an. for my three best friends. a bit of a departure from the angst.
i'm feeling really emotional and grateful to have these people in my life.


strength in every step,
your heart pounding too fast
and you walk calmly anyway.
protecting those you love,
stopping at nothing
to ensure their safety.

you practice your war paint
with bold eyeliner and bright lipstick
spiked shoulders, brass knuckles,
too much coffee and
not enough sleep.

at night, i think of you,
hope you're at home, at peace.


your guarded heart,
your calm words.
you are so careful with
the people in your life.
we try to be careful with you.

once you love someone,
you love them so fully,
so entirely,
and give all of yourself to them.

i am so proud to know you,
and have gained that love.


you took your body and made it hard,
buried your fears beneath muscles
and masculinity,
quick to joke,
quicker to drink
when someone asks what's wrong.

you would do anything for those chosen few,
the people who have found their way
into your heart, your life.
twice my size, you let me wrap you
in my arms, in my heart.
let me treat you softly
the way so many people have not.

you are safe, you are loved,
you will always have a home with me.