused. But, then again, so was Kane. And Gyro was rather relieved that Kane was too young to attract any of the girls in that manner. Though, he knew that wouldn't last forever.

Though Thomas and Sam saw Gyro and Kane less and less, they were still good friends. Nick, on the other hand, made it his mission to annoy them both whenever he got the chance. Gyro figured that it was probably due to jealousy since the two of them had excellent grades and girls fawned over them effortlessly.

Gyro felt the approaching presence of someone distasteful and urged Kane to go on without him to class first. Kane was no fool. He knew that the older boy was probably protecting him from Nick. So, he made it look like he was heading for the class before waiting a bit then sneaking his way back to where their locker was. He managed to hide himself against the nearest set of lockers without being seen and started listening to their conversation.

As Gyro approached the locker he shared with Kane, Nick showed up out of nowhere and leaned against the locker nearby. "Heh. Where's the runt?"

"If you are referring to Kane, he's already gone to our next class," Gyro replied dryly.

Nick raised an eyebrow and reached out suddenly to briefly tug on Gyro's ponytail. "You're growing out your hair," He commented with a frown. "Is it because of that hobbit?"

"Tch!" Gyro hissed in pain. His eyes narrowed as he glared at Nick. "I don't appreciate the way you keep insulting my best friend."

Nick's hand slammed against the locker as he loomed over Gyro's form. "That's right, just keep glaring at me. I'm getting used to the cold daggers those seagreen eyes keep sending my way."

Gyro didn't let Nick's height scare him. Over the past year, Nick had grown to be about a foot taller than Gyro. He lifted his head in defiance. "How else would you expect me to treat you?" He replied. "Why can't you understand that any slight against Kane is a slight against me? He's friend and family to me." His eyes became distant for a moment and his voice softened. "No, I think he's even more..."

Nick was amused at first with Gyro's initial reaction, but a vicious scowl formed on his face when he heard the last phrase and how it changed the blonde's demeanor completely. "You," He growled as he shoved Gyro against the locker and slid a hand down the side of his throat. "You can't be serious...not a kid." In a swift movement, his hand moved to roughly grab and tug on Gyro's hair. "Goddamn it, Gyro! Not him!"

Kane felt like his heart almost melted hearing Gyro say he was a friend and family. He enjoyed hearing that. Yes, he knew that the Petersons thought of him as family, but somehow, hearing it from Gyro meant the world to him. He couldn't make out the last part, but he could tell from Gyro's expression that it must have been more loving words. That little bit of happiness disappeared swiftly when the boy saw Nick shoving Gyro against the lockers. He growled and ran right over to Nick, kicking him as hard as he could in the shin. He watched the tall teen stumble and used his chance to kick him right in the balls.

"Don't you dare touch Gyro like that again!" Kane frowned, pure anger and hatred in his blue eyes. "After the way you've been acting, you're lucky he's even talking to you!" He added, fighting back tears. Gyro was the one who took Kane under his wing and didn't deserve to be treated like that. He then headed over to Gyro and hugged him, burying his head into the blonde's waist. "Gyro did nothing wrong."

One of Gyro's hands immediately stroked the top of Kane's head and the other rested on the boy's shoulder as he was hugged. The teenager looked over at Nick, who was hunched over and glaring sharp daggers at the back of Kane's head. He let out a tired sigh. It seemed as if Nick still understood nothing. "Come on, Kane, we've wasted enough time on someone who refuses to listen to reason."

Kane simply kept nuzzling his head against Gyro. "Gyro did nothing wrong...nothing." He continued to mutter and began to weep. Why was he getting so upset over this? Was it because he was scared of Gyro being taken from him, too? Why? Why was it that others wanted to take his loved ones away? He didn't like it...

"Kane...thank you." Gyro whispered as they walked away from Nick and entered the classroom door. He leaned down and kissed the boy on the cheek in appreciation quickly before anyone else saw.

"Thank you for what?" Kane asked, tilting his head. " were doing nothing wrong, Nick shouldn't have treated you that way." The boy muttered as the two took their seats. He was feeling a bit strange, but he put it to the back of his mind as the class began to fill with their fellow students. He began to zone out, his breathing off. The blue-eyed boy had a shortness of breath and began to cough.

He vaguely remembered feeling similarly in the past, but never as strongly. He certainly had less stamina during playtime activities and he occasionally limited his activity to prevent wheezing. So, why was this happening now? Wait, he ran earlier when he was leaving the class to go check on Gyro? That's right, he ran as fast as he could...

When the teacher came in and the lesson started off as usual, Gyro felt that something was a bit off. He looked over to see Kane coughing and a deep frown formed on his face. Gyro stopped paying attention to the class and carefully scooted over to press his hand on Kane's forehead. "Are you ok? How are you feeling?" He asked in a whisper.

Kane rubbed his eye with his tiny hand, glancing towards Gyro when his hand touched his forehead. He found it harder and harder to breathe. "I-I've...had this before, it'll...pass I think." Kane muttered as his speech became broken. He grasped his chest as it started hurting. 'I-it feels so tight…what's going on? I'm scared...!' He thought to himself as breathing became all that much harder for him.

As soon as Kane's tiny hand grasped his chest, Gyro stood up so fast that his chair fell with a clatter to the ground. He took Kane up into his arms. "Something's wrong with Kane! I'm taking him to the nurse's office!" He told the teacher a moment before taking off to the nurse's office.

Upon recognizing Kane's condition, the nurse immediately called the Petersons and, sometime later, all four of them ended up in the hospital.

"G-gyro..?" Kane began, still having some trouble speaking. "Do you...know how your parents and my parents met? I...want to know, too."

Gyro was about to tell Kane everything he wanted to know, but just then, his mother stormed in. She was wilder than Gyro had ever seen her.

"Kane, sweetie, are you still having trouble breathing?" Gretel ranted at high speed as she brushed back the curls from Kane's forehead. "I remember Leah mentioning that you had some trouble breathing, but she never told me exactly what she meant by that and I never thought to get her to elaborate-"

"Gretel, please," Gerald sighed as he firmly took hold of his wife and pulled her away. "Don't smother the boy. You can't cause him any more anxiety!"

The doctor finally came in and took Gerald and Gretel aside to explain to them all the details of Kane's asthma attack and all that was necessary for any such future cases.

While his parents were finally distracted, Gyro turned his attention back to Kane and gave him a gentle smile. "Your mother was from Europe and moved here when she was little. She made friends with mom and they've stayed friends ever since," He told him. "And your father was friends with mine when they were in high school. I think that mom made dad introduce your parents and they were close friends ever since."

"So in a way...we've kind of always been family." Kane deduced, smiling weakly. "Since our parents were so close and all, I mean." A small frown formed on his face. "But wait...if they were close to the same age, why is there such an age difference between us?" He asked, seeing the Petersons come back in during the middle of his question.

Gretel sighed. "That would be because of Leah's father. He never accepted Alex as a suitable partner for her."

Gerald placed a hand gently on Kane's shoulder. "But Alex never gave up. Your parents really loved each other and they did their best to persuade your grandfather that Alex would be a good husband and father. They tried to show him for years."

"In the end, they married against his wishes." Gretel finished. "They didn't let anything keep them from being happy." She leaned down to kiss Kane's forehead. "And you made them happy the most."

"Just as we are happy that you are with us," Gerald added.

"Thank you...for letting them meet." he said weakly. If it hadn't have been for them, he may not be here.

Gretel held her tongue this time. Though it was true that they loved Kane and he was part of their family, she was more grateful that death hadn't taken Kane away from them, too. Gerald and Gretel missed their best friends something fierce. Kane was their most vivid reminder of them.

Gyro gave Kane a very soft hug. "I was so scared," He whispered low enough for only Kane to hear. "If I had lost you, I think I would have gone crazy."

"You dummy." Kane muttered. "You should...know I'm not going to let their death be in vain. Besides that, I'd miss you too much if I was dead." He concluded with a yawn. "I...wanna go home."

"Yes, let's go home."

After a trip to the pharmacy to drop off Kane's prescriptions, the group made their way home. Gyro wasted no time in reading a book aloud to Kane while Gerald waited out the medicine and left to pick it up.

After a while, Kane put his small hand over the book. "Let's...stop for a while." He pleaded. "Why didn't you tell me Nick was bothering you?" He asked, his big, blue eyes staring deep into Gyro's teal ones.

Gyro bit his lower lip as his eyes met Kane's. "I'd rather that Nick targeted me than you. I honestly don't know why he hates us so much, but if arguing with me makes him feel better..."

Gyro couldn't very well allow Nick to target or get anywhere near Kane. If being the center of Nick's anger was what it took to keep Nick's focus away from Kane, then Gyro was more than willing to be the detour. "Just let me handle Nick. He's hardly in any of our classes anymore anyway."

Kane shook his head no. "Let me help. I want...I want to be able to protect people I love. Please?" Kane begged, wiping at his stray tears and rubbing against Gyro's arm as his tiny arms wrapped around it. Everyone was always protecting him and Kane wanted to do the same.

His gaze fell back on the book they were reading. "Gyro, what do you think about growing up to be detectives?" He had considered going into law enforcement when he grew up but detective work felt like a calling to him.

Gyro smiled. "I think you'll make a fine detective one day." He nuzzled the top of Kane's head for a moment. "But, right now you should get some rest."

"If you think so, I know it must be true. You never lie to me." Kane responded with a pout. He didn't want to go to bed yet. He wanted to read more of the book. "C-can we at least finish this chapter?"

"Of course," Gyro conceded, unable to deny his Godbrother anything.

"Good night, Gyro. I'm really glad I get to live with you." The little boy yawned out as he drifted to sleep.

Gyro couldn't help but kiss Kane's forehead. "I'm glad you get to live with me, too." He whispered before making himself more comfortable and allowing sleep to claim him, as well.

Once the two detectives were back in their designated guest room, it was the blonde that felt an approaching storm. He could tell by the nearly murderous aura that surrounded his Godbrother.

"Tell me," Kane all but growled. "That you don't see me the way that asshole does."

"Of course I don't, I never have," Gyro responded carefully.

"Oh, but you do. You still do," Kane huffed as he began to pace. "Denying me my wants and desires." He stopped pacing to look directly at his partner. He walked right over to poke him in the shoulder. "I am not a ten year old, Gyro. I'm a man."

Gyro gaped at the teenager in shock. A shiver of fright rolled up his spine. Whenever Kane got like this, he would always do something drastic. He opened his mouth as he tried to find the right words to tell him, but he didn't get the chance to utter a single word.

"My body might still be playing catch up, but there is no law that states that I can't do this." Kane declared as he rose to the tips of his toes and tugged Gyro down into a fervent kiss.

The blonde man found himself staggering back and falling back onto the bed as the younger detective tried to devour him with his tongue, lips, and teeth. He couldn't help the groan that resonated from the back of his throat when the teenager slid a hand into his pants and took hold of his-

"Holy shit!" Travis hissed as he stepped into the room. He would forever be blinded by the sight of Kane with his hand in Gyro's pants and his teeth tugging on his cousin's bottom lip. "I mean, damn, can't you guys just lock the freaking door for once?"

The tone of Kane's voice was quite dangerous. "This better be important."

"M-Michelle wants to thank you both with a hefty lunch in the kitchen." Travis relayed.

"I'll go wash my hands," Gyro quickly stated as he all but ran into the bathroom and locked himself inside.

"Travis?" Kane drawled.

"Y-Yeah?" Travis questioned.

"I don't like you right now."

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