A love poem to a special person.

My Compass

Sometimes there are moments when our eyes meet at work

Where seconds feels like days and a minute feels like years

Distorting time and space, changing the very reality we live

In and dream in. It is a warm light burning through all fears

And I forget those fears are there. A pale moon in the dark

Amongst the stars and endless night, I do dream of eternity

Where a peaceful serenity reigns over any unknown future.

These trials and tribulations, battling every single adversity,

Every trouble that lies in my path, can I do it? Could I do it

And succeed? When our eyes meet, I instantly feel stronger

As if you are a compass, guiding me away from the storms

That were in my way. You're with me, I'm afraid no longer

You're the dependable bulwark, my adorkable sweet crush

But you don't know the joy you bring, even with my blush.