The Bernelli Clan walked in a perfect formation. Perfection is what they were all about.

In the lead, Damian. The eldest and next in line to take his father's position when it came the time. To describe Damian, it is as simple as still waters running deep. He was quiet, calculating and calm is any situation. He was the silent succeeder, constantly surprising his enemies. He stood so tall above everyone and always made sure the rest knew he was in charge. He was the tall and quiet intimidating type of person. Just a simple stare from his cold, dark green eyes could kill an enemy or make any girls' panties fall to the floor.

Walking behind on the right side, his younger brother Leo.

Leo was a stone cold fox of a man. Just shy of 32, he was tall, athletic with the most bluest eyes you would ever see and jet black hair that would contrast it perfectly. He is the killer of the family. He was well trained as a child by his father's friends. In fact, they were the reason why he had become interested in the family business. You see, Leo was just a small innocent child in the wrong family. All it took was for him to go downstairs to his father's office while an execution was taking place. And well, one of his father's henchmen handed Leo the gun and gave him a taste of controlling someone's life.

On Leo's side, flanking his brother with him, was the youngest son, Gerald. Gerald is the baby boy of the group, aged 29. Sweet and sensitive this one was. Well, at most times. He was the prime example of two sides of the same coin. He would come off social, kind and caring to anyone. He seemed like any other person, until of course, you piss him off in just the right way. He was a sadist/masochist. He lived for the pain. Whether he was inflicting it or getting it. He was crazy as hell when it came to undertaking debts or traitors and whistle blowers. He had no mercy. He was a perfect mix of his brothers. Green eyes and light brown hair and average height but a real muscular build that he prides himself on.

And behind her brothers, stood the wild card of the family. The average built girl walking behind the intimidating trio of boys, hiding her face behind her dark glasses and wearing an all black business dress and a pair of Louis Vuitton heels... She, is Angelina. 25 and just easing herself into the family business. It was against her father's wishes, but she was adamant on proving and earning her place within the family. Fresh from college and just had her first fresh kill, she is a new force to be reckoned with.


Angelina walked, following her brothers, she always stayed behind them as they worked as her shield. At first, it didn't bother her, as it was protocol and her father insist on it since they were children. He never wanted anything to happen to his "Bambolla". Angelina internally scoffed at that nickname. She no longer feels like a doll. Because unlike Angelina, dolls broke.

"Hey, sexy!" a voice called out from above them.

The Bernelli clan all stopped at the exact same time and looked up. A row of construction workers sat on a steel beam and looked down at the clan. Their eyes were hungry and trained on Angelina.

"Dress tight enough for ya?" they jabbed and elbowed one another howling with laughter.

Damian reached for his gun "Looks like a game of duck shooting is on"

But from behind him, he felt a small petite hand rest on his.

"Allow me to handle this, brother" Angelina coolly said as she stepped out from behind her brothers and looked up at the men placing her hands on her hips.

"If it was... Would you like to come take it off for me?"

The main man looked to his buddies and back confused.

"Uh... I... Well-"

"You talk a lot of shit, yet don't do any flushing... So why don't you come down here... And undo my dress for me?"

"Um..." he looked between all the guys and rest his eyes back onto Angelina "N-no thanks... We uh... We were just kidding"

"Good. Because I would have blown your dick right now"

"Sounds hot" hollered another worker "I wouldn't mind my dick blown by you"

Angelina couldn't help but smirk at this man's stupidity. He had the balls to talk a big talk like that to her in front of her brothers... For now.

"I was hoping one of you would suggest a good blowing from me" and then as quick as a flash Angelina pulled her gun from her thigh holster and shot it. Right into the construction worker's groin.

"FUCK!" and down he went, like a shot bird and through the glass ceiling of the floor below him.

Angelina coolly put her gun away. "Well he did ask for his dick to be blown by me" she shrugged as she started walking ahead of her brothers.

Gerald smirked to himself. He always loved the look of shock on a person's face, right before they get shot. Especially when it is someone who wouldn't expect it. Especially from his sister. Damien simply went back to checking his e-mails on his phone as he followed Angelina and Leo simply wished he could have had the honour to knock that man down a peg. Or in his case, a storey.

Angelina was a new woman.