We start our story off in the living room of a 16 year old boy named Maverick Johnson. His mother walks into the house and says "you need to shape up young man" and Maverick tells her to shut up and that he's sick and tired of listening to her. Maverick's 18 year old brother Donnie storms downstairs and tells their mother that he hates his life. Donnie and his mother argue over the matter, and Maverick slowly becomes irritated. Maverick's dad comes in and screams at everybody, but the argument continues, with Maverick's dad joining in. At one point, the family dog starts barking endlessly. As time passes, it gets louder and louder and louder. After at least eight hours, Maverick snaps, stomps to the kitchen, grabs a butcher knife, and strikes them all down one by one. He then drives to his grandmother's house and beats her to death. After unleashing his full fury, he takes the bodies and buries them on the highest mountain in the state.