Indifferent devotion seeps through his hands

like the coolness of the glass beneath my feet.

The feeling of agony and exctasy in one,

knowing he could turn around and just as quickly run.

Yielding saneness trying in vain to cohere,

though it was lost through the very first collision.

An impact so slow, deliberate and stark,

leaving me to forever wear his elevated mark.

He departs with the sun as my world turns to night.

The bag on his shoulder a terrible sight.

My pounding heart refuses me a second of sleep,

slowly comprehending he was never mine to keep.

My body changes through days filled with dread,

but when the moment is there and my body is spent

I look at her through one dark, drained eye,

confident and unafraid in my final goodbye.

***** *****
2015 MTveit. All Rights Reserved