After a week's worth of work, Guy couldn't help himself. Once everybody was making their way back to their base-of-operations he hung back. He couldn't bring himself to calling the place where they lived home. It was so cold, sterile and dirty. In his opinion, home should be a place of safety and warmth; a soft place to fall after a tough day at work or school. That place was just a temporary place to live (he hoped). A place where you ate, slept and got shouted at (thanks Alice). Definitely not a home. If he had to give it a less harsh word, he could maybe call it a dwelling. But even that was being to kind to the place.

Plan S was an ingenious one actually. With the suspicion that a large group of groaners were on the way, they could cause untold damage and destruction. Not to mention the possible loss of life. The survivors had made sure that they tried their best to guide the groaners towards the main street that ran through the city. The streets that would join in were filled with various items and debris to prevent any groaners from deviating or joining the path.

Many large obstacles had been placed in the path of where the groaners should gather. All of the obstacles had sharp edges as well as various sharp items attached to them. Metal rods with sharpened tips, jagged pieces of metal as well as wooden stakes were stuck at random locations in the ground. The groaners tended to not be aware of obstacles in their path. They would just walk into them and either get impaled or have pieces of their bodies ripped off.

The most dangerous part was when three spotters would go to the outskirts of the city and lure the gathering mob of groaners together. They would then lure them towards the main street, doing their best to make sure that none would wander away from where the trap was being made. Straggling groaners could bring endless trouble and even cost lives.

Walking amidst the debris, Guy found himself grinning. The plan had a lot of potential and was, in all likelihood, sure to succeed. Even as a person with all of his co-ordination intact, he found it tricky to walk between all of the jutting and sharp objects that lay in his path. As he reached the end of the road he turned around to look at all of the weeks' work that lay before him.

"The plan is a good one. I have to hand it to her. Despite her naggin and noisy mouth, this should keep us safe for another coupla weeks." Guy remarked to himself as he climbed to safety.

Despite how good the plan was, he still had a nagging feeling at the back of his mind that the plan was too good.

The big day had arrived and everybody was in position. The survivors were mainly located at the edge of the debris so that they could finish off any groaners that may get entangled or those that managed to somehow find their way to climbing over. The scouts were just getting ready to move out towards the entryway into the city where the main road began.

The plan was that they throw crackers (fireworks that had been found in a toy store in town). Fortunately Gordon (an Indian tracker) had a refillable lighter. He loved smoking various kinds of herbs (many just thought it was weed) and he always had a light on him. The groaners would be drawn to the direction of the exploding crackers and the spotters would drop them intermittently to keep the attention of the groaners. That way, they would, in their lethargic way, follow the source of the sound and then go into the various obstacles and sharp objects.

Guy's ears were still ringing from the shouting that Alice had given him. He had insisted that he should be part of the group to lead the groaners into the trap. Recently one had joined the injured list (having broken her leg when she misjudged a jump between buildings) and there was a spotter short. Guy was an obvious choice as he had been one of the first ones to form the spotter group before Alice had yanked him off and given him other tasks.

While they were equally challenging, in their own way, he missed being a spotter. So, as the group (of three) made their way to where they had to start lighting the fireworks, a piercing scream rang out.


To his horror he saw that three people were running, while screaming, away from the mob of groaners that the spotters were supposed to draw. His heart lurched as he saw one stumble...