a boy.

i remember a little boy,
who asked for forgiveness, never toys,
with the world in his eyes
and stars in his teeth,
and hopes as large as the milky way.

i remember a boy,
who was pure, but not so unsoiled,
with lips that never lied
and secrets to keep,
but with hope that never strayed.

i recall a young boy,
who wished for the world's joy,
and hoped with a power that could blind
and a hope that never ceased,
for a world that left a bad taste.

i remember a boy,
a young childish boy,
who carried the world's pain on his mind,
and who never lost hope for peace,
for a world 'meant' to decay.

yes, i remember a boy.
a boy who had faith.

09/03/2013. Written by Waad.