"Hello," he said, his voice a husky whisper. It caressed my skin like something too rough to be gentle but just smooth enough to be comfortable. I couldn't tell if that was what turned me on, or if it was the warm coconut scent that assaulted my senses. It was intoxicating. I don't know how I'd survived without being able to breath in this delicious scent…
"Hey," I replied, wanting nothing more than to look at the source of the scent, but he had my hips in a deliciously tight grip and his own hips grinding against mine. I let out a low moan when I felt the hard, hot cock grind against my ass.
It was a great feeling after going so long being pent up. Not that I was a virgin or anything, but I probably wasn't the most experienced person on the planet-being in a single relationship for three years does that sort of thing to you.
I grind back against him, feeling excitement curl in my stomach. I curled an arm up and back to wrap around mystery man's neck, letting my fingers feel out the smooth skin of his neck and curl into the hairs at the base of his skull, the strands were longer than I had expected but also softer. The guy rumbled out a please growl. So not human then, like me. I took in another breath, deeper this time, and inhaled his scent. I nearly lost the trace of incubus in his scent, hidden beneath the delicious scent of coconut around me.
I let out my own pleased rumble, a purr to match my status as a were lynx, grinding hard back into him now that I knew I could… An incubus could handle it. The groan I received for my action told me I was doing something right. We had barely danced through one song before he leaned down to whisper in my ear, the warm breath fanning across my sensitive ears making me shudder.
"Wanna get out of here?" His voice was rougher this time. I smirked a bit and used a bit of my supernatural strength-as a shifter I was physically stronger than him after all-to twist my way out of his arms to face him, delighting in what I found. His eyes were the swirling black and red of an incubus with flecks of silver that told me of the color they were when he wasn't partially shifted. His fangs had dropped as well and I shuddered at the thought of having those fangs ghosting across my skin.
"Lead the way," I replied, a pleased smirk on my face. Apparently, I had affected him just as much as he had me. I imagine my eyes were glowing the sharp silver of a lynx alpha in response to him.
He smirked in reply, the expression sending a bolt of delicious excitement zinging through me. The short half sprint to the motel was filled with the occasional dark alley to hide our frantic kisses and grinding, both of us desperate to keep the lust from the club blazing to the point that I was beginning to regret my choice in skinny jeans. As we finally tumbled through the door to our sanctuary for the night, he was already tugging at my clothes and I was doing the same, eager to get at the skin of the man producing such a good scent.
I threaded my fingers through the soft brown hair, tousling the long strands, and pulled his mouth to mine, loosing myself in the simple pleasures of the act. I licked my way into his mouth, dominating his until he caught up with me and fought for dominance. A pleased rumble bubbled up in my chest and I eventually yielded dominance to him. I liked topping… But I wanted a change… I wanted to feel someone push deep inside me and make me scream in pleasure and a hint of pain. We were naked by the time the back if my knees hit the edge of the bed, grinding hard cocks against each other in a desperate chase for friction…for relief.
I smirk as I pull away from his mouth and fall back on the bed, legs spread just enough to tease. He growls again, fangs dropping again excitedly.
"You just gonna stand there?" I asked, my own voice pitched low in an almost growl.
He crawls onto the bed with all the grace of a natural born predator. His eyes were hypnotic and I was almost disappointed that alphas were immune to weaker sorts of magic like the type he used-I had yet to meet an incubus who was strong enough to affect me with their magic. I had heard good-and bad-things about the pleasure they could make you feel. Delicious and addictive, according to most and illegal without prior consent…
I don't have much more time to muse over the situation as he covers my slightly broader-if shorter-body with his. I moan as his hands travel down my body, caressing the sensitive skin of my sides and stomach as if he KNEW where my hot spots were. Which would actually make sense, since he was an incubus, he'd notice even the slightest change in my state of arousal…the scent of which was thick in the air.
His lips followed his hands, detouring to lick and bite at my nipples. I groan at the feeling of fangs catching the hardening nubs. His hands have made there way down to my thighs where he spreads them so he can settle between them rather than keep himself propped just slightly above me. This angles his cock against mine better and I groan at the feeling of it-the head slick with precum-rubbing against mine.
He feathers his fingers over my skin giving a teasing stroke to our aching lengths before he pushes himself up so that he can caress my balls and then dip his hand before circling my entrance with a dry finger.
I groan at the feeling and grope at the night stand… 'Love hotels' such as this usually have lube… A sound of victory leaves my throat as I manage to locate the drawer, though I have to wiggle and dislodge him to reach into it without straining my arm. He takes it like a champ, adjusting to my movements so he can continue to tease at my entrance, caress my thighs, or drag a loose fist over my cock.
When my fingers lock around the little pouch I make a noise of joy. The little packet has a condom and lube. I hold the condom in silent question. There are VERY few diseases that nonhumans can get that won't be destroyed by our immune systems, but it's polite to offer, I suppose.
He almost looks offended by it, but shrugs as if to tell me to decide; I promptly toss the thing away and pass him the packet of lube. He smiles, his scent getting richer with pleasure, and takes it, tearing it open with the fangs that had just been on my skin. He didn't spill it at all, but I imagine he has a lot of practice.
He nudges my head back so my throat is exposed and he kisses and bites along it. A few moments later warm lube coated fingers nudge at my entrance. One simply rubs while the other presses until the tight ring of muscle gives and is inside me. I make an involuntary noise of pleasure and discomfort at the sensation… It's been far too long. His free hand is still holding him above me be he sits up some more, balancing on his haunches freeing that hand to stroke over my skin again, helping me to relax against the finger currently starting to move inside me causing little pleasant tingles. My eyes slipped over his naked caramel skin that was a stark contrast to my pale tone. I continued skimming until my eyes landed on his proud leaking erection. Incubi were well known for being well endowed and this man was no different. I moaned as he began thrusting his finger into me, excited by the prospect of having him inside me.
"More…" I moaned, ignoring how needy I sounded in favor for pleasure, grinding my hips down against his finger. He obliged easily. The second finger was barely a problem and I quickly convinced him to add the third. That was a bit more of a stretch, but it felt amazing, the pleasure mixing into the burn in a sensation that made my cock jerk slightly.
I wanted to rush, to tell him that I needed more…that I was ready, but I held back the desire. If he tried to push in now it'd hurt…though it probably wouldn't tear… No, best to be patient and let him prepare me properly. He chose to add a fourth finger soon enough, and my back arched slightly as he pushed all four in deeply and bent his fingers in just the right way to hit that beautiful glad inside me. Any burn I felt at first was replaced by white hot pleasure.
He caught my eyes and I could see the question in them. I nodded, I wanted this as much as he did. He smirked again, that pleased scent rolling off him in a thick wave that made me moan in delight. He thrust his fingers into me a few more times, stretching me before he removed them.
The only thing that kept me from whimpering at the loss was the silent promise of getting something better. I blinked my eyes open a bit to watch him coat himself in lube before lining himself up. I groaned at the feel of his warm throbbing length pressing into me. It burned, but it didn't take away from the pleasure of slowly, but surely being filled. He was patient, slipping inside me bit by bit and letting my body adjust to the intrusion, before he was finally seated fully inside me.
I felt almost uncomfortably full and gave a quiet whine at the feeling. He ran his fingers up and down my sides caressing me until my body was used to the feeling and I gave an experimental roll of my hips.
Pleasure tingled up my spin and I moaned to signal he could move now. He wasted no time in doing so, starting out with slow almost lazy thrusts before he changed the angle, pushing my thighs up so I was more or less bent in half and thrusting faster, harder, with a type of precision only an incubus was really capable of. In this position I had a hard time moving to meet his thrusts and instead chose to clench my muscles as he thrust in, enjoying the intense feelings and the way it made him growl or groan.
This pattern continued. I moaned in his ear when he hit my prostate just right and he panted in my ear as he sought relief. But we were both getting desperate for release and I could hardly handle it anymore. I unclenched one of my hands from the bed-I just hope I didn't rip the bedding-and after making sure my class were put away, I grabbed myself, stroking myself in time with his thrusts.
"Gonna cum…" I bit out around a rumble of pleasure. He nodded his affirmative, his thrusting increasing in speed and aggression.
"Inside?" He grunted, his voice scratchy and rough. I nodded to his question and groaned as I felt my climax building.
He ran his fangs over the sensitive part of my neck and my whole body jerked as I came. He growled, shoving his face against my neck as his thrust became erratic until he stiffened up and came with a deep moan.
He barely pulled out before he collapsed on top of me. I took his weight easily, feeling pleasantly blissed out.
After a moment or two he rolled off me and pulled me into him. "This okay?" He mumbled into my hair. I made a noise of consent, already dozing off.

The next morning I woke up pleasantly sore, but clean-we'd woken up for a second round and a shower sometime later-sprawled out across the mattress. I was alone, but the scent of coconut and sex wrapped around me like a blanket of pleasure and comfort.
Stretching, I smiled. That had been fun, and exactly what I'd needed after everything. It was almost a shame I had never gotten that man's name, but I didn't really need it.
With one last stretch I got up, checked out and went back to the apartment I was now calling home to start cleaning up unpacked boxes.