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A women could be seen stares up at the sky and the moving clouds that were pretty than usual.

The women had long bleach blonde hair and powder blue cat like eyes. She was wearing a black skin-tight catsuit, which attracted the attention of a lot of men. Two very noticeable features of her however, were the lynx ears and fox tail she had.

"So!" The women approaches the eagle mutant once he lands. "What have we to learn today, bird boy? Sending my dear little sister for distraction?" There is a hint of malevolence behind her cheeriness.

"I wonder how much calculations it takes to figure out that maybe this could have been avoided if it was me doing this part?"

The eagle mutant ignores her and rushes to the medical tent.

"Get the doctor, now!" He orders when he gets there.

When the doctor arrives, the eagle mutant puts Shira on a medical bed.

"What happened?" The doctor asks

"She got shot by the supremecy soldiers. Ombre and Kaze were able to get to her before I could. When I got her, the supremecy soldiers were close doc." He tells the doctor

"Well, good, now that we know the problem, we can help her. Though based on how much blood she's lost, she's gonna need a transfusion." The doctor informs him

"Then use my blood, just don't let her die" The eagle mutant was not going to let her die

"Alright then, come this way and we can begin the transfusion once the bullet is out and the wound is closed." The doctor said, leading the eagle mutant towards the operating room/tent.

"Put his blood inside my darling, Doctor," Shira's sister steps in his way, "and someone will be doing your blood transfusion soon after."

She smiles and then pretends to think while playfully tapping on her lips with her index finger. "It is only proper that the blood of her kin should be selected, I will not have my sister's blood tainted."

The doctor stares at her. Then he looks at the eagle mutant.

"Bird boy, shouldn't you be overlooking the operation from your nest? We still have not come up with a back up plan you know."

"If that's the best you can come up with, then I'm disappointed, I expected better from you. Besides she needs someone with the same blood type and last I checked, you two have different blood types." The eagle mutant says, not in the mood for the woman's antics.

"Oh..." The woman suddenly changes her persona. There is no trace of the previous ferociousness.

She shyly walks towards the eagle mutant - and gives him a hug. "Please take care of her." She whispers in his ears.

Then she watches as the doctor and Shira disappear behind the flaps of the tent.

Before the eagle mutant enters, he turns to Shira's sister "Listen, I need you to find Kaze and Ombre, then bring them back here. I have a feeling they're going to need help, and since I can't do it, I need you to."

"Already ahead of you" Shira's sister dangles the key chain for the aircraft that belongs to the eagle mutant; she snagged it when she hugged him "That's two favors you owe me: one for my sister and one for the others."

The eagle mutant said nothing, but you could see a small smirk on his face as he entered the operating room/tent, and as he did, Shira's sister laughed.

"You're going to need to find a new doctor."

"Last time I checked," A man said, walking past Shira's sister and grabbing the keys out of her hand, "You are not apart of MATE and have no business lurking around here, regardless of your family ties. Speaking of which, I'll deal with her when I get back," he added quietly.

The man had eyes as grey as stone and short black hair. The man was wearing a yellow T-shirt, a black button-down jacket with yellow buttons and cuffs on it, along with black pants.* Two very noticeable features of him however, were the panther ears and tail he had.

Quickly waking over and jumping in the small aircraft, the man started it up and made his way to find Ombre and Kaze.

"Hey, I stole that fair and square you know! " Shira's sister pouts as she stares at the aircraft, now a shrinking dot.

"And my business is my sister and people owing me favors. Who gives a damn about this wannabe peacemaker organization..."

She shudders, suddenly all too aware of the scars on her back.

" will never work..."

"...I wouldn't say that."

A dark-skinned, African-American looking woman appears from thin air in front of Vixen. The woman stood at 5'6 in height and had a slim body. She has youthful, even childish features to her, along with green eyes. The woman has long black hair that she has tied into a braid that goes half way down her back. She is wearing a black long-sleeved shirt, with matching black pants and boots.

The woman who seemed to appear out of thin air nervously looked at the ground under her, rather than Shira's sister's eyes.

"I may despise the Supremacy, but I believe there's humans out there who would like to work together with us. My father believed it as well, so I like to stay hopeful."

"How long were you..."

Shira's sister flinches at Nicole's appearance, then quickly regains her composure.

She gives a nasty smile. "And how far did your father get with hope when he was up against a small group of Supremacy soldiers?"

The African-American looking woman's eyes snapped up to look into Shira's sister's own. Her face showing a flash of shock, before turning to confused anger.

" did you know about that?"

She clenched her fists. She though no one outside of herself and the Supremacy knew about her father.

Shira's sister exaggeratedly flicks the side of her hair with a dramatic hand movement. "I just happened to peek through the MATE members' profile at one point or another while hanging out here. But um..." She looks left and right to check no one is there to scold her. "...don't tell Phantom that. Or I'll tell everyone about your good ol' dad."

The woman who seemed to appear out of thin air's glare didn't fade, but she walked away silently. She didn't want to risk arguing with the woman, or the secret about her parents coming out. She glanced over her shoulder at Shira's sister.

"Just be careful if you want to keep snooping around. I may not be willing to kill you to keep my secrets hidden, but I know a few people who would."

She faced forward again, before vanishing. A faint smile could be seen on her lips before she was completely gone.

"Maybe it's a new MATE trend that everyone smirks right before disappearing." Shira's sister shrugs. Then she leaves as well.

Meanwhile back in the forest, Kaze and Ombre were fighting their hearts out, but the supremacy soldiers just kept coming

"Ugh. These guys are annoying" Kaze said calmly, slashing another with a switchblade he held in his right hand, then creating an x shaped slash across yet another's chest using both that switchblade and one from his left hand. Three more soldiers tried to approach him from behind, but they suddenly found it hard to keep their footing as they were nearly blown away with a gust of wind, giving Kaze enough time to turn around and slash each of their throats all in one motion "-And when will they learn that sneak attacks are useless against somebody who can sense their presence?"

Ombre was growing frustrated as well. He wished they could just get away. Remaining silent, he reloaded his hand guns as he looked up at the sky.

Finally spotting Kaze and Ombre, the man who had taken the key's Shira's sister, who had stolen them from the eagle mutant, lowered the aircraft enough for them to get in, the waves of Supremacy soldiers seeming to have stopped. "Now, will someone explain what the hell happened?"

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*: Basically a navy uniform dyed black with a yellow trim.

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