***Chapter #1 - The Dream***

He grabbed my hand and pulled me on himself. We watched eachother for a few seconds and then he kissed me so passionately that I just didn't want that night to end. His lips were rock hard but they've soon softened. I wanted to push him away from me and runaway but I didn't.

His hands were on my back, somewhere beneath the blades and I felt them going down to the edge of my shirt. I realized what he wants. I allowed him to take it off. I was shirtless but in my bra. He stopped kissing me. He leaned his forehead on mine. He looked at me with his deep blue eyes. He smiled and my heart just started beating so fast that I thought he might hear it.

He kissed me, again but this time his lips did not remain on mine, they went across my cheek and then to the ear where he whispered "I want you. Now." My body thrembled of those words. He continued to kiss me, he was sliding down my neck and slowly went to my lips.

My hands were going trough his thick, curly black hair that was always clean. My hands were no longer in his hair. They went to the edge of his shirt and I took it off. His body was full of scars. One of them was going from his ribs to the left hip. It was scary long. My hand was going towards that scar and just one milimeter before I touched him, his hand grabbed mine and then he said,

„That's a dark place."
„Then, let me be the light."

He loosened his grip and my hand in his slowly went towards the scar. I touched it.

His body was tense when I touched it but a few seconds later, he relaxed. His muscles were no longer very tense but they were always ready to fight.
I ran my finger along the scar and then I touched the other smaller scars. 'My God what happend to him in the past so that he has so many scars and what caused that long, deep scar?' I wondered.

„Where did you get that long scar?"
„Don't worry about it."
he smiled.
„Well, I am worried."
„It's nothing, really. Do you trust me?"
„With my life but first, tell me what happend to you."
„That's a story for some other time."
He smiled to me, again and took a step back.

He took his grey shirt and putted it back on himself while I was leaned on the kitchen table. He leaned really close to me to take his car keys and he looked me in the eye while doing it.

„I had fun tonight, Isabelle."
„See y'a."
„Can't wait."

He just chuckled and walked out through the front door. I could hear the engine start and the car go.


Then I woke up all wet and tired. I couldn't bealive I am dreaming of a man that I haven't met kiss me. Damn. I stood up from the bed and went to bathroom I took a towel and soaked it in water and put it on my face to draw the heat out of my body. I put the towel down and in the mirror, I saw a tall, dark figure standing behind me in the darkness. I turned around and then I saw that it was just a shadow from the branches outside.

I put hands on my head and just tried not to think about what happend in the dream. Nope, can't make it happen. Then I went back to bed.

End of chapter 1