I was just feeling kind of morbid so i started writing, this turned out kind of horrific and i have probably given myself all manner of nightmares, i have no story planning to come from this so i might not even do anything, this is kind of a new genre for me, the closest to horror i have ever got is Lord Loss by Darren Shan, so yeah.

Naught but fear. That was all the girl felt as she ran. The alleyway was dark and gloomy, the floor damp and cobbled. The rain fell in sheets, soaking everything. Behind her she heard a crazed giggling and she redoubled her efforts. Her foot splashed into a pothole, she stumbled but kept running, her ankle now sending jolts of pain whenever she rested her weight on it, whether it was sprained, twisted or broken she didn't know and she didn't care, she just had to get away. She ran and ran but the end of the alley never seemed to get any closer. A horrible skittering came from a short way behind her before something pale jumped to the wall and then in front of her on all four limbs. The creature looked at her with eyes as black as oil and she could feel herself drowning in them, it cocked it's head to the side and grinned at her, it's teeth, filed to points, combined with the shaved head and red, still weeping hole left by the recent amputation of it's nose made a horrifying sight in the face she knew so well. The ripped trousers it wore hung loosely around it's waist, barely reaching it's knees. It raised the hacksaw in it's right hand and sprung.

A scream and the sound of metal against bone could be heard from the alleyway, this was followed by a wet crunching that made the gorge rise.

A week later.

"Jesus Richard, this is sick"

The man who had spoken was a young police officer, his brown hair was cropped short and he had obviously forgotten to shave that morning as stubble coated his jaw and upper lip, a simple steel piercing resided in his left ear.

Richard was a considerably older police officer, a pair of glasses rested on his reddened, bulbous nose. He was rapidly balding and only a thin ring of grey hair remained on the back of his head.

"Albert, call the station, we can't handle this."

A few minutes later a much larger group of policemen arrived. A middle aged man who was obviously in charge walked over to the two, his greasy black hair, probably dyed, hung over his eyes and was in desperate need of a cut. He also had considerable stubble but had not left work that night.

"Another Butcher Murder?"

Richard sighed and lowered his head.

"I'm afraid so Harris, at least it looks that way, we haven't performed any detailed post mortem yet so we cannot say for sure but she is pretty roughed up."

During their conversation a group of policemen had moved the body into a body bag and transferred it to their van. The alley was then cordoned off with yellow and black tape and the investigation began.

The small squirrely man pushed his round glasses back up to where they had rested before their slide down his nose, the brown hair in his combover couldn't really conceal his near baldness.

"Well it seems to fit the Butcher's Modus Operandi, with the age of the body it is difficult to tell, but the victim was killed before the mutilation, not by it, the murder probably happened last sunday judging by the state of decomposition. The victim's throat, wrists and ankles were cut roughly, from the roughness i think it would probably be something like a small hand saw. There is also a bite mark on the right side of the neck, about the same size as a human mouth but all the teeth appear to have been sharpened. Then the victim's ribs was ripped open after the sternum was cut in half, presumably by the blade of the saw, and the skin over the belly area opened in the same way, by an extension of the same vertical cut. The liver, lungs, stomach, intestines, gall bladder, bladder, heart and reproductive organs were removed, it looks as though they were ripped out, the bladder was stuffed in the victim's mouth and her ovaries were placed over her eyes, these were then sewn in place. Her intestines were separated into small and large, the large was sewn to her external genetalia and the small divided into equal lengths, each finger was inserted into a length and then again sewn in place. One lung and half a liver were found near the corpse, the other lung, the stomach, the gall bladder and the remaining parts of the reproductive system i have to assume were removed by scavengers. The heart was found replaced in the empty chest cavity with several bites taken out of it by the same creature or person that bit the neck. The belly was sewn up again but the ribs left splayed and a baby doll placed in the pouch created by the empty intestinal cavity."

The young Albert retched into a waste bin. The previous greasy haired leader addressed the man who had performed the autopsy. "Thank you Joseph for that... graphic description."

Richard turned to the leader "George this is the seventh in two months, this one is brutal and we cannot find anything to trace him except he has filed his teeth. HQ has already said if the death toll reaches more than ten they are taking over with emergency status being invoked."

The Butcher had appeared seven weeks earlier and had killed a young woman every sunday in this same manner since, each time, they may have been discovered at different times but they were all found to have died on a sunday, also if it was still there the police noted that more of the heart was consumed each time. Seemingly counting down in an excessively morbid fashion to something.