can you tell me a secret
for me to spread?
(like a virus)
(like death)

would you trust me with your secrets
would you do so with your life?
(even if you know that
i could very well lie?)

i'm only asking to understand you
to build a bridge over your walls
(and you know that every wall
crumbles and falls)

i'd only like to see you pure
and stripped to the bone
(with every last thing you hide
visible and shown)

so darling, put your lips to my ear
and whisper me a secret you hold dear
(your words might scatter
and your secrets might be freed)

i promise to hold my bridges
to keep them hard and strong
(but you know society builds them
to tear them all down)

so you see, i'm not as dangerous
as you might perceive
(yes, i could ruin you, baby
but so could society)

30/03/2013. Written by Waad.