the night circus

my thoughts are in slow motion,

lingering like the ghost of a song

as it fades into a reverie hidden

inside an old music box,

leaving a breadcrumb trail

towards a corkscrew staircase

into the sidestreet skyline

whenever it rains.

you vandalize my heart with train-track

graffiti, engraving each splinter with

pinprick-scribbles of your name

and you have constantly been the song

that i sing myself to sleep, a siren's

lullaby buried in the semi-colon

tattoo on my left wrist.

we are skinny-dipping on

the moon, our shadows

dancing to the sweet

refrain of angels.

"stay with me." you whisper, the tone

of your voice somewhat resembling

a machinegun serenade while tucking

a stray strand of hair behind my ear.

"kiss me. promise me. constantly."

you chanted desperately,

your voice screaming with

the banshee wind.

i gasped and sucked in air, almost dying

from the chorus of shooting stars

clouding my vision and the

cigarette-like burns on my fingertips

stinging like papercuts

i stared at the digi-clock on my dresser. 4:30 am.

i sighed. another dream. another fantasy

wrapped in gunshots of moonlight,

taking flight like rocketsparks of lightning

and bubblebursts of thunder.

every morning, a white callalily petal

sits upon my palm, reminding me that

last night's escapades were real

and not just a delusion.

i can still remember the forget-me-nots

blossoming from the rivulets in his eyes,

the black cape and matching top hat.

i was his reveur, always dressed

in titian silk, muslin gowns

and enchanting masks

my thoughts are in slow motion,

lingering like a ghost of

the night circus...