dear walls of mine.

take a deep breath with me here, dear walls of mine
i've been hearing distant echoes with my voice
and i've been dying to know whatever you know and heard
what whispers do i utter, what echoes do you resound
and why are they all in such sad tones

dear sturdy walls of mine, have you ever broken down
i feel little lately, like i can't fill my own skin
but i feel so full of something, like my skin can't contain me
and these echoes that you repeat to me sound so depressing
when do i utter these words, could you possibly tell me

oh dear walls, dear walls, i keep forgetting
you would never tell me, not one word at all

dear walls, are you considered company
or are you what restrains me
is it possible to ask for mercy and for a way to escape
or is it perhaps i who does not want to leave

dear walls, dear walls, are you hear to confuse me
were you here all this time
or have i built you up myself
i'm dying to hear your answers, but you only repeat
could you perhaps have it within you to answer me once

dear walls of mine, i've been hearing too much of my thoughts lately
do you hear the sadness in my voice, too?
do you not break at all?

dear walls, dear walls, i'm trying to take deep breaths here
but my thoughts are shattering and i hear distant sounds
my echoes no longer reach me

dear walls, have i broken you with my calls
did i finally break you down?

02/06/2014. Written by Waad.