Determination, Hard work, Effort, Human Will. Incessant desire to achieve greatness, and to awaken and develop one's own capabilities. There is no doubt that these traits are engraved into each individual's inherent nature, surfacing since birth. And yet, the world is still an unfair place.

History has proven that time and time again, there is always bound to be a victor, someone who stands at the top, a being universally regarded as "strongest". The criteria to obtain the title of strongest is only one and that is:


Power, a deadly weapon at one's own fingertips, able to manipulate others to carry out one's own bidding and to coerce oppositions to submit. Power is the ability to influence the very world we live in, to shape the fabric of human history itself. And with Power comes "Greed", "Tyranny", "Addiction", "Unfairness!".

The ones who emerge as strongest usually possess cunning and shrewdness, skills required to exploit the logic in the universal law. That is why they have "Power", not only because of their capabilities, but because of the fundamental flaw of the human society, the "logic" that dictates and binds us humans together.

However, there are some things in the world that defy logic, strange, unpredictable occurrences which threatens to break away the logic and order of society, to destroy human perception of existence as a whole. These weird occurrences are categorized as "happenings", unexplained phenomenons that surpass even the miracles of the world.

These happenings, as described by the Zero One theory are "sudden rifts in time and space that distort reality, causing the unexplainable to manifest and to freely break the laws of science as we know it."

Humanity didn't know it at that time, but one certain happening was about to change the entire universe as we knew it…