It's the middle of the day and I'm busy being a ten year old. That could mean I'm playing on my hockey team, sitting in my treehouse, or, more likely, hanging out with my twin sister Lilly. Today, though, loud voices interrupt the scene I'm acting out with my Polly Pockets. Just as Polly is about to take her best friend Shani to the mall to buy a new dress, my mom's voice becomes too loud to ignore. I sigh, put down the dolls, and go report the details to my most trusted confidant.

I knock on her bedroom door, fast and hard. Lilly steps out, her face covered in paint. "What happened?"

"Mom and Dad are fighting again," I tell her.

"So? They always fight."

"Not like this. How could you not hear it? They're so loud!"

Lilly frowns. "Okay, I did hear it. I just thought that maybe it was different this time. Maybe they forgot whose turn it was to go grocery shopping."

"I reeaally don't think so." I grab onto her sticky hand and pull her downstairs. We hide behind the wall that's next to the living room.

"And you say it's my fault? Honestly, what will the kids think of you fighting like a small child? This whole thing is pathetic!"

I fold my arms in front of my chest. It looks professional that way, like I'm in control."We need to have an emergency treehouse meeting," I say.

"Right," she says. "Let's go!"

Together we run to the treehouse. It stands in the middle of our wooded backyard, a secret hiding place where nobody can see what we're up to.

"Do you know what Elena from the field hockey team told me?" I ask. "She said that her parents were divorced and that they never see each other anymore. What if Mom and Dad get a divorce?"

Lilly, always the tough customer, answers harshly. "Of course they won't. Divorce only happens to other people. Our family is pretty good. We go on vacations and go out to eat and have dinner together every night."

"But Lilly! To other people, we're other people! What if they divorce and make us leave each other? The team could never survive without you!"

Our hockey team, the Gold Stars, wouldn't do nearly as well without Lilly. She always scores the most goals, and she's always the dirtiest player, but she doesn't care. She always gets the most applause and cheers from parents, and that's what she cares the most about. What else would you expect from a girl who always beats the boys in gym class?

"Whatever!" Lilly says. "And why would I leave, anyway? I have too many friends here to leave!"

"You sound like a girly girl!" I tease. "Whatever is such a girl's word."

"No it's not!" She sounds really upset. "I'm just saying!"

"Would you like me to give you a makeover?"


"Oh come on, girly girl! It'll be fun!" I chase after her, and she runs away. But she knows that we're both having fun, and we eventually collapse into a pile of screams and giggles.

Then, we hear shouts coming from the house and we get silent.

"Do you really think they'll separate?" I ask. "I mean, they're yelling really loud."

"Don't worry," Lilly smiles. "It'll be ok, sis."

Little did I know that those words would ring in my ears for a long time.

It'll be ok, sis.