Epilogue: Life's Tango

Kevin and Alison got to Teri's place just before passing out. Kevin woke up to his cell phone ringing, while Alison woke up to Teri entering her room. After Alison calmly explained why she was dressed how she was she went to talk to Carlos and a few of his superiors about her new plan while Kevin talked to his parents.

While it took a bit of negotiating on Alison's side, and Kevin had to weather nearly a hour of his dad's ranting before he got it through his father's head that this was both legit and something he wanted to do. With some nudging from his mother and Mom Kevin's father relented.

While it was not instant, Kevin and Alison, with some help from Carlos and a few of Alison's friends were able to work out a timetable. Before he knew it he was packing things into his car and getting ready to go with Alison on a trip across the nation that would take months.

At the moment Kevin was in the process of packing his trunk and was about to slam it till Bart caught it. As Kevin looked shocked his friend chuckled." Forgetting something dude?"

"Um…I think I got everything Bart. Why, did something fall out?"

"Nah, but it's something that should be in there. Need a wrench in case you get a flat dude. If you're going to pull this off you're going to need a save cash in case you get a flat or something."

"Thanks Bart. Alright this is now everything I, Augh!"

Kevin slammed the car door so fast that it slammed back open and hit him in the face.

For a moment all Kevin saw was white, like he was suddenly in a empty white room before he shook his head. He staggered a bit and saw a ambulance at the end of the block with its driver just looking out the vehicle before he chuckled dryly." Man, I know they keep improving technology but they are jumping the gun just a bit eh?"

Bart looked back before he sighed, then shrugged." C'mon dude don't be like that. Someone's always in trouble some place in the world but we just got to focus on moving forward as much as we can right? Don't get psyched out and fall right before moving on eh?"

As Kevin's vision returned he chuckled anxiously." Well, would suck if this trip ended before it even begun eh? Talk about jumpy...just wanted to make sure I have everything.

Guess this is going to be a bit longer then then my usual rides eh?"

"That's putting it lightly dude. I mean let's be real for a moment. You were stressed out going to the next county to try out that one restaurant and here you are about to go all off over the country for months?"

"I mean, that's true. I guess, there is just too much motivating me keep pushing to back down."

"Heh, you're really going to head off on a road trip that's only thinly planned out to to chase tail eh? You sure she's not going to bail as soon as a bump in the road comes along?"

"I mean, I can't see the future man. But I trust her enough to try this. I mean, here she is now."

Bart served around and saw that Alison's car was indeed in the process of parking before he snickered. "Well, always good when a girl sticks to her word."

Kevin saw Alison walk out of the car and smiled. Alison smiled back as she saw Kevin was nearly packed." Hey Kevin! Glad to see your ready to go, got a big day today! Oh and hey Bart, glad you're doing well."

"Same to you. Heh, just curious, that mop-head of a former boyfriend still looking for me to "get even?"

"Heh, don't have to worry about that. Chandler's so worried about salvaging his standing with his father he already left the country."

"Not worried either way but, cool beans that karma catches up to a spoiled brat. Well, glad you woke up before you went down with the ship Alison. Speaking of ships, you two really plotted your course? If not it's going to derail really damn fast."

"Don't worry Bart, we planned it so the meeting places are all easy enough to get to. Well that's how it supposed to be but you can only take it one step at a time right? Heh, you could say we are starting off in memory lane. To think it looks the same as before I left here."

Kevin looked at his apartment with shame as he rubbed the back of his head." Yah…sorry its more or less the same sight it was all those years ago. I had ideals for how to change things…my dad would never go for it because it did not fit his" Vision."

Bart saw Kevin's embarrassment and snickered." Not like you had the cash to pull off those changes yourself eh dude?"

Alison saw Kevin's embarrassment and just smiled kindly at him." Don't think about it too much Kevin, my old house is not even around anymore. They just demolished it to make a Mic Manson that took up the whole block."

"Er…yah. Don't feel too bad about it Alison, it's not cause of your family, I think the people who moved in after you killed each other. It was messed up."

"Damn…seriously? Good thing we were not neighbors. Besides Kevin, it's not like nothing's changed around hear, I can clearly see things are a bit grayer around here." Kevin paused before he heard a door open, and saw his parents come out. His mother looked happy to see Alison, while his father at least looked subdued. Kevin's mother smiled at once as she stepped forward." Alison! It's so good to see you dear."

"You to Miss Winters. Sorry you had to go through so much the past few years."

"It's ok dear, its nothing that will keep me down. I'm just glad I can retire knowing my sons on the path he needs to be. Glad you're able to figure out your own path as well dear."

"Thanks, it took a while, but I was able to get some clarity thanks to getting back here. I wish we could talk more but, we must stay on track to make sure we can meet the appointment on time. Its, going to be intense, but hopefully it's going to work out."

Kevin's father glanced at Alison carefully for a few moments before he cleared his throat." Alison…just to be clear hear your sure that if Kevin does this thing right it will help his career? "

Alison saw the older man trying not to show his anxiety before she took a deep breath and flicked some hair out of her eyes." I can't promise it will give him a full-time job at the end of this. But it should help him get noticed by the right people. Stuff like this has helped a lot of my coworkers and friends get their careers to take off.

And, since I know what worked for them, I'll be able to help Kevin make the right choices. Heh, of course he will have to carry his weight but, I promise I'll do what I can to make sure this helps him. He scratch's my back and I'll scratch his you know?"

Kevin saw his father looked amused at her playfulness before he chuckled." Well, not like I did not take a risk when I was your age. Took a bit longer but glad you found some initiative boy. Guess you just needed the right c, never mind. But, glad your acting like a man and taking a leap boy. Just, remember to look where you leap Kevin."

"I will dad, I will."

"Just…make sure you know what's going on before each stop ok Kevin?" Kevin's mother muttered as she looked misty eyed." And, no matter what make sure to keep us in the loop. I knew things would be quieter after retiring, did not think it would be this quiet though."

Kevin saw his mother looking depressed before he hugged her. "Don't worry Mom, I'll make sure you're in the loop. Got to give you some fun stories for the day right? Man, did not plan it like this but with us and Bart leaving around the same time guess it's going to be quiet around here."

Bart laughed as he patted Kevin on the shoulder." Guess your folks are going to have to relearn how to enjoy quality time eh? Well, I'll be having a blast setting thing up in the "home" base. But hell, if you are able to stick to this and are where I am give me a head's up and I'll be sure to meet yah for a drink. Might be a night call but it's something."

"I'll make time bro, after all moments with true friends are rare as hell right?"

"Heh, hell yah. Sorry for being on your case from time to time. I know that someone who's hardly had any real major accomplishments in his life has little right to have pride. But its just, got to have some pride in myself you know?"

"Eh, it depends on what your trying to be proud about. But, your not to much more out of touch then most people these days so just got to keep your head out of the clouds dude."

"Thanks man."

As the two-fist bumped Bart saw Alison and flashed another half-lopped smile." Well, I ragged on you for years dude, but this time you seem to be doing more than just dreaming but doing what it takes to make it come true so I'm down with that."

"Thanks Bart, I mean it. For how much I rag on you at times, hope you know how much it means to me that you still got my back after all of it."

"Eh, when we are all but roommates getting on each other's nerves is bound to happen. But even if you can be a dumbass, at least you're a loyal one."

"Thanks…er…I think."

"Just don't get cocky kid, I know in some of the video games just when your close to the goal you get to eager and blow it. Well, you're not going to get an extra life in this one bud."

"Trust me I know man. Well, that's why I'll touch base with you when I can to make sure I'm on track."

"Heh, I'm not your emergency line for your social life dude, boundary's man! Besides I might have some stuff of my own going on. Hell might even follow up with Teri if she is on the level."

"Heh, as a matter of fact Teri thought you were really fun Bart. It's not as easy as it may have looked so don't waste it."

"Noted Ali, thanks for being more on the level then I first figured. Just don't do a face turn now, those really piss me off."

"Don't worry, I'm not about to pull an Undertaker, that was really lame."

"Oh, you followed wrestling to eh? Cool beans."

"Well, it was mostly my dad but, it did leave an early impression on how style matters. Speaking of that, don't mean to push you Kevin but, if we don't leave soon might leave an early impression of being slackers."

"Well, that would be a sucky way to start off eh?" Kevin threw off wryly. The brown-haired man saw his parents and Bart all laugh before he steeled himself." Well, no easy way to do this so might as well just dive in. Alison's right better get going. So, unless I forgot something time to get going. I'll contact you as soon as there is progress."

From there Kevin gave his good buys to Bart and his parents, and even manager to give off a warm embrace with his father. After making sure he had everything he looked at Alison with as much confidence as he could muster." So, ready for one hell of a road trip?"

Alison saw Kevin was trying to not look anxious before she smiled." Oh, not keen on the long drive too much to be honest but you know, just part of the job right? Ready for a real pro tour?"

"Ready as I'll ever be. I'll try and not get to far behind."

"Don't worry, the roads may be long but straightforward. I know, this is a new thing for you so…I'll be a bit more forgiving then I would of some others."

"Thanks Alison, for everything."

"Oh, I guess I'm just a generous girl at times. Just don't forget it eh Kevin?"

"Of course, Alison, I promise I'll never forget."

"Heh, you made it just a little clear by now Kevin. Well, devotion is something a lady hopes for in a guy, long as it's the right kind. But, you proven you have the right kind of devotion in you Kevin.

Someone's obsessed when they just mindlessly want the same result, but someone's devoted when they see not what they want to see, and react accordingly. You saw how things were and reacted Kevin. Sometimes, maybe even a lot of times things were out side your control. But you saw your chance and took it. Thankfully for you, I was looking for a change to, and we found out we could help each other make it before we missed our chance."

"Don't want to get all sappy but…does almost feel like a dream coming true. Or maybe it's just that it's been so long since something has gone right that that itself feels like a dream."

"Oh come on Kevin, that's not just a little sappy. But, its ok, sometimes life has some sappy moments. Maybe life does not go how we plan it, but we got to be ready for then we can shape things. It's, like a dance or a tango, you can't control the dance, but just have to be ready to move to the beats when it's your time. Heh, thankfully you don't seem like to bad a dance partner after all Kevin, with the right dance."

"Well, guess I can push myself to,"

To his shock Alison put her hand over his lips before winking." Kevin, you don't have to say what we both already know eh? It's really simple, I'm happy we were able to remember how well we work together."

"Oh Alison, thanks so much."

Kevin looked at Alison adoringly for a few moments as the two friends got closer to each other. For a few moments Alison looked like she was going to kiss him, till she suddenly pulled back and giggled." Ease up their tiger, we don't have time to get sidetracked. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. But who knows…if this worked out maybe we will hit the jackpot after all eh? C'mon partner, let's get this show on the road."

Alison gave Kevin a friendly tap on his shoulder before heading to her car. Despite it not ending quite how he hoped Kevin remained encouraged by Alison's friendly look as she got into her car. Kevin saw Bart and his parents give one last wave before he waved back and got into his own car.

He saw the ambulance drive past him before he took a deep breath, looked at his house one last time and grasped his wheel tightly as he got ready to one way or another start the next phase of his life.

Damn…after all these years of having dreams like this, this is really happening. I might be able to have a real career and a shot with Alison after all. Guess, dreams can come true if you don't give up. Just, got to do more than hope it will come true, and keep fighting every moment to hang on till that chance arrives. Not in the clear yet, but I'll do every damn thing I have to make sure I can keep up with the American Tango, no matter how fast this dance gets.