She never would have seen him coming

Until that fateful day

When the rain suddenly stopped

And the smiles she held dropped

As he stole her heart away

There wouldn't have been reoccuring pain

If he'd just left when she asked

But somehow he couldn't

The thought had crossed her mind a million times

And though she wasn't fine

Those words echoed constantly

Months and months flew by

Nothing had changed

He'd stayed around, waiting for her

She never came

He walked and talked and laughed with another

Thoughts flooded her mind

There was everpresent guilt and jealousy tainting her

A pain foreign to her heart

He'd seen her around but hadn't made a sound

And now she was afraid of what she might find

Rumors spread like water breaking a dam

Whispers taunting her

She was beaten beyond repair

Her soul growing heavier throughout the year

Eyes dark, head low

He couldn't fix what he didn't know

After months of doubt and pain she'd given up

Now happy again and full of life

She saw it clearly that he moved on

She saw that she had not been the one

Unexpectantly he'd come to her

Raging and confused about the other he'd been with

Surprise mixed within her

Sadness settled on her

This was all too much to bear

A long path she had walked to get here

Now meaning nothing

The notion of them together

It brought her flashes of happiness

But that was unthinkable

She knew deep down that he'd hurt her forever

One thing among others

He tried, oh how he tried valiantly

All attempts to win her heart once more failed

She could read him like pages in a book

Her heart impaled

But her mind not wavering

This was it for them

Struggles defined her

Depressions pooled within her for so long

No longer would she let it grasp her again

The haze she was within had been lifted

Born again like a phoenix

Her ashes, sifted

And now she would stand tall and strong