chapter 2: ***********11years later***********

Aria's POV

My door was kicked down when I had my back to it and Ray came charging in, "Aria! So this is where you've been hiding you bloody brat." He grabbed for my hair making me whimper in pain and tears come to my eyes as I stumbled to follow him as he pulled me by my hair out into the hallway. I couldn't hear him, but I could feel the anger and hate rolling off him.

Ray let go only to punch me in the gut when I straightened up. It knocked the breathe out of me and I was thrown back into the wall where Ray continued to batter me with punches to my sides and face. The tears kept coming down even thought I tried to stop them and held back from whimpering too much in pain. The tears and whimpers would only excite Ray more and earn me more of a beating till I finally screamed in agony. I saw Ray's fist come straight for my nose and dodged it barely and instead getting grazed in the ear. I'd rather have a very sore ear then have a broken nose. I could hide the sore ear with my hair but not a broken nose. It's not like I could hear him anyway due to being deaf after so many beatings.

Ray pulled his fist back and glared while smirking his evil smirk that I saw after he gave me my scars to my arms and chest. "You dare dodge my fist? You bloody wh*re," Ray shouted with venom in his voice as he grabbed me by my neck and lifted me off the ground while choking me. "You think your so brave, don't you,"he sneered, "Well news flash brat your worthless and a coward who doesn't deserve to live. Your ugly just like your mother and a wh*re too. I'm just doing whats right putting you in your bloody place." I was gasping for air as Ray increased the pressure on my neck. Even though I couldn't hear him he had gotten up close in my face so that I could see his lips move to read them. I felt pain in my chest from his words coarse through me.

Ray smirked seeing the pain in my eyes as I gripped his hand holding my neck with both of mine trying to have him let go. He let me go and I fell to the ground only to have him kick me in the ribs hard. I rolled and looked at him as I clutched my throat trying to get air as I coughed. "Get out of this house and don't come back until tomorrow. I don't want you to pollute the air here when my guest come over today," Ray said as he walked away. I coughed as I tried to get air to my lungs for a few minutes on the ground and then knew I had to get up quickly and get out. It was a struggle at first but I weakly got up and went to my room. I grabbed my old shoes and sweatshirt and quickly threw them on. Next I grabbed my backpack with all my stuff for school, my wallet, and night necessities with even a small blanket. I took one last glance around my room for anything else I might need and then ran as fast as I could out the back door before Ray decided to change his mind. Ray's friends were not nice people and I did not want to be caught in the house when they were over. There was no telling what horrors would befall me if I had to stay with them. I shuddered at the thought, Come on Aria. Get yourself together. Right now you need to head to the cafe for a bit and think of where to go tonite. With that I started to jog to the cafe that I had come to every time I needed to think and could afford to eat something nice.

When I reached the cafe an elderly couple were about to come out so I paused and held the door for them. They smiled at me while the older lady said, "Oh such a nice young girl. Thank you for holding the door darling." The older gentleman smiled and nodded his thanks and I returned his smile before I rushed into the cafe. The warm air engulfed me and I could already feel the cold from the outside start to zap from me. I went and found a small table near the back corner with a small window and a waitress with a bored expression came over and gave me a menu. I browsed over the menu looking for the most filling and cheapest meal. I decided I would settle for two eggs, hashbrowns and some bacon with some hot tea. I recited my order to the waitress who had come back to take my order and leave. I sighed, So what are you're options now Aria? There isn't really anywhere you can go and be safe really. My mood started to darken in depression of how bleak my outcome of finding a safe place to crash tonite. Guess the only choice is to try to hide out in the park in town and hope no one finds me for tonite, I grimaced as I thought about this. It was very cold during this time in winter and it tended to rain a lot here so I would be at a huge risk of catching a cold but it wasn't like I had anywhere else to go.

The waitress appeared with my food and tea and I stopped thinking such depressing thoughts as I caught the delicious smell of the food. I started shoveling food into my mouth and groaned in happiness at the taste. It had been a while since I had good food. I mostly had only 2 granola bars a day and water while Ray would stuff his face in front of me. I would save up money at my loser job at the farm just outside of town to be able to get a few good meals for myself. I quickly finished my plate and was almost tempted to lick it clean, but my pride would not let me. I slowly drank my tea grimacing slightly when it first hit my throat that Ray had bruised badly when he choked me. The bell chimed as more customers came into the cafe and suddenly all the girls in the room seem to start to giggle and gasp. I looked up from my table to peer at what had caught their attention. My eyes widened in shock of how attractive three guys were. They were all very tall and had very similar hard and edged features that made them look like beautifully sculpted models. They had nicely tan skin, deep brown eyes, and were sharply dressed in suits with designer looking petticoats over them. Wow, it must be nice to have such nice and expensive clothes, I thought with wonderment and a hint of envy for the three men. I continued to examine them trying to commit them to memory as a form of art that I will most likely never see again. The guy wearing black suit with a green tie had short blond hair that was spiked to perfection. The guy to his far left was wearing a black suit with an orange tie and had deep brown hair pulled into a neat ponytail. His hair looks so shiny," I thought in amazement wondering what he did to make it that shiny. The last guy had on a gray suit with a blue tie while his hair was cropped short black. I had to look away shook my head to clear my thoughts. No time to be ogling about hot guys Aria. You need to find a good place at the park to stay tonight. I thought as I straighten my shoulders, grabbed my wallet out of my bag and walked to the cash register to pay for my meal. I paid quickly and left quickly but not before I turned one last glance at the three men which were now seated down at a booth. My eyes caught with the man in the gray suit and his eyes widened. I blushed and hid behind my hair as I quickened my escape out of the cafe and on toward the park.