Leah was born into an unfortunate circumstance. She didn't ask for the life that was handed to her. In fact, she was only 4 years old when her life happened. When it changed. When she was re-born.

To set the scene for you as an introduction to this girl, put yourself into her shoes. Unsure of what life is handing you, or in this case, what life you are being handed to. You are standing in the middle of your living room, surrounded by men in suits and one of them sitting in the middle of the group of men, your father pointing to you and spinning you around in front of the men. You are scared, feeling your father's large hands enveloping your shoulders and showing you off to these men.

"She is perfect for you. Exactly what you need" Your father says with desperation.

The older man in the middle stares at you. He isn't scary. He actually reminds you of your grampy. He has kind eyes, but a stone cold stare.

"How old are you, little one?" The man says in a deep gravely voice, he spoke with a weird accent you didn't know.

"Four" You meekly mutter.

The man smiles and gives a small nod as he stubs out his cigar on the arm rest of the recliner he is sitting in"Well, you are a big girl for being up at this ungodly hour" His eyes shifting to your father as they slide back down to your eyes "Perhaps... It is bed time for you..."

You stand frozen as he smiles and waves his hand at you a little.

"Go on, little one"

You look up at your father and head upstairs, padding up the stairs gently. Walking past your brother's bedroom, you see him poke his head out at you.

"Leah. Why are you up?" Brian asks, rubbing his eyes.

"Daddy woke me and said he had some men for me to meet"

Your brother goes pale and grabs your arm pulling you close to him.

"He didn't hurt you did he? Did they touch you?" He grew concerned as each word stumbled out his mouth.

You shake your head "No... The man looked like grampy... But sounded funny"

Your brother relaxes as he steps out more and listens to the voices in the living room start to rise up. The voices, turn to yells.

The only thing you remember is your brother pulling you into the room and crawling under the bed with you.

Your heart is racing. You can hear things being thrown around. A door slam. Your father yelling. You peek through a gap in your brother's arms and see the door fly open and your father's feet. At each pound of your heart, your vision goes black, seeping from the peripheral vision. Like black smog, slowly filling your eyes and mind.

Then nothing.