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Also, here's the full summary before I forget: The world of Ileria is full of animal-human mutant hybrids, but they have no rights and are treated as lower-class citizens. This form of oppression is referred to as "Lessership" by the mutants. In this stands three major mutant organizations: MATE, KIN, and FERAL. To oppose, King Oren has created The Supremacy, an organization of humans dedicated to either capturing or killing all mutants. Will the mutant hybrids finally be given the equality they deserve or will they be wiped off the face of the planet?

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A girl with short, white hair and beautiful violet eyes was running through the forest, desperately clutching her bloodied side with one hand while holding on to a small box in the other. Her normally white button up shirt was stained red from her wound, with some of the blood dripping down onto her brown Capri pants and black boots. A note worthy characteristic of her however, would be her two white rabbit ears and tail. She was a mutant. Despite her speed, the rapid blood loss was starting to take its toll by causing her vision to warp. She could hear the Supremacy soldiers catching up as well.

The pain was too much. She had to stop.

Quickly ducking behind a tree, the girl grimaced in pain before reaching in the box. She pulled out a flare, knowing it would give away her location to the soldiers, but hoping that someone from MATE, or even FERAL at this point, would find her first.

Meanwhile, two young men had just entered the Supremacy base that was nearby. The taller one on the right had black spikey hair, and red eyes the shade of blood. He's wearing a black jacket with a dark red shirt underneath it, a regular pair of blue jeans, and a pair of black sneakers.

The smaller one to the left has brown hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a regular black T-shirt, a pair of blue jeans, a pair black fingerless gloves, and a pair of regular sneakers. Around his neck, it looked like he was wearing a necklace of sorts, though couldn't see most of it, as it was inside his shirt.

One thing that they both had in common however, were the wolf ears they both had on their head, with the one on the right also sporting a wolf tail.

The smaller one looked up into the sky, seeing the flare go off. He and the taller had just made it into the Supremacy's base. The girl in the woods could not have had worse timing.

"Looks like she got hit." He said calmly, holding back any and all emotion as he turned to the taller one. Though truth be told it was irritating. Since the rabbit girl was so opposed to fighting, the plan was to use her speed to distract the Supremacy soldiers while the taller wolf mutant and himself snuck inside the base. It was supposed to be a rescue mission, but now it seemed that the rabbit mutant was the one in need of rescuing "What should we do, Ombre? We can't just leave her to die."

The now introduced Ombre thought quickly, as there were many options and all of them seemed dangerous. "We can try to save her, but if we get in anymore danger than may be necessary I need you to run. I'll take care of Shira if it gets out of your league." he said, starting toward where the flare went off determined to protect both the smaller wolf mutant and the now known Shira.

The smaller one sighed before responding "Whatever you say Ombre, though I can handle myself in a fight. Either way, this mission is a total bust..." He said before following the other wolf-mutant.

Ombre glared at the smaller one slightly. "I'm just saying that sometimes you can be a bit reckless. Just be careful." Ombre sped up a bit, not wanting to be too late to help.

Meanwhile, the sound of the soldiers grew ever closer to Shira. She shakily grabbed her pistol to prepare for the worst. No doubt her injury had setback their mission. She had underestimated the amount of soldiers guarding the base, and even though she managed to draw them away, it was not without consequence.

Phantom was gonna be pissed.

Ombre quickly used his super senses to locate Shira. Motioning for the smaller wolf mutant to lay low, he swiftly snuck closer. He was only a bit away, and he could see Shira nearby.

Unable to hold herself up any longer however, Shira collapsed to the ground, unconscious.

Seeing this, Ombre ran over to where Shira collapsed. He could hear the soldiers getting even closer. Not wanting to stick around and unwilling to leave her, Ombre picked Shira up. She was surprisingly heavy as he walked as quickly as he could back to the smaller wolf mutant. He was having a hard time carrying her.

The smaller mutant rushed over to help Ombre. He knew they didn't have much time

"Look! Over there!" One of the soldiers shouted, pointing towards them. That wasn't good. They couldn't afford to waste their time fighting. Instead, he kicked a small amount of dirt into the air and used his powers to spread it out and create a smoke-screen.

"Such a small amount of dirt will buy us 15 seconds at best. We've got to hurry up and get out of here"

Shira stirred in Ombre's arms however and cried out in pain when she felt her body shift. Feeling the presence of two people, she rasped out, "K-Kaze? Ombre?"

Ombre shushed Shira. Heeding Kaze's words, he rushed away, not looking back. They had to get out of there.

Meanwhile, a young man was currently typing away at a console, a few Supremecy bodies around him.

He had shoulder length dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. He was wearing a black hoodie zipped up almost all the way. Underneath the hoodie, you could see that he was wearing a white T-shirt. He was also wearing a pair of regular blue jeans, a pair of black running shoes, and on his wrist he wore a metal chain braclet with a metal eagles head on it. On his back though, you could see a pair of white eagle wings.

The eagle mutant sighed, thinking about the current situation. This was supposed to be a simple rescue mission. While Shira was supposed to distract the soldiers, Kaze and Ombre were supposed to sneak inside the base. While they did that, he was supposed to disable communications so the Supremacy couldn't call for back up. Now, Shira was somewhere in the forest, probably injured, and Kaze and Ombre ran off to go help her. And now he's the only one inside the base full of people who would gladly kill him if they saw him.

The mutant was currently trying to decide between the rescue and his(sort of) friends.

"Fuck it, you guys better actually be in trouble." He said, making his decision.

After he was done disabling their communications, he ran out the door and jumped over the ledge, heading toward the others.

Kaze let out a sigh of relief "I feel it in the wind, he's coming" he said simply, turning to Ombre. "Maybe he can provide a little back-up. After all, new as he is, he could still give you a run for your money, Ombre."

Ombre glared at Kaze slightly. "If you say so. As long as he can help get us out of here, then I'm pleased." Shifting Shira in his arms, he prepared for anything.

"Alright, lets see here, where are you guys?" The eagle mutant muttered, surveying the area for any sign of them.

"Ah, there you are." he said, spotting them and heading towards them.

After landing he said, "Hey, you guys ok?"

"Well let's see: we're surrounded by Supremacy soldiers and Shira's bleeding to death. Yeah, I'd say we're just fine" Kaze replied sarcastically

"Well if your gonna be like that, I could just leave you here and complete the mission." The eagle mutant said with a smirk

Ombre sighed in frustration "We cant be arguing right now, we need to get going. So stop being annoying and help us will you?" It was obvious that Ombre was nearly on his last nerve with everyhing going on.

"Alright, give her to me. I can fly her back to camp a lot faster than you can get her there. And judging by how much blood she's lost, we don't have a lot of time." The eagle mutant observed, looking at Shira with worry

Ombre carefully placed Shira into his arms. He was also worried for her but he didnt show it. He and Kaze had to focus on getting away now.

The eagle mutant took off, flying as fast as he could, but being careful not to drop Shira.

"Hang on Shira, your gonna be alright, just hang on." He said, instinctually going faster.

Ombre only briefly glanced up at them. Sparing almost no time, Ombre and Kaze raced away.

Authors Note: And, done. Hope you all liked the chapter. But a few questions you all may have on your mind are: 'Who is the eagle mutant?' and 'Is Shira going to be alright?'. Well, for those answers, you're either going to have to join the RP or wait till the next chapter.

Another thing you should know about this is powers. A lot of the characters in this have powers, so I'll be giving you descriptions of the powers of each member as they use their power.

Shira, Super Speed: This not only increases her physical speed, but also allows her to make decisions faster than the average human/mutant.

Ombre, Super Senses: He can literally hear a pin drop or see a mile away, he can feel even the slightest movement nearby, and has the nose of a bloodhound.

Kaze, Aerokinesis: This basically gives him control over the air. A extension of this is that he can sense changes in the wind, such as those created by movement or physical presence, effectively giving him a 'radar sense.

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