The American Tango

Prologue: Blooming Dreams

The air was thick with humidity, but even thicker with excitement for Kevin. After all he had just gotten his high school diploma in his hands; at last high school was over. For a few moments the young man wonders if he is in a dream but quickly is reminded how real the moment is when his bud the blond haired male Bart nearly tackles him with an energetic and manly hug.

Bart grasped the brown haired youth so hard Kevin can hardly breath as the taller male boomed out,"We did it man, we graduated! Thank god I made it past those last few finals, I can kiss this hellhole goodbye for good! "

As Kevin gasped for breath he uttered," Graduation just kind of zoomed by man. Glad it was inside though, was all ready kind of hot and if I had to deal with bugs it would be a real pain to."

Bart suddenly patted Kevin so hard on the back that he winced before Kevin's friend boomed out,"Seriously man where is the passion? You're acting like we are just getting out of class, not passing through a major milestone!"

Kevin looked to the right and sees a gorgeous red haired woman to the right. The woman has just given a wild yell and has thrown off her cap.

the young man was about to walk to the attractive person to try and commend the graduation speech she gave earlier, but the two made eye contact and the women's happiness shifted to awkwardness. Suddenly a larger man grasps her from behind and spins her around to suddenly kiss her.

Kevin winced at this, and gazed for a few moments before the larger man broke out of his kiss to give Kevin a wide smug grin before steering the target of his kiss out of Kevin's sight.

The graduate was distraught with the outcome of that encounter, and it was so apparent that Bart sighed before he gave Kevin another pat on the back." Jill being with Carl still burns eh bud? That punk is being more than a little smug about it but like I keep telling you bro, if she choose to be boyfriends with him then it's her loss, not yours."

Ken had painful memories flash by his head before he threw out a bitter," Maybe Bart but, being outright rejected after all that for someone who has a drug record still stings a hell of a lot. I guess, I just was not what she was looking for."

" You gave it a shot bro, but as much as you wished otherwise she just digs other kinds of men. Come on don't let it mess you up now man.

After all your going to meet so many gals at college Jill's going to be a distant memory! Hell, maybe you can meet someone at the after party and get lucky Kevin! You know what they say, passions let loose when it's a major party and all. "

Kevin looked as his fellow classmates were leaving and sees many of his female classmates departing, wondering how many of them are ones he will see for the last time before he grasped his diploma tightly." You're right Bart. I thought for a while it was pointless to do anything that might just fall apart but, you never know right? It might be fun, and."

Before Kevin can go on suddenly a husky voice cut in with a pompous,"Come on boys, are new high-school graduates are not going to be late for their own party eh?"

Kevin cringed before he saw a balding overweight man walk over before he cleared his throat." Hey Dad. I know you wanted to take us out but, that can wait till later right?"

Kevin's father's face shifted red in a flash." What's the matter with you boy? This is a major milestone and we should celebrate it as a family! "

His son had bitterness swell up inside him as he jabbed back with, "My graduation celebration should be how I want it since its mine eh? Why is it that my celebration has more of your friends then mine?"

" I'm still hosting and paying for the event boy, so I have the final word on who comes first! It's for those who will agree with me the most to make it the most enjoyable celebration!"

Kevin's mother glanced at her husband with a jaded," You just want another event for your drinking buddy's dear, always have to find a reason."

" Don't start now, it's a damn celebration so don't ruin it!"

"Not going to turn down free food Biff." Bart interjected." Don't sweat it Kevin we don't have much time till the official after party anyway."

Kevin raised an eyebrow and responds with a dry," I thought you said not to waste the moment Bart? Sigh, whatever lets go the heat is making me hungry."

Kevin's mom then saw her son looked conflicted before she walked up to him." Do you want to invite Jeff as well Kevin?"

Kevin looks to the right before he retorts with a sour," We say hello to each other mom but it's been years since we hanged out so, not worth the effort. Guess we exit high school a lot differently then we started."

Bart snickered before jabbing back with,"Speak for yourself man I am the same as when I got here, just all the more awesome! And I plan to get even more awesome in college. Hell, I plan to get even more awesome just on my vacation! Man it's going to be epic!"

Kevin could not help but chuckle at his friend's enthusiasm before he chips back a wry," Just be careful when you go with your dad, I heard some weather reports that it might get bad in New Orland's this summer."

"Ah come on dude the weather folks are only on the ball half the time and the other half they make it up for the ratings! I am telling you it will be fine dude, a perfect way to kick off our old lives before we go on to be kick-ass men!"

" I am looking forward to the summer to have some fun times. Well, mostly fun, that TV internship does not sound like fun if we are just interviewing town people about boring old town stuff. "

Ken's mother's face turns stern." Not this again Kevin. It may not be fun but it's important to build a resume even before college starts. It's to help you get a job after all when you graduate."

Kevin's father then grumbled out a sour." You keep saying you want to do TV stuff and then you moan about doing it? What's wrong with you boy? Besides you don't have anything going on anyway, might as well be productive."

Bart flashed a half-lopped smile as he pointed at the sky." Don't sweat it bro it will give you a edge down the road and all that and we will still have plenty of time to have a epic summer so don't sweat it!"

Kevin looked at the sky before answering with a melancholy," True man but, to be honest, I can't wait for things to get started with college."

The young adult saw his mother get teary eyed before she muttered,"Oh, my son just graduated and he wants to move out all ready? If I am this much of a mess now I will never be able to keep it together on moving day."

Bart could not help but chuckle before letting out a swagger filed,"I am looking forward to growing up to bro but don't aim your hopes to high man. I hope it goes well but it's not going to be instant paradise or anything."

" Are you just saying that because you're heading to a community college Bart?" Kevin retorted dryly as he grinned." Eh, I know what you mean man, I learned by now not to get too hyped for things. Still, just eager to put this chapter of my life behind me and start a new one I guess. "

Kevin's father narrowed his eyes at that remark." Your always moaning boy, things could be a lot worst so stop talking like you're some luckless sap in the Middle East or something."

Kevin saw his father suddenly belch, and noticed a few girls giggle in the distance. The recent graduate tried to repress his disgust and just utters a controlled," I know I could be a lot worse off dad, that does not mean I have to be content with my life now. Look, I am just saying I am looking forward to defying my life to how I want it to be."

Bart nodded and followed up with an eager," Know the feeling man. So far we have been on the tracks laid out for us, now it's time to make our own tracks! Despite what is going on its still America, the land of the free and I am sure as hell going to show everyone what I can do!"

"Got that right Bart." Kevin said as he nodded with passion." I am going to prove them all wrong about me, and show everyone just what I can do."

Kevin's mother saw her son's passion and smiled warmly."Oh Kevin, I know you felt unhappy about, a lot of things the past few years but, don't get to fixated about trying to change things. Maybe not everyone appreciates your talents but don't feel like you have something to prove, things just take time."

Kevin saw Jill go off in the distance before he had a surge of painful memories flash by his head. The graduate then grasped his diploma so tight he nearly bends it before he turns to his parents," Maybe mom but, I all ready lost time on a lot of things I rather would have not missed, that's why I have to make my dreams come true. Well, once I become a Hollywood sensation, being a better choice to the ladies should be more possible. "

Bart gives a thumbs up and says," Life is one crazy ride Kevin, but you got to make the most of it. Don't over think things too much though bud, just focus on one thing at a time and you will get to where you want sooner or later as long as you don't slack off. Now come on, we can think things over later right now I am hungry as hell and sick of wearing this outfit so let's go!"

Kevin respond with an excited nod and looks at the crowd one more time, seeing people head off before he closed his eyes to go through various memories." Jill, maybe I can't do it today but, I swear I will prove to you and all the others I am not a, undeserving choice. I guess I can't be to unrealistic, I just did not have what they wanted and that's all there is to it.

Jill, Noel, all the way back to Allison, I was just, never what they wanted. Maybe I could not change what I was back then, but that ends after this summer. No matter what, I am going to escape this life, the way my life is now. The town TV station Internship is just the start of the things I have to do to make a name for myself, to prove I am a somebody. Still, might as well enjoy the moment."

Kevin took a deep breath and goes with his family and Bart to celebrate closing the chapter on his life before opening another.