We walked down the steps while my heart was going a thousand miles per minute.

"So... they asked us to dance, huh?" he whispered, not meeting my gaze. He was talking so quietly that it almost seemed that he didn't want to talk with me. At the background, I could hear the faint melody of a love song.

"Uh, yeah," I replied sheepishly. I didn't know if he heard me because he was at least an arm's length away. The distance was off-putting. Maybe he really didn't want to dance with me.

Well, of course he didn't want to. We were just forced after all.

It was late in the night with the Blue Moon hovering over our little party. The night sky was clear of any stars. It was just the moon looming over us. I thought it was really blue, so when I saw that it wasn't, I was kind of disappointed. They say that the person you are with when you see the Blue Moon will be with you forever. Bullshit.

I was staring at the side of his face, waiting for him to take my hand and lead me to the dance floor. He didn't. He just kept his head down and continued walking. These steps seemed to take forever.

It was chilly outside and I was wearing a skirt with sneakers. I hoped he thought I looked good because he did. He always did. Maybe that's why he danced with five girls before we were having this conversation. Yes, I was watching. And my best friend too. My best friend always watches him. She was dancing with somebody else but I saw her gaze flicking back and forth between him and her partner. I was watching.

Before he and my best friend had a thing, we were first. I was sure that I told her that I liked him, but what I didn't get was that she started liking him too. I was quiet about it, wishing that their relationship turned sour someday.

And it did. I was there for both of them when it happened. I comforted him and I comforted her too. It was hard. I was a bad friend.

Though I didn't exactly see it, I felt my best friend's gaze burning at the back of my head.

They don't speak to each other now.

He sided farther away from me because there was table in our way. He chuckled a bit. The dance floor was just inches away and he still hasn't held my hand or has come closer to me.

I didn't get it. All of it.

I saw signs that he liked me back.

Like how he laughs, with his eyes perfectly crinkled at the corners when someone teases us instead of getting annoyed. How he reads novels close to where I was. How he asks me favors when there's at least ten different people he could ask to. How when I borrow things from their grade I always end up getting his. How when I look up he's already staring at me. How he purposely sat on a chair within my peripheral vision tonight. Or how he joined tables close to ours. Or how he secretly positioned himself right behind my chair when I was starting to fall asleep earlier. Or how his eyes eyed me from head to toe when he saw me in a skirt.

All of those were signs. And I felt it too.

So why was I getting the feeling that he didn't want to do this?

I snapped out of my thoughts when a cold breeze passed by. Shit, we were already on the dance floor.

We stopped for a moment. I rocked back and forth on my heels and slid my clammy hands down my pockets except there weren't any because of course, I just had to wear a skirt now. My hands felt bare and exposed.

I cleared my throat. "So..." I started.

"So..." he replied back.

Come on, grow some balls. Come on.

I drew in a deep breath and lifted my hand to meet his. His eyes caught the movement and those brown orbs of his instantly lit up. He raised an eyebrow as if questioning my decision but I saw the light behind them.

Fuck, my heart was about to explode.

I playfully raised my eyebrow too. He let out a deep chuckle that sent shivers down my spine.

"Is your sister going to kill me if she finds out I touched you?"

"Most likely."

"Well, we better keep quiet then," he mused with a goofy grin.

We both chuckled. Our laughter together was like music to my ears.

"So, have you read Gambling on Wire yet?" he asked me. We have this habit of exchanging books.

"I'm already on the last chapter. And I'm guessing Marco really didn't steal the gem, right?"

"You're one smart girl," he commented.

"Well, it was expected. How about the one I gave you?" I asked him.

"Done," he said with a triumphant grin. I gave him a light slap on the shoulder.

"You kind of remind me of spring, you know," he suddenly said out of nowhere.

I unconsciously tucked a strand of hair behind my ear. I bit my lip. "What?"

"You remind me of spring. And spring happens to be my favorite season."


"It reminds me of you."

In one stunning, perfect moment, he finally took my hand.

We're going to dance.

Oh, shit.

I was ecstatic inside. My whole body was glowing, buzzing and flowing. I didn't even bother the precarious gaze my best friend was giving me.

To hell with that.

I was so happy for all I care.


We instantly snapped our heads to the direction of the sound but all I could feel was his hand on my hand.

He was burning me in the most exquisite way.

"What?" he replied with tinge of annoyance in his voice. Our surroundings were casted under a dark blue shade of light so I wasn't easily spotted.

"Nick just puked on Big Daddy. We caught it on tape!" his friend hollered out. I could feel his warm hand rubbing comforting circles around my wrist.

"Go away, Stan. I'll watch it later," he replied. I instantly smiled.

"You're no fun. It's hilarious, Sheriff!"

"Don't call me Sheriff. I'm not a Sheriff."

Stan was clearly drunk and wasn't taking a "no" for an answer.

"Come on, Not-a-Sheriff," he kept on insisting.

"Fine," he replied.


He let go of my hand and weaved his way over to his friends which were already watching the video.

I was dumbfounded.

I watched him from a distance. He was laughing so hard.

I was still fucking here.

What the hell happened to spring?

It turned into winter, I fucking tell you.

I didn't wait any longer. I dashed to my seat while my heart was clutching in my chest.

I sat on the monobloc chair, breathing hard.

He probably saw that as a fire escape.

Tears pricked the corner of my eyes but I tried to blink them back.

My best friend had another guy she was dancing with but I could feel the faintest smile on her lips.

I looked over at him and he was just as dumbfounded as I was.

He was looking for me. I was a moment to late to bring my head down and he saw me before I could move.

I still kept my head down though.

I secretly looked at him from the corner of my eyes and he was just about to come in my direction.


The lights were back on.

The party was over.

Someone was speaking on the microphone, but I didn't hear what he or she was saying. My heart was beating too loud.

Our eyes connected for a moment. He was unreadable. He was the first to bring his head down.

He turned his back to me and roughly pushed his way through the crowd in a hurried manner.

I followed him with my eyes as far as they could, and just like that, he disappeared.

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