A note on reading this manuscript:

The prologue and various epigraphs are entirely skippable, though may supplement your understanding of the (admittedly bloated) epic story. Just want the action? Go straight to chapter 1.

A note on updates and editing:

Ariel Archer and the Antikythera Mechanism is a long-running hobby project, and still a work in progress. As such, expect delays in posting and updates as I find time to edit the story, cut chaff, and revise subplots. There are currently ~70,000 words, many of which will need to change to refocus the story on main the plot, which will eventually run ~120,000 words. In order to avoid making you needlessly read writing that will eventually end up on cutting room floor, I will only post chapters that are completely finalized. That being said, if you like what you read, feedback is much appreciated, and helps motivate me to post more updates!