Eleventh chapter: "Problems and how to solve them"


Yesterday at the hippodrome was just… magical. Me and Aiden just hanged out and watched the stars. We weren't talking much, because the night itself did all the talking. Nothing happened later, we just parted. He said he has family in Portland and that he will stay at their place, I said I have a bus for Boston and he took me to the bus station. I don't know where he lives but I would like to find out.

I got home at 11 p.m.
Jacob was wide awake.

"Where were you?" He asked me, when I walked in the kitchen.
"I was out."
"Where exactly?"
"I was shopping in Portland, with Maisie."
"Shopping centers close at 7 p.m. It's 11 now."
"I hanged out with a friend."
"Oh, what friend?"
"Aiden Turner."
"Who's he?" He said in his protective voice. He doesn't like me around boys but he knows he can't stop me so he tries his best.
"One of my friends from school, actually my only friend from school."
"And how old is Aiden?"
"He is 17, almost 18."
"Okay, just remember, you must not tell him your secret."
"Don't worry Jacob, you are the only person who knows about me."
"And let it stay that way."
"I won't tell him. I promise."
"Okay, okay. Are you hungry?"
"No, I'll go straight to bed."
"Okay, good night."
"Good night Jacob."
"Hey, Izzy?"
"Please be careful, and don't come home so late next time. Okay?"

I crawled up in my bed and fell asleep instantly.

I dreamt about Aiden, again. He was sick with a deadly disease and I was in my room sleeping and he came next to my bed. He said something but I don't remember what, I know that I suddenly awoke and kissed him but he disappeared. And then I awoke from that dream…

Weird, this is the second time that I'm dreaming him. Is he somehow important in my life?

Today, I didn't eat breakfast, I just went to the bus station. When the bus came I came in and everybody was silent until I sat down on my regular seat next to the window. The second I sat down everyone started to talk again.
Weird, that is the same thing that happens when Aiden comes, by the way, the bus is turning left, as usual. He came in, he was so handsome, his black hair was just recently washed, his beautiful black eyes looking straight at me… WAIT A SECOND. He's not coming here… Why's he not coming here? I want him next to me, apparently he doesn't want me next to him. He's acting weirder than usual.

After the longest ride of my life we finally came to school. Everybody was going out except him, so I followed his lead and stayed sitting. When the crowd finally cleared my way out I stood up and went forward the bus door, but then I heard his deep, scary voice;

"I don't have any feelings for you." I turned to stone, I couldn't move.
"Excuse me? Who are you talking to?" I turned to face him and he was already looking at me, regret and pity were written all over.

"To you, obviously."
"Okay, what are you saying, I don't understand…"
"I'm saying that I don't have any feelings towards you, you know, yesterday."
"Oh... yea-yeah…" My voice broke I don't know why but I knew I couldn't talk anymore. He went outside the bus and I followed him, but he wasn't there anymore… It's like he flew away.

When I walked in the classroom he was already there. It's not possible! I am still fighting over the thought that he vanished in front of my very own eyes, or what if he didn't? What if he has a dark, scary secret like I do. The secret he shares only with his closest ones. Who is he? What is he?

The second I walked in he took a good look at me and looked straight at my eyes. It made me feel like there was some kind of a pit in my stomach. I didn't like that feeling so I broke the eye contact and sat down on my regular seat, two rows in front of him.

The teacher came in and English class started. Our English teacher's name is Ethan Wilkinson. He is an older man in his fifties and he had that old-people scent. Yuck.
"Silence please! Okay, for tomorrow I want you to write a love poem. Write it for the love of your life."

Oh hell no.

"Do we have to?" Somebody from behind me said.
"Well, this assignment will be graded so, yes." He grinned.
That old hag! The years made him crazy. I don't even know a person who writes poems, which means nobody writes them anymore. Sorry Shakespeare.
"How many verses does it have to have?" A familiar voice behind me said, I turned around and I couldn't believe… I wasn't the only one who turned around. We were all looking at Aiden. Yes! Aiden Turner. He kept his cool and didn't even look at anybody who was staring at him. He writes songs? Interesting…

The classes ended, we all headed home.

"I'm home!" Jacob shouted when he came back from college. I came downstairs and heated beans that Alka made yesterday. We all sat down and ate dinner.

"So, how was school?" Jacob asked us and looked at me.
"We have to write a poem for English." He looked at Savannah;
"We learnt a text from Latin, it's really boring." He looked at Mary but Mary just sat in silence.
"Mary? How about you?"
"It was okay." Oh, I know that familiar smell, the smell of sarcasm.
"What's up?" I asked her, she just looked down at her beans and lied again;
"Nothing, everything's fine." Okay fine I'll accept the lie but I will find out what really happened.

The dinner ended and it was my turn on washing the dishes. When I did that, I headed to my room which was on the end of the hallway. The first room on the right was Savannah's room, then Mary's, Jacob's and then mine. The door was slightly ajar. I took a look inside. Mary was putting on her pajamas. I know now why she was so sarcastic… she has an ugly bruise on her left shoulder. It doesn't look like an accident. I came inside and she quickly dressed to hide the bruise.

"Who did that to you?" I asked with no kindness in my voice.
"What? What are you talking about?" She lied. Again.
"I'm talking about that ugly-ass bruise on your left shoulder. Who did that to you?"
"It was an accident. Don't worry about it."
"I can see it was no accident, now tell me who did that to you?! Give me a name."
"OKAY! FINE! It was Daniel Russo."
"I'll beat the crap out of him." And I walked out slamming the door behind me.

End of the eleventh chapter