sometimes i need to lock myself away.
without time alone i lose my shit
every so often.

like, man, i need time to process
everything that's goin' on
'round me.

there was an urge today,
to write
to express
to feel
(along with the sense
my shoulder were scrunched up to my ears).

time to unwind.

and sometimes i need to lock myself away
to listen to the cooing in my brain
rewriting history
transforming self-hate into gentle
"you're good enough"s.

it's been a process
under development
for some time.
not fast enough - i criticize.

replace it with
reframe it with
something positive
until one step leads to another

i fly, i fly, i fly.
surrender and make peace.
i submit,

i submit,

i submit.

EDITED: August 7th, 2015