MaskedHero100: I'm going to be doing this tale in "hand in hand" tandem with "Heroes Legion: "Year One": Ep:13: "Spellbound", I might as well because when I get to the point where the Legion first meets world drifter they might be confused as to the concept or story behind the mysterious world hopping figure who "just appeared out of nowhere" in the future Heroes Legion tale "The Alternative Factor" he appears to them in... So once again, for you readers viewing and reading pleasure. I present to you...The Multiverse, and the tale of the beings who monitor and protect it...enjoy.

World Drifters:

Guardians Of The Multiverse

Written by Maskedhero100

Chapter 0:

The Multiverse

Information taken from the "Tome of History" Archives, expert: "The Beginning"


In the beginning there was just one world.

One universe.

Our father created it to give us a place to live instead of floating in an endless oblivion of infinite dimensional space.

We were what our future human brothers and sisters would call Angels, beings of pure light in a world that had yet to have stars and other galaxies.

We used our own light to light up the proto-earth and the proto-universe.

It was a paradise.

We were allowed to build, we were allowed to dream, we were allowed to love, raise families and we were allowed to do whatever we chose to do to make our lives better, because that was our father's greatest gift to us, the gift of free choice.

But maybe that's one gift that was too good for an omnipotent being to give to his lower knowledgeable children who weren't born with his omnipotence.

It happened one day, when our father was talking to us about his plans for a new plan, a new world and universe he had planned to create.

The beings that would inhabit them wouldn't be anything like us, they would be physical, flesh and blood.

Like any big brothers or sisters, it would be our job to help watch over them.

They would be allowed the same privileges as us, but it would be our job to help teach them along the way until they became as well knowledge in these privileges and powers like we were.

But one of our elder brothers, he rebelled. He believed that if this new creation was created and had the potential to become on our level of power, intelligence and everything else, but be flesh and blood instead of beings of pure light…then we would no longer be special.

He also believed that the creation of this new species would cause our father to not take care of us or give us any attention anymore due to being "preoccupied" with creating humans and watching them grow on another world that would be adjacent to our world.

It was a foolish belief, we would of course be equal and our father would not abandon us while he "Gave birth to" and "raised" his newest creation.

The humans would be able to ascend to become like us over time.

But that didn't matter to him.

He complained to our father, but our fathers words didn't stave off his temper or convince him to trust in our father.

He eventually decided that if our father was so interested in creating these "imperfect" beings, then he had already abandoned us, and shouldn't be in charge of our world anymore.

And so Evil was introduced to our kind and our universe for the first time.

With that evil came chaos, and with that chaos…came war.

Our deluded elder brother lead a bloody insurrection against us and our father in an attempt to claim the Proto-Universe for himself, and place himself as "The One above all" instead of our father…his father.

Many joined him either out of fear of the same kind that had driven our Elder Brother mad, selfish and cruel, or had been persuaded into joining him because of his reputation of being "The Best of us all" as an Angel.

Because if one of the best of us was rebelling against something, then it was wrong and he was right…and that meant our father was wrong and should be stopped.

I never understood that thinking back then, and I don't understand it now.

How does any of that justify killing your own brother and sisters because they won't join your insanity?

Needless to say, after a thousand year war.

Our father and the three Archangels and our traitorous brother's twin brother, our other elder brother, defeated our traitorous brother and his followers.

But the war had laid waste to our Universe, to the point of it almost vanishing from existence completely.

Our father, enraged at the callousness of our traitorous brother and the blind loyalty of the ones who turned on us to stand by him.

Created two new realms.

The Dark realm: A world of nothing but chaos and darkness.

Hell: The place where evil and the ones who serve it will be punished till the end of days for the crimes they have committed.

It was in these two realms that our father cast out our brother and his forces from our midst as punishment for the innocent lives they took during the war, where they remain to this day.


Freedom less.


Our brother wanted to rule a realm and everything in it, he got his wish.

A few of his followers realised the full scope of his madness too late, and were imprisoned in The Dark Realm.

They might be able to be redeemed, but the demons and monsters that our brothers and sisters who had joined Lucifer eventually became like he did during the war, won't have that chance because they are too far gone.

It was the darkest time of our age.

Because of the war, our world, our Universe could no longer sustain itself as a realm of pure light.

Darkness and Evil had been introduced, and it was just as primal a source as Light was.

We mourned our dead, and our destroyed world.

Our world was destroyed beyond redemption, beyond being rebuilt into what it was…even with our father's great power of creation.

It was gone.

It could only be finished off, and let a new world rise from its ashes.

So our father found a way to preserve the Proto-Earth and that is how the Multiverse was created.

He rebuilt the Proto-Earth into what we call "Earth Prime", that is the world you who are reading this tome of ours are living in right now.

He then filled it up with the stars, planets, wildlife and the first humans and first any other species that he soon populated the other planets in the reborn universe's galaxies with.

But the world, The reborn universe was still unstable, so to rectify this, Father made another world….and another, and another, and another….until a Multiverse of Universe's were born.

A collection of universe's which all were identical copies of one another, with identical histories…until the presence and choices of man in all of them caused them to diverge and differentiate among themselves and their history.

In other words, the worlds received their own timelines and histories as they ran parallel to each other.

It was a beautiful sight to behold.

But the remains of our realm of light couldn't stay in the newly created Multiverse, and our father's presence alone caused worlds to be created or destroyed before any life could grow on them, so Father and the rest of the Angels moved the remains of our world and themselves into a realm of its own, a realm as infinite as the Multiverse itself seemed to be.

It is known to you readers who believe or don't believe as "Heaven", the place they say you go to when you die.

Ah, yes, when you die.

Just like it is for us.

After we have served our role for a thousand years, we ascend into Angelhood and join or brothers and sisters, parents, all of our families who have gone on before us… in the world beyond were we were all born from.

You might ask yourself, "Who we are who know all of this?"

Who are we that are writing all of this to you that you are reading on your computer screens, IPad or IPhone screen at this very moment?

Or how I know that you're all doing that right now in the first place.

You see, we who have wrote this tome that tells the beginning of the Multiverse and the resulting Omniverse, which has been allowed to be written on one of your world's internet writing sites, are the ones who fell and were slain during the war, re-incarnated as the guardians of all reality, and all its many incarnations across the Omniverse.

We are the World Drifters.

A secret society of humanoids who are charged with keeping the Multiverse's that are both real and fictional safe from forces that seek to conquer them…or destroy them.

Yes you read that right, "Fictional Universe."

Although they are only "Fictional" to you readers on Earth Prime, out here in the space between worlds, they are very real indeed!

You humans have no idea the creative powers that you unknowingly possess due to the nature of the Omniverse where all Multiverse's exist.

Every time you write, fantasise or do anything creative among those lines, you create a world.

Every movie, every novel or work of fiction that you know of.

It all exists somewhere else in the Omniverse, in one of the many Multiverse's that circle around Earth Prime in the center of it all.

The fictional Universe's/Multiverse's are as real as any of the others and their inhabitants are as alive and real as you and me.

So say for example if you asked me if "Harry Potter" or "World War Z" existed somewhere in the Omniverse.

I'd tell you that they were both located in "Multiverse 14" and "Multiverse 1124" and their universe's names were "Earth 1997" and "Earth: 2013" respectively.

But then you'd be asking if I could take you to these worlds or any others you wanted to go to, and I'm sorry but it's not that simple.

Earth Prime, your world…is a non-Interference zone.

We don't really "Take" people from their realities on joyrides through the multiverse or any other ones, sorry.

We try to keep the existence of these worlds a secret, telling it on your world is fine because it will be a very LOOOOOONG time before Earth Prime ever develops the ability or technology to jump between dimensions.

Besides, in worlds where they do know about the Multiverse they exist within at any given time…the discovery always turns out to be a double edged knife.

For example, you wouldn't want the Neo-Nazi's of the world where they won the Second World War to cross over into your world, or say Sauron from "The Lord of The Rings" to cross over into your world and wreck untold destruction on your world either do you?…neither do we.

Nor do we want any of the villains, and other forces of Evil that exist in all forms of reality ever to cross over into other worlds or even attempt to do the unthinkable.

Take over the Multiverse that they exist within, or find your world, Earth Prime and use its status as the "Keystone" of all realities everywhere to remake the Omniverse into their image.

I don't wish to alarm you, but there have been many who have tried.

There are other ways to do so possibly, but every one of the dark forces who find a way to cross over and learn of the existence of worlds outside of their own always try to find Earth Prime for this very reason.

That is why travel to Earth Prime is strictly forbidden, and sealed off from anyone who isn't a world drifter with the power of interdimensional travel which can allow passage past the great barrier wall that protects your reality from otherworldly invaders.

We have kept all worlds safe since time immemorial.

No one of these Dark Forces has ever managed to find, or even find the way to travel to Earth Prime let alone find a way to reshape that world to his own image, causing the rest of reality everywhere to follow suit.

Until a year ago that is.

Before I begin the tale I must introduce myself.

My Name is Drago Stormclaw.

I am a World Drifter.

I monitor the realities of this Fictional Multiverse along with the other World Drifters who were assigned to this place upon its creation to monitor and protects its universe's and all of its inhabitants.

And so my tale begins on an Alternate earth in this Fictional Multiverse, where I first got my glance of the force of evil that would not only cause me great pain…but also lead me to find a world drifter unlike any other in a place we all thought we'd never see a world drifter come into be from.

Earth Prime.