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Meanwhile back at the camp, the doctor is finishing the blood transfusion.

"Alright, that should be enough blood." The doctor said

The eagle mutant slowly got up holding his head. "Good, now doc, I'm gonna take a nap. But I need you to do something for me."

"Of course sir, what is it?" The doctor asked

"I need you to wake me up, when either the others get back, or when Shira wakes up." He told the doc

"I can understand the first one, but why when she wakes up?"

"That's between me, her, and the mountain tribes." He tells the doc, silently telling him not to ask anymore. He barely suppresses a shudder, thinking about that always made him uncomfortable. Thankfully neither ever brought up how they got out of there around the others. Or each other.

The eagle mutant then passed out on one of the medical beds.

"Mountain tribes?" The doctor mutters/asks, many situations that might have happened between the 2 already going through his head.

Meanwhile back with Ombre, Kaze, and the man in the airship, Ombre was finishing up summarizing all that had taken place in the last hour or so.

The man in the airship sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration before starting up the airship. "I knew this was a bad idea; sending Shira on a high-risk mission too early. I'll deal with her personally. In the meantime, we're heading back to camp to regroup. Nicole should be back by now so she'll take Shira's place."

Ombre did his best to hide his annoyance. Everything was going wrong and he couldn't do anything about it. He wasn't looking forward to seeing more annoying people when they got back too.

Both Ombre and Kaze then entered the airship. The airship then lifted off the ground and started the ten minute flight back to camp

*Ten minutes later, MATE camp*

Landing the airship, the man quickly got out and commanded, "Kaze, find Nicole. Tell her to get ready. We're going back out there. Ombre, get Vixen under control. I've caught her peaking in personnel files once already and you are the only one who can get through that thick skull of hers. Now, you have your orders. Go!" Turning to leave, the man marched towards the medical tent.

"OMBRRREEEE. PHANTOMMM!" Out of nowhere a heavy voice booms and foul sweaty odor fills the air... Enter Chikyu: the manly man. Chikyu had jet black hair and emerald green eyes. He was wearing a black wife-beater shirt, dark green cargo pants, and brown combat boots. A very notable feature about him however, were the jet black bear ear he had on his head.

Chikyu goes to jump out of the tree he's standing in, but trips on the branch he's standing on at the last second. The result is a tremor heard across the MATE encampment, maybe even towns of Ileria.

Scowling, the man stopped just before entering the tent to turn and face Chikyu. "Chikyu," he growled, "what are you doing here? I don't have time for you or FERAL at the moment."

The woman from earlier chose that moment to frantically run outside, holding a pistol in her small, shaky hands.

"What was that?! Are we being invaded?"

She looks around, and see's Chikyu. "Oh...I should have known." She breathed a sigh of relief, before scowling at him.

"POSTPONE ALL YOUR MISSIONS, PHANTOM. I BRING A DIRE MESSAGE FROM THE HEADQUARTER'S." Chikyu struggles to remember. He rummages through his pockets and reads from a crumpled note. "To the Mutant Alliance for Tolerance and Equality, its allies and support. Our headquarter located west of Ileria at coordinate 45B is under heavy Supremacy attack. Currently at this hour of 1400 we have managed to locate key figures leading this assault and have reached a conclusion to ask MATE for their assistance in fending off the Supremacy forces. Remember, dear recipient: if FERAL falls, there is no chance of peace for the mutants. We protected you before and it is your turn to repay, if honor holds sufficient value." Chikyu looks up at Phantom with tears. "Signed Fredicton, second in command... rest his soul."

Meanwhile in the medical tent, the doctor shakes the bird mutant awake.

"Sir, Phantom and the others are back." The doctor said

The eagle mutant moans. "Good, now help me up will you? I still feel a little light headed."

The doctor nod's and helps him up and says, "Sir, I should also tell you that Chikyu is here."

"Oh you've got to be kidding, I hate that guy."

"Anyway, I should probably go see phantom. No doubt he plans to find some way blame me for the failure of the mission." The eagle mutant says, walking toward the exit of the tent just in time to hear Chikyu give the message.

Walking out of the medical tent, the eagle mutant looked at the man, now revealed to be Phantom. "Well Phantom, what are we going to do?"

"What the hell was that?" Shira's sister approaches as well. Then she squints her face. "Ew. I should have known."

Phantom growled, walked over, and snatched the note from Chikyu's hands, reading over it once more. "Alright, listen up! Our current mission will have to be postponed for the time being. MATE is already spread thin across Ileria and we can't have anymore casualties, FERAL or otherwise," he said, narrowing his eyes. "That being said, I will send a small support team to assist. Kaze, Ombre, Nicole, Aquilam, you will go with Chikyu. Today. Aquilam, what's Shira's condition and how long will it take to get her up and running again?"

"She'll live if that's what your asking. But she's in no condition to do anything, when she wakes up she'll need a couple days to rest." The now known Aquilam tells Phantom.

"Damn it, Shira..." he cursed, "Very well. I will stay and watch over her here. That means I'm putting Ombre in charge. Alright, you all know what to do. Try not to kill yourselves in the process."

"Are you sure that we can trust them? What if it's a trap?" The woman from earlier asked, holstering her pistol.

"Oh, I'm almost certain it's trap, so I'd be prepared to fight our way out if anything happens." Aquilam tells her.

"Hey, Phantom, you know I normally wouldn't care either way, but is it really a good idea to send Aquilam on this mission? Don't get me wrong, he's an excellent fighter, but on the other hand, by bringing him, we risk stirring up problems with FERAL. I mean there's bound to be at least a little bad blood between him and them after he left them to join KIN and us?" Kaze calmly pointed out. "There's problems between us already, and we're taking a huge risk even trusting them enough to go on mission. The last thing we need are even more unintended problems."

"Hey, they were experimenting on live humans. Including children. There was no way I was going to let them get away with that. Besides, I'm sure they've gotten over it by now. And if not, then they'll just have to deal with it." Aquilam gave Chikyu a slight glare.

"BAD BLOOD? TRAP? CHIKYU DOES NOT RESORT TO SUCH SMALL FRY TACTICS AND GRUDGES! MY WORDS ARE TRUE! I WOULD BET MY MASCULINITY ON IT." Chikyu strikes an Equestrian pose. "..." He freezes midway his muscle show. "One more thing you should know Phantom. About the ley figures leading the infantry."

"...Anybody else starting to second-guess the saying 'Don't shoot the messanger'?" Kaze asked, showing a rare moment of irritation

"I question it almost every time I speak to Chikyu." Aquilam says, just as annoyed

"It's just... I know the dangers of letting The Supremacy have their way with hybrids. Believe me, I want to help, despite the risk." The woman from earlier said, averting her eyes. Aquilam noticed her avert her eyes, and made a mental note to talk with her about it after.

Shira's sister stares while pinching her nose. "This is the one time that FERAL calls on a peacekeeping faction for help." She giggles. "The irony."

"Settle down! Kaze, Aquilam is more than qualified to go despite his previous dealings with FERAL. If their leader wants to bitch and moan, then he will take it up with me." Phantom sighed and shook his head.

"Right, but that still doesn't explain how were supposed to get there. By now the supremacy should have their communications back up and are no doubt patrolling the forest and the skies." Aquilam informs them.

"Stop bickering and just get it over with! I am sick of these stupid arguments!" Ombre was incredibly pissed. He felt like a failure for letting Shira get hurt. He was also very pissed that the mission was a bust and he could do nothing about it. "All you're doing is causing more trouble!"

"No, I'm pointing out that we don't have anyway to get to west Ileria without either getting shot down and dying in a fiery explosion, or getting riddeled with bullets and bleeding out on the forest floor. And that's if were lucky." Aquilam spoke in a slow manner to Ombre.

Still rather annoyed, Ombre went silent. He decided to listen closely rather than barge into the conversation again.

"I know a few paths into FERAL territory, that not many people know about." The woman from earlier says. "I-In case they were ever ambushed like this, of course." She quickly adds.

"The Supremacy probably know about and are blocking some of them though."

Phantom nodded in agreement. "Chikyu, I assume you have an aircraft of some kind, otherwise you wouldn't be here. My team will go in that. And don't worry about the foot soldiers. I can buy you some time with the ones in the sky, but you'll have to be quick. No doubt the Supremacy bastards have already estimated the location of this camp. The rest of us here will have to pack up and move to the base in Central City."

"Yes, that's the plan, we go to one of these paths and hope that they're not there? What if they are there, do we just ask them, 'hey, we now we're basically at war but could you please let us through so we can go save the organization that wants your species dead?'" Aquilam asked.

Annoyance flashed across Ombre's face."We'll have to break camp ASAP if we want to get to Central City before the Supremacy catch up with us. It's bad enough that our mission failed, they could've spotted our aircraft as well. They could be on us in the hour."

"I will handle that. You just focus on the current mission and getting these kids out alive. The remaining MATE members here will be able to hold them off long enough for you to get away. Afterwards, we will retreat to Central City where you will meet up with us once you're finished."

Phantom stood in front of Ombre and clasped a hand on his shoulder. "I'm trusting you to take care of them. I don't want what happened to Shira to happen to them," he spoke lowly, "We've lost too many members already. I refuse to lose anymore."

Ombre nodded quickly, hiding his annoyance. Quietly he responded "I understand. I'll take care of them."

"SO WE ARE ALL IN AGREEMENT? EXCELLENT!" Chikyu gives a hearty laugh, unaware he's completely ruined the serious moment. "GETTING THERE BY AIR IS A TERRIBLE IDEA DUE TO ANTI AIR UNIT'S AWAITING US, BUT NOTHING BEATS A GLORIOUS DEATH BY FRONTAL ASSAULT EH?." He rummages through his military duffel bag and hands each of them a pair of silver disks. "These were in development and are still prototype, but they should manage for now. You put them under each foot and they emit a sort of blue fire; they are fueled by your body and they run out when your stamina gives out. SO IF YOU'RE FEELING SHAKY IN THE AIR, LAND!" Then Chikyu takes a deep breath and becomes deadly calm. "One last thing. The key members of Supremacy involved in this nuisance." There is a small hint of nervousness in his facial feature. "Oceanus, Prince of Seas and the Blanc. They are the leaders of the infantry."

Hearing this, Aquilam reached for his phone. "I'm gonna need to make a call."

"You know what, you guys go handle this. This is getting way too big for me." Shira's sister plays with her nails.

"Supremacy this, FERAL that, I'm staying right here with Shira until she recovers. Hell, I'm just a bystander."

"You know we're gonna have to move her right? Since the supremacy is most likely on their way here now." Aquilam tells her, waiting for his "friend" to pick up the phone.

"I was thinking of taking her down to the MATE data safehouse located right here actually, reinforced by two meter thick steel and lethal security system."

"And when they decide to just hack into the system and cut off all the oxygen, what then?" Aquilam asks.

Phantom glared at Vixen. "I'm not going to even ask how you know about that. The bunker is for data only, thief." Turning to Aquilam, he said, "One good thing about Shira is that she's a fast healer. Do not worry, I will make sure she's fine. I'd worry more about you all since you'll be dealing with the traitorous prince."

Vixen's eyes suddenly flash. She looks at Aquilam with mischief and affection, "That's actually a great idea."

Then she looks at Phantom. "Pretty pretty pretty please may I take Shira to the database?"

Aquilam looked at Phantom. "Why do you think I'm making this call?"

"I'm calling a few of my 'Questionable associates', as you call them, to ask for help." Aquilam says.

"They're questionable for good reason, as they have no alignment and unorthodox methods. Which is the same reason why I still don't trust Vixen," he said before sighing, "However, desperate times calls for desperate measures. How soon can they get here?"

"Well, depending on the airship they use, and how long it will take them to evade Supremacy forces, 5 minutes at least. I hope you have a plan for until they get." Aquilam says

"Ah, yes put Burk on the phone. I don't care if he's in a meeting, put him on the phone. Just tell him Aquilam called. He'll know who I am." He said into the phone. Once Burk was on the phone, he started explaining the situation.

"Phantom, I could not care less if you don't trust me. But you bet I am not going to let anything happen to my little sister." A shadow forms on Shira's sisters face, now known as Vixen, as she lowers her head.

"Wherever she goes, I go. And do you really think I suggested the data bunker to prioritize its petty members information before Shira's safety?"

Tears form in the corner of her eyes.

Aquilam seeing this, says, "Hey, hold on for a moment will you Burk?"

Not even waiting for an answer, he hangs up and puts the phone in his pocket.

He goes to put a hand on Vixen's shoulder and says, "Hey, it's alright. We all know how much you care for your sister. Frankly, I'm sure that if any of us had siblings we'd do the same thing. But the supremacy is on there way here and the safest place for you and your sister, is with us." He hopes this both gets through to her and cheers her up. Especially since he hates it when women cry.

Phantom meanwhile looks at her, unfazed. "Do not be selfish on her behalf. You know damn well that Shira would put others before herself, so if you're trying to guilt me into giving in, it won't work. Crying won't either. So I suggest you prepare yourself and help me protect her."

Aquilam's hand touches Vixen's shoulder. Or at least it should have. For a split second she glitches.

"I'm sorry Aquilam, Phantom. But I can't count on MATE to protect Shira, especially when they already failed once." The air around Vixen shivers as if with intense heat. Then she is gone.

Few distance away a bloody doctor comes out of the tent Shira was resting in; he collapses in front of the entrance. Inside, bloody footprints face the walls of the tent.

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