I go to a pretty big school. I mean, not huge, but big enough that you wouldn't know everyone in your grade. That is basically what North Shore High School is like. If you are wondering what kind of school is named North Shore, it's one on the coast of northern Florida in a town named North Shore. Our football team is okay, but our swim team is disgustingly good. I'm saying multiple people going to the Olympic Trials every four years and mostly everyone attending Nationals every year. Oh, and just so you know... I'm kind of one of those people.

Anyways, I'm walking through the hall of NSHS in the early spring of my Sophomore year and I slow down to stare at all of the swimming trophies in a glass case in the entrance hall. I can't help but have a little smug smile on my face as I stand a little straighter and walk with a lot more confidence. The high school girls swim season is in the fall which seems almost a lifetime ago now but YMCA season has just ended. I mean it literally just ended two days ago when we started our trip back to Florida from the YMCA Nationals meet.

Just for a short recap; our Women's team won. And yes, I helped contribute points to this big win. I was apart of both the 400 free relay and 200 free relay which won. I also got first in the 100 free and second in the 50 free. I also made my Olympic Trial cuts, though unofficial since the Olympics are still more than two years away and the cut times aren't out yet. Still, it was the best meet I have ever had. My face is shining with pride as I stride down the hall to my first period class. I have never been more proud to be a shark. Oh, that's our team mascot by the way.

Just as I walk through the door into English, the second bell rings. My teacher, Mr. Matthews, greets me with, "Sarah, welcome back! How was Y Nationals?"

"It was great actually," I reply. I'm smiling so widely that I feel like my face will freeze that way.

"Yes, yes we all heard. Congratulations on your wins." He continues genuinely as he shuffles through a few papers.

"Thank you." I catch my best friend, Shannan's, eye and stride over to her and drop my backpack in my usual seat right next to hers. I shuffle through my bag quickly and then pull out a few papers and hand them into my teacher. I was gone for Y Nationals for an entire week so I had to do some homework during it so I wouldn't get too far behind. Mr. Matthews seemed pleased at my diligence and my smile just got bigger and bigger. This day was going to be a good one.

When lunch came around I met up with Shannon and a few of my other friends, Caroline, Wes and Liz in the cafeteria. Wes and Liz quickly caught me, Shannon, and Caroline up on everything that happened the week that we were gone.

"Ofcourse she would hook up with him!" I exclaim. Then whisper, "she is absolutely desperate."

"Yes, but I didn't even finish the story yet! I'm just getting to the good part." Wes says. He is probably the craziest person in the entire school. Actually, scratch that, the entire universe. He has light blonde hair which was accomplished by Sun In and tanned skin. I swear he gets spray tans every week, but he doesn't admit to it. He is still a bit small and not as muscular as some of the other guy swimmers. It is common knowledge that he is gay, but he hasn't necessarily come out of the closet yet.

"Okay, okay continue," I say with a half a mouth full of my sandwich.

"Clary's group wanted to come to the party but we said no so they called the cops on us." My mouth drops open at his words.

"No way," I hear Caroline gasp beside me.

Wes continues, "yeah, like literally what the heck. Who calls the cops on a party just because they weren't invited."

"So what happened?" Shannon asks. "Did anyone get caught?"

"No, everyone managed to clear out because Luke heard that Clary's group was going to call the cops on us."

"Wow," I finally say. "That's really lucky."

"Ohmigosh! We almost forgot to tell you!" Liz exclaims.

"What?" Caroline, Shannon, and I practically say simultaneously.

"The new kid."

"The new kid?" Caroline says, surprised.

"Oh yeah! The new kid." Wes says.

"Since when was there a new kid?" asks Shannon.

"And so late in the year," I muse.

Liz answers, "he came last Wednesday, and I think he is a swimmer."

All of my friends are swimmers, but we wouldn't know if this new kid was because the next season doesn't start for another two weeks.

"Is he cute?" Shannon automatically asks. I roll my eyes playfully at the question.

"Yes," says Wes and Liz at the same time.

"What is his name? Is he here now?"

"I think his name is Damian and I don't see him." Liz carefully looks around the cafeteria trying to find this new kid.

"I'll search him up on Facebook!" Shannon offers and pulls out her phone. I chuckle a little bit and look over her shoulder to watch her progress in finding out what the new kid looks like.

"Is it Damian Pont?" She asks finally tearing her eyes away from her phone.

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure!" Liz squeals excitedly.

"Ohmigosh he isn't cute," Shannon says. "He is hot."

And it's true. He is hot. He has that brown hair that has become lighter naturally from the sun, chiseled arms and tanned skin. And that is just what we got from his pictures.

We continued to eat and talk about the new kid until the bell rang. We all went our separate ways, for I don't have any of my friends in the last two classes of the day, math and psychology.

I almost completely stopped dead in my tracks while walking into math and seeing the new kid there. I'm welcomed and asked how my meet was from my teacher Mrs. Browner as I sit into my seat. The kid is really good looking. Way better than the pictures. I have to admit it. I see why Liz and Wes were freaking out about him. He sits a few seats down from me so it's not like I'm very aware of his presence but it isn't like he is marked as unnoticed.

The whole class period just felt... uncomfortable. I kept fidgeting and couldn't concentrate on the formulas my teacher was teaching us. My eyes kept darting over to where the Damian sat which is sitting diagonal from me. I keep catching myself staring at the back of his head. I have glanced at the clock so many times I swear time has literally frozen. Finally, I take out my phone to text all my friends in the group chat we have. I just can't seem to do anything else.



WES: Is he sitting near you?

ME: He is sitting diagonal from me

LIZ: UGH im soooo jelouse! He isnt in any of my classes.

CAROLINE: Jealous**

LIZ: Shut up

ME: He is hotter in person!


ME: No

ME: Ill get caught

WES: At the end of class 'accidently' bump into him!

ME: No.



ME: No.

WES: Odds you do it!

ME: 1 of 10

LIZ: 1 of 5

ME: Fine.

LIZ: 3

LIZ: 2

LIZ: 1

WES: 2

ME: 2

ME: S***


ME: Fine.


ME: You guys literally suck.

I put my phone away sighing. Great. That did not go as planned. Even though I didn't really have a plan in the first place. I sigh again and look back at the clock. 15 minutes until I have to 'accidentally' bump into him. Yay.

The bell rings and I rise out of my seat. I catch sight of the new kid already in the hall and rush after him. I spot Caroline in the hallway and she gives me a little nod of encouragement. I manage to spot him coming in my general direction. I aim straight at him while staring at the artwork on the wall and shoulder him in the side. I turn towards him and say "sorry." He turns around to look at me and my breath catches. His eyes are the most startling green I have ever seen. He gives me a smirk and replies with "it's fine" then continues to walk off. I quickly turn on my heel and stride towards Carolina who is giggling.

"What's so funny!" I ask, incredulous. "I did it."

"I don't know. Just the way you guys looked at each other." She giggled.

"Well his eyes are the brightest green I have ever seen," I respond.

"Same with your blue eyes," she says.

I laugh along with her as we both walk to our final class.