chapter nine

Aria's POV:

The rest of the week it rained and rained. There was so much water I was sure it was going to flood the place, but it never did. Lincoln and the others would sit around the coffee table covered in papers in the room discussing plans of what to do about Silver Arrows impending attack. On the third day I had been in Lunar City Lucas, Lincoln's brother, received a letter from Silver Arrow. When I had heard that I had locked myself in the bathroom and fought the urge to vomit while Lincoln pleaded to be let in. It took a lot of coaxing but eventually I had come out. The letter had essentially said that if I was not returned to my father Ray, who was deeply concerned, which was obviously a lie, that Silver Arrow would have no choice but to attack Lunar City to retrieve me.

So currently I was sitting in the window seat, which had become my favorite seat, while the others planned out battle strategies. Every so often I could feel Lincoln's eyes on me and when I would turn to look at him. His eyes would light up with excitement that made a small smile form on my face before the depression set in again at my current situation.

"We need more guards on the west side of the city to protect the shelters when they attack," Jordan stated as he leaned over and pointing to a spot on what looked like a map showing the layout of Lunar City.

The door opened and a man, who had very similar features to Lincoln, except he had blue eyes, walked in saying in a deep voice, "Yes, I agree Jordan. That is why I already sent six more guards over to the west side today."

"Brother," Lincoln said with a grin, "giving the guards the slip again? I'm surprised that Gracie isn't with you- oh hello Gracie," he said as a beautiful woman with long dark brown hair and vivid blue eyes whose eyes instantly found mine.

"Oh my goodness, Lincoln is this your mate," she exclaimed as she crossed the room and then pulled me in for a huge. My eyes widen at the friendliness and happiness bubbling from Gracie. I had not experienced much friendliness and was taken aback, especially by another girl. Other girls did not notice me much,but if they did it usually ending with me having some more bruises.

Gracie stepped back and smiled as me with excitement and I felt as if a great aura surrounded her where everyone wanted to be in her presence. Everyone must love her...she is so beautiful and shines so brightly..., I thought in awe. "She is so beautiful. Lincoln you didn't tell me how beautiful she is," Gracie said as she pulled me to he side in a half hug.

"I think you and me need to have some girl time," she said to be as she started walking towards the door that led out to the hall. "Lets let the boys worry about the logistics and go have some fun," Gracie said before she opened the door, looking back to smile at Lucas for a moment and then going out into the hall with me in tow.

I ended up in a huge library that looked like it came out ot the Disney version of Beauty and the Beast. I felt my heart skip a beat at the sight of so many books. I had never seen so many books in one room before and it took my breath away. "I hoped you like books too," Gracie stated as she sat down to drink some tea that had been brought in by a maid. "Come sit," she said as she waved me over, inclining that I sit in the chair next to her. I had to force myself to pay attention to what Gracie was saying instead of having my eyes wander around to all the books.

"Sorry," I apologized, "I just haven't ever seen so many books in one place before."

"Well you are welcome to any of them you like since you are Lincoln's mate," Gracie said before she took a sip of her tea.

"Thank you," I said I fiddled with a stray string from the sweater Mandy had given me. It was a dark blue, wool sweater that fit comfortably. I also wore a pair of Mandy's jeans that had to be rolled up twice due to our height difference. The curious feeling wouldn't go away so I finally stopped fidgeting and asked, "What exactly is a mate? Lincoln hasn't really explained it to me."

Gracie's face twisted in slight discomfort at my question and she grabbed my hands in hers before saying," I won't tell you all about it because Lincoln should probably..." she looked into my eyes as if searching for something. whether she found what she was looking for I don't know, but she continued on, "A werewolf only has one mate in all their life. Mates are short for soul mates."

"So it's like dating...?" I asked not fully understanding.

"More like fiances," Gracie said and I felt my eyes widen in surprise. I had to take a deep breath before I could ask, "So in werewolf terms I am engaged to Lincoln?"

"Yes, well- this is hard to explain. Think of it this way. To a werewolf, their mate is their world. Nothing else matters more and it is the person they wish to spend their entire life with. As a human it maybe hard to understand and find it weird, but it is very important to a werewolf. Not every wolf finds their mate, but Lincoln has found you. The only thing left is the Claiming and Mark..." Gracie trailed off and I filed away all that she had said to go over later.

There was one thing I had to know, "What do you mean by Claim-" the door burst open to reveal a black haired kid running in and jumping into Gracie's lap.

"Mommy, mommy look at the drawing I made of you, me and daddy," the little boy said excitedly as he placed the picture on the table while pointing out who the three figures where in the drawing in crayon.

"Oh my, this is beautiful Sage. Maybe you should be an artist? hmm how does that sound?" Gracie asked holding the boy in her lap with love emitting from her eyes. They continued on for a few minutes until Sage finally noticed me sitting there.

"Who is this mommy?" he asked, "She's pretty." I tried to hide my blush and smiled at Sage.

"This is Aria, she is your uncle Lincoln's mate," Gracie explained to Sage, who grinned and tried to squirm out of his mom's lap into mine. Sage plopped himself in my lap and looked up at me, "Auntie Aria you smell good," he said as he sniffed the air smiling.

I wasn't sure what to do and looked to see Gracie smiling at me and Sage lovingly. "Sage has a good sense of peoples character. Welcome to the family, Aria," Gracie said. I felt a great warmth surround me and I put my arms around Sage. So this is what it feels like to have a loving family, I thought as Sage started telling me and Gracie all about his day's adventures.