wondrous is he who follows into dreams
and twines the strange around the mind
to sprout forth a well of thoughts tinged with creativity

who wanders underneath the skin with marvel in his name
and beguiles each finger to trail after him
to follow the stardust in his wake

who takes his rest within the darkness beneath eyelids
and shows specks of colourful worlds with every blink
to will the eyes to see and the mind to imagine

takes the wind to both ears with his whispered words
and enamors the brain to not only hear but to listen
and to feel the depth of the other side of wisdom

who comes and spears the heart with longing and want
and charms every beat to match the rhythm of his tales
till he's playing the heart's strings as if in a lovesick song

for wondrous is he who glides into thoughts
and wins the medium that is the body by utter curiosity
for the chance to come across

14/03/2014. Written by Waad.