Two Lives, Different Destiny's

Drago Stormclaw thought this was it.

Every World Drifter who ever fell in battle and ascended always died due to them eventually encountering the one "Event" that they and all of their skills and powers couldn't walk away from alive.

He thought this was the event that he wouldn't walk away from.

But if it was, and he had died…why hadn't he ascended into the afterlife?

And more importantly if he had ascended…where was his wife Ariella?

He had always assumed that if he died chasing Chaos she would be there waiting for him on the other side, and that she would be the first thing he would see upon becoming an Angel once again.

But she was nowhere to be seen in this white void that he saw before him.

And that was when Drago Stormclaw wearily opened his eyes…and saw where he now found himself.

He was lying on his back, embedded in the ground of the asphalt street he had landed upon, looking up at an overhanging street light.

Wearily and unsure, he held up his hands and upon seeing that he was still alive and intact got up from where he had landed in Las Vegas's Casino Strip.

He immediately looked up at the sky and saw stars.

It was nighttime now, probably about an hour after sunset now.

But the clouds, the interdimensional tears.

They were gone.

Drago Stormclaw then called out to his sister, "Zara! Zara where are you?"

"Ow!" he heard Zara's voice speak in his head, coming from the east end of the strip, closest to where the Mini-Big Bang explosion had occurred.

He then traveled to that area via Rift-Gate portal travel.

He found Zara Stormclaw alive and well at the top of the Excalibur Hotel and Casino where she had been blown to by the Duex Ex Energy explosion.

"Zara! Are you okay?" he asked as he helped his sister to her feet.

"I feel like I just got slammed by freight train and my ears are buzzing but other than that I'm fine" Zara Stormclaw assured her brother.

"Look, over there!" Drago Stormclaw said pointing to where the Mini-Big Bang blast had occurred.

Zara looked in the direction her brother had pointed.

In the spot where they and Axel Grant had crossed their Duex Ex Energy beams, where Chaos had been standing on the crux of triumph.

There was now a large crater, with a bizarre landscape making up the crater…just like the one that was made from when they crossed beams on "Virus Apocalypse" world.

Vacant buildings and Hotels twisted up like weird art sculptures, things and objects transfigured into other things like glass, sugar crystals, clay, and even solid gold.

And that was just what they could see from looking at the outer rim of the crater.

The area looked like something out of a Dr Seuss book.

There was also no sight of Chaos anywhere…at least not until they focused on the area in the center of the crater.

There was Chaos.

Still about the size he had been a while ago, still a giant.

But he was now lying on the ground in the middle of the blast crater.

Charred and petrified.


There were two possibilities on how Chaos's corpse had been transmogrified into this state.

The force of the raw Duex Ex Energy had fried every cell in his body, charred him alive like a marshmallow in the middle of the fire…or maybe the raw and uncontrolled Duex Ex Energy overwhelmed him and transformed him completely into this charcoaled state.

Either way, it was over.

After two years of chasing him through the Multiverse, it was over.

He had avenged Ariella and Earl Drave.

The monster was dead.

"We did it" Drago Stormclaw said, finally finding his voice "It worked. He's gone, he's finally gone!"

"Yeah….yeah I guess we did do it huh. The three of us did it!" Zara Stormclaw said elated.

That's when it hit them, there was still one of their group still missing.

Axel Grant.

"Where's the Rookie?" Drago Stormclaw said looking around the rooftop where he had found Zara.

"I can sense him, he's…." Zara looked towards the big crater where the massive corpse of Chaos lay, with great worry on her face, "he's right there, in the dead center…but it's…it's strange."

"What's strange?" Drago Stormclaw asked to his sister, he still hadn't fully recovered from the blast to be able to sense Axel's presence and current state himself.

"I can sense TWO of him there in the same area" Zara explained, "How is that possible?"

"I don't know, but let's go find out." Drago Stormclaw answered.

And without further ado, the two World Drifters teleported themselves down to the middle of the crater where Axel Grant's presence could be found.

They found him right beside the giant arm of Chaos's that held the Bio-Chain that had been the source of Chaos's god level power a second ago when he was still alive.

But they didn't find just him.

The two of them were surprised beyond words at what they saw before them.

One the left, was Axel Grant.

No longer a World Drifter, now looking normal again.

On the right, was Axel as he was as they knew him after the Bio-Rift Staff had changed him.

A world Drifter.

Only now, there was no evidence of World Drifter Axel Grant ever having been human to begin with in the first place.

Drago Stormclaw drew out his Twin Sticks and did a biological reading on the two Axel Grant's, and what it told him about the two of them surprised even him.

They were both Axel Grant, but the one on the left (Human Axel Grant) was the actual one that they had known and had been traveling around the Multiverse with in search of his wife.

The other one (World Drifter Axel Grant) was apparently a copy, an Alternate double caused from the Duex Ex Energy splitting the two halves of Axel Grant (Human and World Drifter) in half, creating this Alternate version of Axel Grant that was a World Drifter, body and soul.

This was unheard off.

An Alternate double of someone "created" instead of born in a different universe?

Drago Stormclaw had seen countless alternate doubles of different people throughout the multiverse, but he had never seen one that was "Created" before.

"How are there two of them now?" Zara asked looking down at the still and sleeping Axel Grants.

"Duex Ex Energy" Drago Stormclaw concluded, "I did say that ANYTHING could happen didn't I. It must have split him in two. Freeing Axel Grant from the induction mutation the Bio-Rift staff performed on him when it accepted him as its new owner…and forming a World Drifter alternate double of himself to become the host and vessel for that thing to still have an owner…"

"You're just speculating aren't you?" Zara said looking at her brother in disbelief.

"You bet" Drago Stormclaw admitted, "This is like a native experiencing fire for the first time, I don't know WHAT I'm looking at right here."

"You think he's really gone?" Zara asked looking back at the towering corpse of Chaos behind them.

"And burning in hell" Drago Stormclaw said assuringly, "Para-Demons when they lose their psychical form they receive upon possessing someone or something if they escape the Dark Realm, they are sent to hell. Chaos had a chance to repent in the Dark Realm, instead he chose this when he escaped. It's no more than he deserves. Besides…this means that he can no longer use Earl Drave's body and powers as a tool for further destruction and chaos. Wherever Ariella and he are, I'm sure Earl Drave is glad that he can no longer use his soul's old vessel anymore."

"Wait a second!" Zara asked worried, "If Chaos was fried by the blast, what about his wife?"

"I'm on it. I'm detecting life signs coming from there" Drago Stormclaw said pointing to the arm of Chaos's and the Bio-Chain.

Zara Stormclaw cautiously ran up to the Bio-Chain and placed her ear to the thing, and listened.

"I can hear people breathing in there" Zara Stormclaw said in relief, "Now…how do we get them out of this charred monster?"

Drago Stormclaw shook his head in disbelief, and took aim at the charred arm of Chaos and the giant Bio-Chain with his Twin Sticks.

Two Duex Ex Energy beams shot of from them and struck the arm and the Bio-Chain, and Zara Stormclaw covered her eyes as the arm dissolved into a flurry of ash.

When the whirlwind of black ash cleared, Zara and Stormclaw looked out upon the sight of six billion men and women from different Earth's in the Multiverse that Chaos had emerged within.

Alive, but out cold…probably had been that way for the past two years from the point Chaos had kidnapped them through those two years.

"Uh…you know I was going to suggest that, but I'm still recovering in the attic from that blast" Zara Stormclaw quipped, while rubbing the sore spot on her head.

That was when the two of them heard the sound of hundreds of Jump-Gate portals open up around the blast crater, and for a second they feared that they were wrong and Chaos wasn't defeated.

But when they saw the World Drifter Corps emerge from those portals they breathed a sigh of relief, and then went to work shifting through the Unconscious victims of Chaos's mad hunt for power through the Multiverse in search for Axel Grant's wife.

They felt they owed him that much.

They found her a few feet in, alive and well... and then they carefully carried her over to where Axel Grant and his Alternate World Drifter double lay in the crater.

Once they did, they looked at one another.

What were they going to do about this?

Eight Hours later…

In his bed back in his house in Las Vegas.

Axel Grant stirred in his sleep and began to awake.

His head hurt and it felt like he had just endured a big battle.

But…but that couldn't be right.

Not when he had been relaxing this whole week with his Wife Vanessa from the safety of their home in Las Vegas.

But that dream, man it felt so real.

In his dream, he and Vanessa had gone to the Casino Hotel restaurant where she and he had proposed to one another to celebrate the coming birth of their first child. But they ended up getting swept into a dangerous adventure of Demons, Interdimensional Police and Alternate Earths. And it culminated in grand showdown with the demon who had caused the whole thing.

He was amazed that the whole thing hadn't awoken him like a bad nightmare.

Where on earth did his mind come up with something like that?

Must have been something he had ate.

It was a VERY realistic dream, but it obviously couldn't have been real.

Because he was safe and sound in his bed with Vanessa after they had gone to see "Sigrid and Roy" in the Vegas Strip last night.

He looked out the door to the patio and out at the sight of the Las Vegas Casino strip far into the distance.

It was untouched.

So it must have been a dream.

If it had been real, then the Vegas Strip would be rubble or something and he would still be a strange Mutant or something.

His stirring around to look outside awoke his sleeping wife Vanessa.

"Hey…" Vanessa groaned.

"Oh, sorry baby" Axel Grant apologised for waking her up, "I….just had the craziest dream…"

"So did I…" Vanessa said stretching, "I dreamt…you became some kind of "dimension cop" and a big monster was chasing me, and you and three others went to fight him…and then I woke up."

"Really?" Axel Grant looked at his wife amazed, "I had the same kind of dream. I dreamed that we we're celebrating our future child birth and a monster whisked you away from me to another world and I become some kind of world-hopping cop in order to find you."

"You're kidding!" Vanessa said looking at her husband in surprised disbelief, "that's freaky!"

"What are the odds that we both would have the same dream?" Axel Grant asked his wife amazed.

Neither of them had an answer to this phenomenon, because the possibility that their "Shared Dream" had actually happened was to fantastical to believe.

They decided to chalk it up to their minds being in synch due to being partners on the force and in love and nothing else, because that was the only explanation that made sense to them.

If either of them had been looking out their room's patio window at that moment, they might have seen Drago Stormclaw, standing on the roof on one of their neighbours houses…looking in on them.

He smiled to himself as he did, seeing that things had gone just the way he and Zara had intended when they had placed the two of them back in their bed at home, with fake memories of the past three days.

The prime Versions of Vanessa and Axel Grant were completely unaware of what had happened during these past three days and believed it all to be a dream.

He wished that he could have thanked Axel Grant for all that he had done, and for helping him atone for his failure to protect his own wife two years ago.

But it was best that Axel Grant and his wife Vanessa were kept unaware that all of that had really happened.

Now they could get their life back on track from where it had been sidetracked by him and Chaos's battle three days ago.

This was Axel's reward…he wasn't going to spoil it for anything, not even to say goodbye to the Earth Prime human who he had doubted from the beginning to be useful and in turn had become a good friend to him and Zara in the end.

No one deserved this more than he did, the rookie had earned it.

Besides, thanks to the battle with Chaos it wasn't really goodbye forever with Axel Grant.

He still had a rookie he needed to break in and show the ropes back home, Axel Grant Prime's "World Drifter" Alternate double.

"Thank you, Axel Grant Prime" Drago Stormclaw said under his breath, "For everything."

And with those words being spoken, Drago Stormclaw left the bewildered couple and the Earth Prime Dimension behind him and headed for home.

"Tome of History": "Chaos Crisis": New Entry: "Conclusion".

Since I started this entry, I felt that it would only be appropriate that I be the one who brings it to a close.

I am sure you Earth Prime Humans who are reading this entry on the writing site that this whole entry is filtering down through from the World Drifter corps "Tomes Of History" records and into your world through the mind of the writer of these stories who is posting this entry on the site at this very second are probably wondering….what the heck happened?

Some of you are probably calling "Plot Hole!" right now as you read this or something of that nature because I never explained to you all how we managed to keep what happened in Las Vegas a secret, or what happened to "World Drifter" Axel Grant…or all the people chaos had kidnapped, Chaos's dead body etc..

To that I say, hold your horses.

Things have been very hectic here at Central H.Q as of late, thanks to Chaos's actions a lot of worlds now know about other worlds and we've had to do damage control.

Chaos's charred remains were taken by the World Drifter Corps and dumped back into the Dark Realm, just in case he wasn't truly dead.

But that particular task had been the EASY part out of everything else that had to be done during the grueling process of cleaning up this whole mess that had resulted from the battle.

Heck, it had taken 7000 World Drifters alone to clean up the mess caused by Axel, Zara and I and our battle with Chaos two days ago from when I am currently writing this entry.

That involved reshaping the transformed area where Chaos met his demise and all the destroyed or damaged buildings back to how they had been before the catastrophic battle we had with him in Las Vegas…and it had taken even more than that to ensure that the Prime Earth at large never knew that such a massive cross-through event had even occurred on your world.

I admit that we had employed several hundred Memory based Ret-con bombs across the world in order to wipe away and memory of the event from all of the people or the worlds and your memories as well you who are reading this final chapter in the "Chaos Crisis" saga.

I can write about this, and I can do so without worry of this breaking the secret existence of the Omni-Verse again to your world because no one would believe that someone who exists in fiction (from your worlds perspective) just revealed to you the existence of the Omni-Verse and admitted that something that no one remembers actually happened, happened… written in this very story.

No one would believe you anyway…even if it were true.

So please…don't go around trying to reveal the "Conspiracy" in this work of "Fiction", it's not worth the effort to try and prove what you can't prove without solid evidence besides words to people who don't know better nor have the capacity to believe in such a fantastical revelation or story otherwise…just ask the religious people of your world for an example on exercising such futility.

To your world, I am fiction and always will be…no "Never ending Story" type junk I can pull from my end will ever convince your kind otherwise.

And as for Chaos's victims, they have all been sent back to their native worlds…some of the ones who have only been gone for a week or so have been easy to readjust back into their old lives…the ones who have been missing for two years straight however are going to take some effort.

Axel's Alternate Double, his World Drifter half…now there is an enigma.

I am not entirely sure what happened, but now we have Axel Grant with us forever as a World Drifter…or at least an alternate version of him, a "quantum reality double" or something.

From World Drifter Axel Grant's perspective and memories, he's always been a World Drifter…and has been with myself and Zara hunting Chaos since three days ago.

"Fresh from the academy" I believe was his explanation when I asked him about where was it that he remembered and where was it he thought that he had come from before meeting Zara and myself.

So he believes that he has always been a World Drifter, and that Axel Prime who had been the one who had gone through all of our perils and pitfalls those particular three days is one of HIS doubles instead of it being the other way around.

It's a confusing thing, and I'm not sure if it's going to get any better or easier with working with this Axel Grant in the future, knowing what we know about him which he doesn't even have a clue about.

Maybe someday Zara and I will reveal the truth to World Drifter Axel Grant about who he is and where he comes from, but for now it really doesn't matter.

He's as much a living thing now as Axel Prime is, regardless of the circumstances behind his birth.

In fact, I think he was meant to be created there on Earth prime during the Battle that split him off and created him from Axel Grant being bathed in uncontrolled and unpredictable Duex Ex Energy.

That's the only explanation I can must as to why this had happened and why the World Drifter corps had been ordered by the Elite Council to not interfere or help in anyway in our battle with Chaos.

I don't know why they allowed the battle with Chaos to go the way it did, but I am sure there was a good reason.

Someday I will ask them about this, but that day is not this day.

World Drifter "Axel" is soon to be due back from further training sessions with Zara down in the dojo levels of Central H.Q and my crew and I (him included) are to be assigned to a new mission soon.

Earth: 001, also known as "Earth: Beta" which is basically the "earth prime" of the Multiverse we currently monitor. It is but one of many "Branching source Earths" which are linked to the real Earth Prime itself due to specific and unknown ties.

You see….In every Multiverse in the Omni-Verse, there is one world that links the Multiverses to Earth prime itself…and those worlds are called "Earth Beta's" by us World Drifters.

Be they either real, or fictional Multiverses the "Earth Beta" worlds are the keystone Universes to these real or fictional universes.

Anything happens that could threaten an Earth Beta and the Multiverse that is linked to it will fall or follow….just like if anything ever happened to Earth Prime would do to the Omni-verse.

Due to this fact, they are inherently just as important a world for us to protect as Earth Prime itself.

Apparently, on "Earth Beta", someone if fooling around with anomalous energies and materials that if mishandled could possibly cause interdimensional travel between Earth Beta and one of its branching twins on the Multiversal tree springing from itself.

And since not all of the worlds that branched out from Earth Beta and its history/Timeline were good worlds to visit, they had been tasked with going there and keeping an eye on things in order to make sure these little human scientists and their experiments didn't end up doing anything rash like cause a unstable rift gate to open a traversable "hole" between "Earth Beta" and one the worst possible closest "Alternate Universe" counterpart realities out of many orbiting around right next to it… "Earth: 002"… also known as the "Mirror-verse" occur.

Positive Matter Universe meets Anti-Matter universe.

Yeah, THAT would be a disaster!

But that wouldn't be the only thing that we will have to watch out for either.

Earth Beta was currently undergoing a change in its status quo, one that the World Drifters called "The Age of Heroes" where what you readers might call "Superheroes" were coming into existence.

So when we got there, we will have to do this without drawing any attention to us by S.L.E.E.T or the world's first and relatively new Superhero team…The Heroes Legion.

Their world is crazy enough what with all the Metahuman powers and Superhuman battles and whatever else is going on there. So having the Multiverse's existence and our existence as a whole revealed to them, superheroes or not, just might not be the best thing for their world right now as the "Age of Heroes" is only in its first year.

Besides…I'm sure we can handle our next mission without drawing any attention to ourselves or even catch THEIR attention.

For once, in two Years…I will be a part of an EASY mission.

This is going to be just what the healer ordered.

So until next time, this is Drago Stormclaw…signing off.



Maskedhero100: And so the tale of the World Drifters comes to an end...but not forever.

Yes, that's what I said.

I assure you faithful readers out there that there will indeed be other tales that will be written in the future about the World Drifters, but for now I will have to just have to dream up and brainstorm about whatever possible mayhem that our three heroes can possibly get into now that Chaos is vanquished while I work on my "Heroes Legion" stories.

The World Drifters will appear again in the Heroes Legion: Year One story "The Alternative Factor", which will follow right on the heals of this story as hinted at in "Drago Stormclaw's final entry" paragraph.

But until then, I'm going to continue working on my Heroes Legion stories.

So I hope you all enjoyed this entry into my fictional universe/Multiverse...I got to admit, it wasn't easy to come up with all these alternate realities and everything else...but it sure was fun to take a whack at "Parallel Universe Fiction" or whatever it is called.

Once again, feel free to Review about whatever it was you did or didn't like about this story or PM me at your leisure' is welcomed.

So for now, I'm closing the first book on the strange, dangerous but also fantastic wonders of the multiverse.

It's been a fun ride.

So goodnight everyone.

And remember, keep on writing!