It was a dark night in the depths of Hell, the wind howling and storms raging on throughout the abyss. Most people were asleep, save the servants and, quite possibly, the peasants that worked the farms. That was probably because it was getting close to two in the morning. However, there were still a few individuals across the realm, awake, but not fitting into these categories...a select number of the people living inside the king's castle. Lucifer's Hall.

One of them, a moody bastard with the chosen name of Wrath, was starting to become restless. Tossing and turning and throwing the silk sheets of his four-poster bed onto the floor, he let out an exasperated sigh, his average skin coated in a bright sheen of sweat.


Wrath was a knight, of sorts, in the Order of the Sins. He and his siblings were bodyguards for the king, as well as pawns to be used in the Great War against the Angels. Most of the Order did not mind being used in such a manner. Some of them even considered their position a privilege, one that, while at times could be very demanding, was all worth the rewards in the end. However, Wrath was not one of the ones that shared this philosophy. He hated being used as a chess piece, hated that he could not make his own decisions. His every move plotted out for him, only being a means to an was maddening. Nearly ironic, considering the devilish spirit of Wrath that raged within his body.

But there was one solace in his grim life... Not that he would admit it, of course. That solace came in the form of his "sister", the vassal of Envy. Another of the Order of Sins. A slight smirk played upon his lips at the thought of her muscular form. The relationship they shared was...scandalous at best, even by Hell's standards. Not that either of them cared. They had been assured by King Lucifer that their relationship would be allowed, provided that it did not get in the way of their jobs.

So it remained vaguely known throughout the order that Wrath and Envy were lovers, of sorts. Unnecessary, in his opinion, but Envy enjoyed the idea so he said nothing about it.

A sigh escaped from between Wrath's rough lips, his eyes slowly opening to look up at the dark ceiling of his chambers. The small candle in the corner of the room made for a dancing light to look at, though it was still a rather boring sight.

He groaned.

It was another sleepless night for him, another night that he could do naught but fantasize about the realm of dreams that he so desperately wanted to enter. Funny, the sin of anger wanted to dream. It was almost comical. Except that Wrath would eviscerate anyone who told him so. So no one would remark on it.

"Envy..." The name left his lips, and before he realized what was happening he was already out of his four-poster bed and half-way down the hallway towards Envy's chambers, clad in nothing but his boxers. He wanted to see her. He gulped in an attempt to loosen the knot that had formed in his throat at the idea of spending a night with her, a pleasant feeling settling in the pit of his stomach. Hopefully, she was asleep, and wouldn't rouse when he slipped into her bed and held her. She was his medicine, his little helper. He knew that she would help him get to sleep.

For a brief second, he nearly smiled.

When he was just a few feet away from her door, he stopped, a soft and longing noise reaching his ears. His eyes narrowed ever so slightly. Silent, he waited for a few seconds, and then heard it again. It was quiet, but still there- a moan of pleasure. And it was coming from behind Envy's door.

Was she...was she pleasuring herself?

The idea made heat pool in the pit of Wrath's stomach, his pupils dilating just a bit at the thought of his lover touching herself so intimately.

The idea was strengthened when he heard a soft "Wrath!" So she was pleasuring herself while thinking of him. That was even better.

His breaths were starting to become shorter, almost ragged with pent up sexual excitement. Slowly, he pressed forward, twisting the door knob and inching into her room. Centimeter by centimeter, he crept further inside, until at last he could see Envy's sweat-covered body writhing with pleasure. Unbeknownst to him, he could no longer keep himself from growing "excited", a bulge forming in his undergarments. He hissed.

Envy yelped once she heard the noise, realizing that there was an intruder in her chambers.

"A-Aah! Who are you?! Why are you...why are you in here!?" She demanded, quickly pulling her fingers away from her core and grabbing wildly at the bed sheets to pull them up and over her naked body.

Wrath couldn't help but chuckle, just a little bit.

"Shhh," he whispered. "It's me. It's Wrath." Envy nearly choked out a breath in relief, then began to laugh softly.

"You should have said that before! You scared the living daylights out of me!" She breathed in, long and hard, then exhaled, slowly calming herself. Then, she scanned Wrath over, her light blue eyes looking him up and down. When they landed on his arousal, she let herself inhale, her entire demeanor changing.

"You know," she panted, her mouth watering just a bit, "you can join me if you like. I'm awfully lonely...and I also happen to be extremely aroused, but, you know...I'm not going to pressure you into anything you're uncomfortable with..." Wrath laughed and then closed the distance between them, crawling into the bed and then simply laying down on top of her, his erection pressing against her stomach and his face buried in the side of her neck. The very idea that he would have to be "pressured" in order to sate her physical desires was laughable at best.

"A-Aah...Mmm..." Envy whined, bucking her hips and trying to get the man to grind against her, "please..." She panted, curling her legs around Wrath's waist and trying to the best of her ability to get some friction. Once she succeeded, Wrath let out a grunt.

"If you're that desperate for me, I suppose I have to please you, then," he purred, running his hot tongue down the side of her neck. She let out a gasp.

"W-Wrath!" The sound of his name on her lips drove him to his next actions, unwinding her legs from around his waist and crawling down the bed until his face was nestled between her legs. The tip of his nose touched the scruffy patch of hair protecting the area, and he chuckled, probing with his tongue at her entrance. The small action was enough to rouse a shriek out of his lover, her wide hips suddenly bucking upwards. Wrath was careful to hold her down.

"P-Please!" She begged, twitching madly underneath him. Wrath had only just begun, and already, it was too much for Envy. Too much for her to bear, just that slight teasing motion. But he did not relent. He was merciless in his onslaught, his skilled tongue diving deeper into the slick cavern, lapping up all the juices that it came across. One finger reached upwards to play with her swollen clit, urging a new round of mewls and begging from Envy's lips.

"Please!" But Wrath still did not listen. He continued his sweet torture until at last, she was finally going to be sent over the edge...and then... he stopped.

"W-Wrath!" She yelped, feeling her near orgasm ebbing away, "why?!" He didn't answer, instead only pulling his boxers down to expose his shaft and crawling back up her body to place a heated kiss on her lips.

"Get your legs around me," he commanded. Envy could only comply, once more hitching her legs around his waist. Wrath grunted, taking one of his hands and using it to position the head of his cock at her core.

"M-m-m..." Envy whimpered, trying to buck her hips upwards to get him to fill her. He shook his head.

"Shhh..." Wrath silenced her by pressing his rough lips to hers once more, then slowly allowed himself to sink down into her, groaning as he felt her hot walls enclose around him.

"F-Fuck," he hissed, his breath hitching in his throat. Envy could only moan out slowly, arching her back and tangling her fingers in Wrath's dark curls.

"I need you," she yowled, running her nails up and down her lover's back. The action seemed to spur him on, and all at once, he was slamming his hips forward against hers, driving himself in and out of her slick cunt.

Envy groaned, the carnal pleasure building up in her toned body once more.

At first, Wrath's thrusts were uneven and erratic, but after a few moments, he managed to adjust himself to keep up at a nice, even rhythm, bringing the best of the sensation for both of them.

Envy let out a gasp as she felt tension in her abdomen beginning to coil, like an invisible wire causing her to flinch and flex, her mind and body barely able to keep up with this feeling.

This continued for what seemed like forever, a trance-like euphoria encompassing her and her lover, with no sound breaking through except for the occasional moan from Envy, or grunt from Wrath.

Envy cried out, feeling the tension in her abdomen become tighter, tighter, until...

"W-Wrath...I'm going to...I'm going to..." Unable to finish her sentence, she shrieked, her walls clamping down around his cock and wave after wave of primal pleasure running through her tense body. Wrath grunted, nearly on the brink of orgasm himself, but trying to hold on just a bit longer. Eventually that proved to be too much, and with a low growl, his muscles tensed and he spilled his seed, the white-hot sensations hitting him like a freight train.

"Envy!" His hips moved forward for a few more thrusts, gradually slowing down until at last, he was stationary. Panting, he placed a wet kiss on the corner of Envy's lips, his weight collapsing on top of her. Envy could only smile, her arms curled tightly around his neck.

"You were great," she panted, gently kissing the side of his neck in an act of affection. She then flipped then over, curling up into a ball on top of his chest, letting her head rest in the crook of his neck.

"I know," Wrath answered, drawing a light round of laughter from his lover.

"And now," he said, closing his eyes and lazily slipping an arm around Envy's waist, "it is time to rest. I'm surprisingly tired." Envy nodded in agreement and closed her eyes as well. Slowly, the pair drifted off to sleep, taking comfort in each other's presence. They were content.